The Shine to FIVE™ Method for Side Hustlers

The Shine to FIVE™ Method for Side Hustlers

The Shine to FIVE™ Method was designed by Side Business Coach - Christen N. James (CJ) to give women-identified professionals the tools to SHINE in their OWN Businesses and confidently go from Employee to Entrepreneur. CJ will provide simple tips, actionable strategies, personal stories and also feature guest experts to help you break free of your Employee Mindset. To learn more about, or connect with, CJ visit or follow her on all social media platforms: @christennjames. Be sure to follow and share with ALL womxn who need to be/feel inspired and also heal in their entrepreneurial journey!


October 5, 2022 15 min

Earlier in the year, I talked about "The Great Resignation", which sounded like a movement of people leaving their unfulfilling jobs for better opportunity. Now the new buzz term is "Quiet Quitting", but the definition actually should not be taking literally!

At what point do you turn "Quiet Quitting" to ACTUAL QUITTING? In this episode of The Shine to FIVE™ Method for Side Hustlers, we will cover:
- Breakdown...

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"We really have to believe that these things are possible if you truly want them to work". -Lindsay Sims.

You have to become detached from the outcome in order to reap the rewards of your behaviour. You can't strive and strain or stress over what you want because instead of pulling it towards you, you're going to push it away.

My guest in this episode for Side Hustlers is Lindsay Sims! You'll hear:
- How to gain au...

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"Be yourself! Share your awkwardness because that's what people want to know about you and it will probably become a crucial part of your Business anyway." - CJ

I know that some might be thinking: “WAIT.… CJ? AN INTROVERT?” YES, I am - big time. Some words used to describe me have been outgoing, engaging, relatable, approachable, etc etc. Yes I can get up on stage and speak to an audience and even make them laugh and all...

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"You deserve to live a fulfilled life and if your environment isn't offering that to you right now, you deserve the opportunity to see the potential that you have to create magic in this world." -T'Kehya Prentice-Cupid

This episode is another From Bustle to Boss Success Story with  T'Kehya Prentice-Cupid (also known as TK), you'll hear:
-How reach the point of "I'm just going to do this" and then h...

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"People don’t know what they don’t know simply put. It is unfair to assume that someone knows what you need when A - you haven’t asked and B - you aren’t even CLEAR on what you need." - CJ

Here's what's covered:
- The first thing that happens when you assume.
- The best way to grow your biz through asking.
- The #1 reason why people are waiting for you to ASK.


Have you been thinking about leaving your 9to5 but keep...

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September is the time when we start thinking about wrapping up the year, and you were probably saying to yourself at the beginning of 2022 that this was THE year that you would leave your 9to5.

You're walking into your job like UGHHHH! I'M STILL HERE! You want to leave SO BADLY but have you gone through the laundry list of items that you need to take into consideration first? Oh, honey - it's LONG!

I keep it simple though...

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"Whatever you're going through in this moment, I want to remind you that You are ENOUGH. Whatever you need to have your dreams come true, you have it in you". - Victoria Downes

The implementation and execution are a huge part of what we need to do, but there's a pause that needs to happen between idea and execution, which is identify what you are trying to achieve and the plan.

On today's episode with Victoria, yo...

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"If you are not taking care of your yourself, that means that you can't put out products or services that reflect who you are, and your clients won't be getting the best version of you." - CJ

Do something for yourself, your body and mind will thank you.

It's another "In My Business" episode and I share how I started the practice of napping in University, that continued into corporate (Oh yes, I slept at wo...

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"To really show up as the YOU that you want everyone to know, like and trust, it's important to align your Values with your side-biz goals". - CJ.

The success of your biz really relies on that Alignment because you are your secret sauce.

In this episode of The Shine to FIVE™ Method for Side Hustlers, we're talking about evaluating your side-biz goals before September hits and life goes "back to normal". Thinki...

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I know I may sound like I’m contradicting myself here BIG TIME, but there are 2 sides to everything and that includes procrastination.

Which kind of pro are you? Are you a PROcrastinator or is this a part of your PROcessor?

In this episode of The Shine to FIVE™ Method for Side Hustlers, I challenge the status quo when it comes to people's perception of Procrastination. There is actually a chance that you may not actually be procr...

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“There’s so much hype about the overnight success and ‘go big or go home’... I think that the slow burn does not get the credit that it deserves.”

- Dallas Travers

If you’re still waiting for everything to fall into place perfectly so that you can become an overnight success, I’m going to need you to stop what you’re doing and hit play on this episode! This week, I’m sitting down with business coach, author, and podcast host Dallas T...

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“Sometimes, when you just let go of the wheel and you trust the process, it is AMAZING the things that will fall into place… whether it’s clients, other opportunities, collaborations, whatever it is.”

- CJ

In this episode, I reveal one of the most difficult things I’ve EVER had to do (or at least one of the Top Five most difficult). 

And I promise that is NOT just me being dramatic!

One of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to d...

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“The decline you may be experiencing right now in your business has nothing to do with your skillset… it’s not that people don’t see the value in what you offer.”

- CJ

Times are tough… but you are tougher! 2022 has brought us new levels of inflation and some very difficult decisions to make. But even as business may be slowing at this time, you have to power to make changes, pivot, or push your way through the tough times. You are RE...

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“Boundaries are limitations… and if you don’t limit certain people, and the access they have to you, then lines get blurred and it makes those relationships very difficult.”

- CJ

This is a very important episode about a topic that every entrepreneur ( and every woman) needs to master. That’s right, we need to talk about BOUNDARIES. Even though boundaries are incredibly important, we often struggle with setting them up and MAINTAINING...

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“Take a moment to step back and think: what is my life experience? What are my strengths? And how might that be different from other people in this market? When you can articulate what that is, then you create this niche for yourself.”

- Jennifer Chapman

Do you ever feel intimidated by the idea of stepping into a leadership role, speaking in public, or even just taking big and bold steps in your biz? If you answered YES then get read...

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“You need to put yourself first — that is ultimately what it comes down to.”

- CJ

This episode is designed to help you feel inspired, validated, and reassured on your entrepreneurial journey!

If you’re on the verge of leaving your 9to5 and turning your side biz into your full-time (or even just starting to think about it), then you may be dealing with a little bit of guilt. Maybe your job has given you valuable training opportunities ...

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“I think it’s important to A) allow your dreams to evolve and B) understand that you can give yourself grace and you can also experiment.”

- Pauleanna Reid

We all want to make a living working our Dream Job… but what do you do when your dream job doesn’t exist yet?

In this episode, I talk to a From Bustle to Boss success story! Pauleanna Reid is a journalist and the founder and CEO of WritersBlok, a ghostwriting agency that helps crea...

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“I remember feeling like I was being placed in a box every time I walked into work… if you feel like you don’t belong, the clue is that you DON’T.”

- CJ

Do you have what it takes to become a good Entrepreneur?

While many people have some interesting business ideas, not everyone was made to become a successful entrepreneur. In truth, there are many, many more WANTrepeneurs out there than MEANTrepreneurs — so, how do you know whether yo...

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“ALIGNMENT, to me, brings to mind harmony, support… one thing complementing the other. It makes me think of my values.”

- CJ

In this episode, I want to talk about one of the biggest myths circulating in the entrepreneurial world.

As busy entrepreneurs, we all DESERVE some rest and relaxation, but somehow we still wind up struggling to get everything done so that we can actually schedule time off…

…in other words, we are all trying to f...

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“Just because you have a name and logo out there, that doesn’t mean you own it. You actually have to trademark it in order to own it.”

- Cynthia Mason

Are your business name and logo unprotected right now? While you may have put a lot of work into coming up with the perfect branding for your side biz, you’re leaving it at risk if you haven’t gone through the trademark process. If someone tries to steal your branding and confuse your ...

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