The SpiritWoke Podcast

The SpiritWoke Podcast

Going through a spiritual awakening is a beautiful experience. An experience that takes us along a path of self-discovery which leads us back to who we truly are. A remembrance of our soul's essence. Are you interested in learning more about consciousness, awareness, and spiritual abilities? If so, this is the podcast for you. The SpiritWoke Podcast interviews special guests who share their personal stories of awakening, their journeys, how they discovered their spiritual abilities, and how to develop your own. So buckle up and join our exciting podcast. Check out our website on


June 1, 2022 45 mins

Kim's bio:

It is Kim's mission to help others learn about their divine gifts and achieve their soul purpose. Energy centers are the energetic qualities of vital force energy that exist within every soul. The soul energy centers are the most important part of our Divine Soul Blueprint. Kim is a first energy center soul (Divine Compassion) known for being the energy center of compassion, community, nurture, and nature.

Kim's career dem...

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Greg's bio:

George “Greg” Lake, Esq. is a trial and appellate attorney, researcher, author, Entheogenic church consultant, and entrepreneur. Greg has published three books:

Psychedelics in mental health series: psilocybin

The law of Entheogenic churches in the United States” and,

“The law of Entheogenic churches (Vol. II): the definition of religion under the first amendment.”

To date Greg has assisted over 40 entheogen-based religio...

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Ahna's bio:

Ahna Hendrix believes that when we invest in ourselves, the world benefits.

She is a Divine Luminary whose work as an Intuitive Channel, Teacher, Spiritual Guide, and Podcaster dedicates herself to reintroducing the world to its spirituality through the Akashic Records, Spiritual Guidance coaching, and workshops and courses designed to empower individuals to take the reins and transform their lives.

Ahna is also the host o...

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Amy’s Bio:

Amy Hoyt was born a psychic medium with incredible abilities related to claircognizance, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. Amy is also a spiritual advisor. Additionally, Amy is a gifted inter-dimensional channeler whose insights are beyond profound.

Connect with Amy on Instagram

Big thanks to our extremely talented Podcast producer, Nick Perko/Botanicus

If you’d like to be on the podc...

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Sophie’s Bio:

Sophie Mia is an artist and empath who believes in the power of manifestation and universal signals. She loves to give advice, and share her wisdom on how other empaths can make the best use of their abilities!

Contact Sophia at

Big thanks to our extremely talented Podcast producer, Nick Perko/Botanicus

If you’d like to be on the podcast, drop us a line on our contact page and pitch us your sto...

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Mariel’s Bio:

Mariel is a psychic-medium, palmist and healer. 

During her Near Death Experience (NDE) in 1976, she had an out-of-body experience meeting with Angels that was life-changing.  The ARC Angels transformed her into a conduit – a pipeline – for ARC Healing which she now brings to you. Her gifts, as a natural-born clairvoyant, were also strengthened enabling her to pass this forward to you. 

Contact Mariel through her website...

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Here are the links to the tracks covered in this week’s episode:

Nase Yama –

Move with Me –

Nick’s Bio:

Nick Perko, AKA Botanicus, is the highly talented producer and engineer of The SpiritWoke Podcast. He is also a recording artist, musician, DJ, chef, and math tutor.


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Friends, on the 38th episode of the SpiritWoke Podcast, we welcome a dear friend, Lisa Hession. In this episode, Lisa shares her story of spiritual awakening, and we talk about Reiki, spirituality, and much more! Listen in!

Lisa’s Bio:

Lisa Hession is a talented corporate recruiter. ...

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October 7, 2020 42 mins

Friends, on the 37th episode of the SpiritWoke Podcast, we welcome Sam Steinbring. In this episode, Sam shares her story of spiritual awakening, we talk about how the death of a loved one can spark an awakening, skepticism, what we believe spirituality is, and so much more. Listen in!

Sam’s Bio:

Sam Steinbring is a talented digital marketing who specializes in search engine optimization, website design, analytics, and more. Additiona...

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Friends, on the 36th episode of the SpiritWoke Podcast, we welcome Amy Hoyt to the show for her first of three appearances (and we may add more). In this episode, Amy shares her story of self-realization and we discuss extraterrestrials, spiritual authenticity, how to balance our spirituality in this human experience, and so much more. Join this fascinating conversation with Amy!

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September 9, 2020 52 mins

Friends, on the 35th episode of the SpiritWoke Podcast, we welcome Laura King to the show. Laura and Adam (our podcast host) are good friends that go back many years and both their spiritual awakenings at similar times. In this fun episode, Laura and Adam talk about the ups, downs, and in-betweens of the spiritual journey.

Laura's Bio:

Laura King is PASSION- in it’s rawest form. Whether its encouraging her husband, Brian, to go after...

Mark as Played

Adam Dince is the founder and healer at Sacred Stairways Healing. He is a Past Life and Between Lives (LBL) Regressionist, Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Certified Sacred Rose Healer, Certified Cacao Ceremony Facilitator, and published author. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and The University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis. Last but not least, Adam is the founder and host of...

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On the 33rd episode of The SpiritWoke Podcast, we welcome special guest, Robyn G. Locke. Robyn reached privately reached out to us to share her story and her unique ability to communicate with conscious awareness that she calls, “The Elders”. After an hour-long conversation on the phone, we knew she was a perfect fit for the show. So enjoy!

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May 12, 2020 47 mins

On the 32nd episode of The SpiritWoke Podcast, we welcome special guest, Audrey Van Wey. Audrey gives us a schooling on sound vibrational healing. As you may know, everything vibrates—this includes both our physical and energetic bodies. Audrey Van Wey is a master sound healer and shares so much of her knowledge with us. Listen in!

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April 28, 2020 52 mins

On the 31st episode of The SpiritWoke Podcast, we learn about the Angelic Realm. Special guests, Judy Meinen and Kathy Drinkman give a meaningful overview of the topic and share how they operate within the Angelic Realm during healings. This episode was recorded at Soul and Synergy’s Metaphysical Wellness Fair in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

I apologize in advance for discrepancies in the sound. The Hotel we recorded at utilized an HVAC ...

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April 15, 2020 51 mins

Friends, on the 30th episode of The SpiritWoke Podcast, we welcome talented psychic medium DeEtte Ranae who performs a mediumship reading on podcast host, Adam Dince. Mediums connect with those who have crossed over and bring hope to those of us left behind. We hope you enjoy.

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April 5, 2020 23 mins

Friends, on the 29th episode of The SpiritWoke Podcast, we welcome our friend Diana Palm back to guide us through a much needed Theta Healing. If you’re feeling stressed, if your energy is low, if you’re taking on other’s energy, or whatever it is, this Theta Healing is for you.

Diana’s Bio:

In 1995, Diana was taught by a healing priest in Medjugorje Bosnia how to clear dark entities so that individuals could heal.  She studied Mediu...

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April 1, 2020 59 mins

Friends, on the 28th episode of The SpiritWoke Podcast, we welcome Claire Marie Kohout to the show to talk about one of the most ancient forms of divination, Geomancy (please see below for more detail).

Geomancy is a method of divination that interprets markings on the ground or the patterns form...

Mark as Played

Friends, I’d like to thank you for listening to The SpiritWoke Podcast. We are definitely living through trying times and I hope you’re finding peace in the “is” of the moment. With that being said, many of us are living a much more thoughtful existence and I sincerely hope that this episode of the podcast feeds your soul.

On the 27th episode of The SpiritWoke Podcast, we welcome Brandee Ruiter to share her journey thus far through ...

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