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The Storyfield

LIFE is complex. The frustrating issues never seem to stop.BUSINESS is hard. Right answers are not easily found and making progress is difficult. Living a life of FAITH can feel complicated. Your relationship with God may feel broken. You may be uninspired in your faith. It becomes lonely. It is discouraging when MOVEMENT in your life, business, or faith has stopped.Positive, encouraging, and inspiring stories seem to be hard to find. Most of the information circulating is negative. It shouldn’t be this way. Why we created this: Stop discouragement - Listen to encouraging stories of normal people dealing with the same problems. Be inspired - in life and business. Take a step forward - Ignite a spark in your faith.


September 7, 2022 59 min

Is this a coincidence?

A 15-year girl was pregnant and scared.   

She needed advice and went to a local church to speak with a brand-new pastor. 

Pastor didn’t know what to say so he called a friend who just started a 20-person church in Los Angeles, CA.  A couple attending the new church had been trying unsuccessfully for 10 years to have children. 

The girl gave her baby boy up for adoption to the couple in Los Angeles.

Boy grew up an...

Mark as Played

I have an idea for you – 

You should quit your job.  Sell your house.  Sell 80% of your belongings. Then, move to another State far far away where you only know one person.  Sound good? 

Well, that’s what Chad Wallen did.  We had a chance to get some more details. You must tune in.

Chad is the founder of a non-profit called Advance Camp which is quite literally saving the lives of young men who have no father around

Advanced Camp opera...

Mark as Played

Ron graduated from a class of 28 people in west Texas.

Years later though – he found himself involved in helping build a company which grew from $100k in startup funds to revenues peaking at 1.7 billion (that’s right… billion) with customers in 49 states; 10 European countries; Canada; and Mexico.

You will not want to miss this great interview our good friend and soak up wisdom from a man who has been on the big rollercoaster.

You’ll ...

Mark as Played

Meet Chuck.  

He is a lawyer… actually, no… a minister/lead pastor…actually, no…. a spiritual director…and the director of culture and spiritual formation…

Ok – he is all of that and more.

Here is what we do know. Life is hard and can be discouraging.  Living a life of faith is very difficult.  Sometimes you just need to be renewed and refreshed – spiritually speaking… that’s where Chuck comes to the rescue. 

Please listen to this inte...

Mark as Played

Meet Blessed Matai.  

He loves getting punched in the face. Be careful if you try though because he is a blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Stephenville locals will recognize Blessed as the owner and coach of Makhuwa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym serving over 100 kids/adults.   

He was born and raised in Maputo, Mozambique, Africa and first came to America with a small bag and $500 to play college basketball in Midland.

Blessed is a man of gr...

Mark as Played

Meet Lee Ellis.  Founder and owner of at least four (4) companies in Fort Worth; including one of the largest real estate brokerages in Tarrant County.

Lee joined us for a short mini-cast covering one of the most helpful things they ever did in their 20+ years of business.   

If a business owner gets this correct, then everything will change.  So, what is it?

Thank you Lee for making time to teach and encourage and make our compan...

Mark as Played

Meet John Strappazon aka “Strap”.  

Strap grew up on the wrong side of the tracks outside of Chicago but found himself living with a friend’s family attending college 1,200 miles away.

He knew nothing about the gospel or faith; he had no interest at all in the Bible, but his life changed one Sunday morning when he heard from God “If you give your life to me, you will find what you are looking for”. 

Since then, he has been in ministry...

Mark as Played

Meet Marlon Woods.  

Marlon has more followers on Instagram (80,000 followers) than Stephenville’s population.

Marlon’s name may sound familiar to you if you’ve ever heard of Les Mills International.  In fact, you can stream Marlon and let him lead you through some Body Combat and Body Pump through Les Mill’s massive online streaming workouts.

We covered a lot of ground during the interview including - 

·      Growing up with the great...

Mark as Played

Meet Darrel – our guest on The StoryField Podcast.

He should not be alive right now – except for a miracle. 

This is what Darrel heard from God immediately after he was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer:

“I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.  

Psalm 118:17”

Tune in today to hear his incredible story which included founding Southside City Church (Fort Worth) which was planted years ago to love and ser...

Mark as Played

The StoryField w/ Jeremy Davis.

Jeremy Davis apparently needs the desert seasons. 

He is a 3rd generation pastor’s kid but after an early divorce in his family he became far enough away from God he became “unchurched”.  

In college, the Lord found him; plugged him into a “random TV church” as he says jokingly where the pastor gave his weekly message on a screen.   Later, he became the Fort Worth campus pastor of that church (Life.Chur...

Mark as Played

Ross is a partner with Hotchkiss Insurance but there is way more to the story of his life. In fact, one episode did not do it justice. 

When trying to explain in writing what his life story is to date – “a series of pivotal moments” and “crushed identities” and “God’s goodness” is what comes to mind.

Ross Conner joined us for an authentic episode where we discussed many topics including-

  • Divorce of parents
  • Place kicking (or lack thereo...
  • Mark as Played

    The Company of the Rock House: 

    ·      Has 500 employees; 

    ·      Is in 8 locations across Texas; and

    ·      Has provided life skills needs and training to adults with intellectual disabilities in Texas for over 40 years.

    Rock House all began in 1978 when a letter came across Brad’s desk. 

    Tune in today to see how the Rock House grew from humble beginnings in Stephenville to daily serving almost 500 families across Texas. 

    When it offici...

    Mark as Played

    He wakes up each day ready to “Attack the Day” but that wasn’t always the case...

    Savion is the owner/founder of SDUB Fitness – Stephenville, Texas as well as –

  • A fitness motivator
  • Motivational speaker
  • Author of – SDUB, the real meaning
  • Join us today to hear how Savion went from growing up in a fatherless home (raised by a superhero mom) to playing football at TSU to starting SDUB Fitness in a Garland, Texas park after seriously conside...

    Mark as Played

    You look horrible.”   

    As an act of concern, two people told Don that exact phrase in one day.  

    Within the next week Don was diagnosed with leukemia and had already begun receiving his first chemo treatment.

    The former golf course superintendent of one of America’s best golf courses- the Colonial Country Club, Fort Worth, Texas -- discusses his journey leading to working his dream job and the difficult years which followed.

    Don is on...

    Mark as Played

    On May 27, 1987, he was busted by the DEA.  Life changed forever on that day for Barney.

    “By the time I was 16, I was already dealing drugs.”

    This is how Barney’s story began and he found himself in a California prison at age 21.

    Listen in today to hear how we went from prison to Director of Campus Development – a major role with Gateway Church – one of America’s largest and most influential churches.

    Life is about decisions you make a...

    Mark as Played

    His dad’s life was dramatically changed at a tee ball practice when a stranger introduced Jesus (and Romans 10:9) into the picture. 

    The story of the Klimis family is simply incredible. Here are few descriptors:

  • Adultery/Betrayal
  • Drugs/Alcohol
  • Death/Suffering
  • Transformation
  • Life with Jesus
  • Peace
  • Church
  • Complete Restoration
  • Thank you to Jason Klimis (a resident of Tarpon Springs, Florida) for giving us the chance to hear the most gritty and b...

    Mark as Played

    Joel was standing at the top of a 95ft high power line pole when two major life decisions where clarified: 

    I do not think I want to do this job anymore” and

    I am leaving California”  

    25 years later we caught up with Joel – the owner and operator of three businesses in South Fork, Colorado: 

    ·      8200 Mountain Sports

    ·      Mountain Man Rafting 

    ·      Switchback Liquors in South Fork, Colorado.

    Tune in to listen to Joel’s great jour...

    Mark as Played

    Meet Adam Feriend.  Many Parker County residents know Adam from his countless volunteer roles including the WISD school board.
    Adam is an owner/COO of the 60mm+ construction company named JRJ Construction Inc. but started out his post-college degree with plans on singing Opera professionally. 
    He has navigated the death of all the owners of JRJ soon after he joined and walked through the 2008/9 recession.
    Adam spoke honestly ab...

    Mark as Played

    People’s lives are being completely transformed once they discover the answer to this question.  

    The problem of discovering the truth about yourself is that we believe so many lies about ourselves which create false identities.   

    Today’s guest walks us through this discovery process.  

    Norris Williams and his wife have been missionaries since 1983.  He has also:

    ·      played professional football; 

    ·      ran a large ranch for juveni...

    Mark as Played

    You will really enjoy today’s guest if you are a client or friend of The Allen Firm, PC.

    We were honored to be able to interview Scott Allen.  He is the founder of our almost 50-year old law firm. (Our 50th Anniversary is June, 2022).

    Scott has practiced law for over 50 years and has literally seen everything. He has had thousands of clients over the years and it all started with his uncle asking the college-senior Scott “what are yo...

    Mark as Played

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