The Stronger Marriage Podcast with Trey & Lea

The Stronger Marriage Podcast with Trey & Lea

Welcome to Trey & Lea's Podcast on marriage and family topics. Trey and Lea have been married over 30 years. They have a large following on social media, and conduct their "Stronger Marriage" and “Stronger Families” workshops all over the United States. They get to talk to thousands of couples yearly about healthy marriages and families. They are the authors of the book "10 WAYS TO A STRONGER MARRIAGE" available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. You can learn more about Trey & Lea from their webpage: Show More


October 21, 2020 28 min

1.  To Feel Loved and appreciated

2.  Try to understand me

3.  Talk to me & give me your attention

4.  Plan the date night

5.  Affection

6.  Help with Daily Tasks (chores, kids, etc)

7.  Take care of your body

8.  I love it when you protect me.

9.  Don’t be selfish sexually

10.   Let’s go have some fun. 

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Talking a fun and "spicy" topic today in marriage. EVERY marriage should be doing this. 

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September 29, 2020 30 min

It's so important for you to tell your marriage story. Seriously. Your kids need to hear your story. You need to hear your own marriage story, and it's just important to tell your story. Your marriage story may be a great one. It may be a fairytale. Your story may have lots of peaks and valleys, or your story may feel more like a nightmare at this time. Don't give up. You're still writing your story. 

Today we share ...

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September 16, 2020 30 min

Here's our 10 Tips

1. Be patient.
2. P___________ before the marriage. 
3. N________________ you marriage. 
4. Educate yourself.
5. Put yourself in your kids _____________ 
6. ALWAYS ... ALWAYS .... do this!
7. Be specific.
8. D________________ your kids. 
9. Be _____________ to the EX, but have clear ________________
10. ______________ God for __________________

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September 9, 2020 34 min


  • We've been married a year and my husband is struggling to be intimate. Help?
  • How can we have an active sex life AND small children at the same time?
  • My husband is an introvert & I am an extrovert, HELP?
  • What are your thoughts on friends who cause issues between a husband and wife?
  • How many times do you recommend having sex per week?
  • I'd like to spice things up sexually with my husband, but how?
  • What ways do...
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    September 2, 2020 32 min

    “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times ... always with the same person.” 

    Why many times ... through each stage of marriage. Almost everyone has three marriages in their lifetime. The smart ones learn to adjust and do so with the same person. 


  • Honeymoon (BEFORE KIDS)
  • Kids
  • Empty nest
  • In this episode we talk ... 

  • Do's and Don'ts of each stage.
  • Why it's important t...
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    Mark as Played
    August 27, 2020 27 min

    There is NO place in marriage for:

    o  Screaming ...

    o  Yelling...

    o  Name calling...

    o  Cursing ... 

    o  Throwing things ... 

    o  Saying unkind things...

    Angry outbursts and losing control ... cause you to lost the love of your spouse, lose the respect of your spouse and children. Short tempers are a marriage killer. 

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    5 LOVE LANGUAGES in Marriage:

    We're talking the "5 Love Languages" of marriage. If you haven't taken the FREE - 3 minute quiz (Link below) in a while to find out your love language, now would be a great time to do it, before listening to this week's episode. Also, get your spouse to do it.

    It's really hard to speak your spouse's love language if you don't know what it is.

    Here are the 5 Love Languages:


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    Mark as Played
    August 12, 2020 24 min

    Many couples seem to lose their spark when they stop working on their marriage. How do I know if I'm in a marriage with a roommate or soulmate? AND How do I get my soulmate back if we've become roommates. Here's some of the things we cover ...

    * Roommates don't eat meal together.
    * Roommates have no face to face communication. 
    * Roommates have very little sex, or sex without intimacy.
    * Roommates know things...

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    Mark as Played
    August 5, 2020 32 min

    10 Tips for Making Things Better. Things we cover this episode ... 

    1. You must do SOMETHING, to expect it to get better. 
    2. The #1 thing you must do to make things better. 
    3. Remember THIS about your spouse.
    4. Do the things you did when you fell in love. 
    5. The answer isn't upgrading your spouse. 
    6. Seek help by doing these three things.
    7. DANGER, do not do this ... when it comes to someone you talk to. 
    8. Communicate daily.
    9. ...

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    Mark as Played

    Today we cover ... 

    * How much time should you be spending on social media?

    * Hiding things from your spouse on social media. 

    * Should I share my password with my spouse?

    * Being friends with an EX or old boy/girl friends.

    * 3 things you should NEVER do on Social Media.

    * 2 Things you MUST do on Social Media if you are married. 

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    Some things we covered in this podcast ... 

  • ALWAYS put your spouse first.
  • Set boundaries. 
  • Play fair when it comes to holidays and special events.
  • Be a team.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • NEVER betray your spouse to your parents. 
  • Strive to live at peace.
  • DO be the bad cop when needed. 
  • How to be the best in-laws EVER!
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    Some things we covered ...

  • Understanding your spouse's emotional needs.
  • Why it's essential to communicate.
  • The "10 Minute" Rule
  • Be a good listener 
  • Touch
  • Be grateful 
  • Be intimate
  • Make time for one another
  • The joy of rediscovering one another. 

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    June 26, 2020 29 min

    Today we cover ...

  • Don't be single in public.
  • Flirting with people you're not married to. 
  • Letting the world know you're married on social media. 
  • Wearing your wedding ring.
  • Putting your spouse before your family and friends.
  • Not playing "hard to get" with your spouse. 
  • Being cautious about complimenting the opposite sex.
  • Wearing your wedding ring.
  • Checking in.
  • Being proud of your spouse in public.
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    Mark as Played

    We discuss the following ... 

  • Come clean ... shoot straight ... no more lies.  
  • Take complete responsibility ... don’t blame.  
  • Completely end things with the other person. 
  • Be remorseful and apologetic. 
  • Listen with empathy.
  • Ask for forgiveness. 
  • Be transparent. Don’t hide things. Be where you say you will be. Regularly check in. Text back or call back immediately if possible. 
  • Answer questions they want to know.
  • Don't say, "Why ca...
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    Mark as Played
    June 18, 2020 34 min

    Questions Covered on this episode ...

  • How often should we be having sex?
  • What if my spouse isn't interested in sex?
  • Why does sex matter?  
  • Why God created sex?
  • Is Oral Sex okay?
  • What if I'm in a sexless marriage? 
  • What causes a sexless marriage?
  • AND ... that's probably enough. :) 
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    Mark as Played
  •  __________ your spouse regularly.
  •  Stop watching ___________.
  •  Share common interests.
  •  Be ____________________.
  •  Have regular sex. 
  •  Meet one another's needs.
  •  _________ to one another.
  •  Stop comparing. 
  •  Establishing healthy _________________.
  •  ______________ your vulnerabilities. 
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    5 Books we Mentioned... 

    His Needs Her Needs - Dr Williard Harley
    Love Busters - Dr Williard Harley
    5 Love Languages - Dr Gary Chapman
    Sheet Music - Dr Kevin Leman 
    Personality Plus for Couples - Florence Littaur
    10 Ways to a Stronger Marriage - Trey & Lea Morgan 

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    Mark as Played

    1. Give him lots of _____________

    2. Do _____________ with him that he likes to do.

    3. ____________ with him.

    4. Be the __________ to ____________ sex.

    5. Tell him what you _________, don't make him guess. 

    6. Choose to be your husband’s lover, not his __________.

    7. Pray for him.

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    7 Things WIVES Would Love From Their Husbands

    1.   Make _____________________ a priority.

    2.   ________________ little things about her.          

    3.   Hold her hand.

    4.   Do one of her daily ______________ for her.

    5.   Make _________________ for her.

    6.   _____________________ for her.

    7.   _________ her daily that she's ____________.

    Music does not belong to us. 


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