The Teddy Brosevelt Show

The Teddy Brosevelt Show

Teddy Brosevelt and friends discuss, debate and dissect the latest events taking place on Planet Clown. All shows recorded live at the Ha-Ha Factory in Austin, Texas.


Back after an Indian summer podcast hiatus with the biggest bombshell story in the history of ‘The Teddy Brosevelt Show’.

Episode #51 features brilliant investigative researcher Blue Canaries (@CanariesBlue) detailing all the evidence from her bombshell thread on September 9, which now has over 131,000 views.

This is the biggest scandal in Texas politics this decade (if not this century), and the mainstream media is totally ignorin...

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Episode #50 of ‘The Teddy Brosevelt Show’ was recorded totally topless on Monday May 22, 2023.

Vitamin D saturated numero five zero runs for sixty minutes and 300 seconds.

We guarantee you’ll agree this is one of the most eventful, action-packed shows in TBS history.

Episode #50 Topics include:

* DIPSHIT OF THE DECADE AWARD: Teddy graciously accepts the ‘Dipshit of the Decade’ award (with seven years left until voting commences) ...

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Back again with a brand-new 67 minute episode of ‘The Teddy Brosevelt Show’!

Episode #49 was recorded in Austin, Texas on Thursday, April 27, 2023.

Today’s show features a whirlwind of tantalizing topics and probably a baker’s dozen of tangents that may or may not have been completed.

Since you aren’t watching Tucker Carlson tonight, maybe it’s time to pop up some popcorn, kick back, relax and listen to a little primetime Teddy.


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Back again with a brand-new 72 minute episode of ‘The Teddy Brosevelt Show’!

Episode #48 was recorded in sweltering hot (94 degrees) Austin, Texas on Monday, April 3, 2023.

Today’s show is dominated by the number one topic in the world right now: former president Donald J. Trump is in New York City tonight, preparing to face tomorrow’s politically-motivated, despicable sham indictment and arraignment in a Manhattan courtroom.


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We’ve got a brand new, must-listen episode of ‘The Teddy Brosevelt Show’ on tap, recapping Teddy’s three part bombshell series on an anarchist, insane solar geoengineering firm called Make Sunsets launching three chemical-laden weather balloons in Nevada two weeks ago to create dust clouds to reflect the sun’s rays back to space.

READ: Teddy’s Explosive Three Part Series

* Part I: Climate Cult Cartel Could Be Flying 'Mysterious Ball...

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Episode #46 of ‘The Teddy Brosevelt Show’ features special guest ALEX STRENGER, in a wide-ranging 52 minute interview that was recorded on February 14 (Valentine’s Day) and published on February 20, 2023.

Here’s the viral video clip that catapulted Austin’s own Alex Strenger to global fame, recogntion and admiration.


* Current status of Alex Strengers’s application to be the next CEO of Austin Energy

* Caring fo...

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Episode #45 of ‘The Teddy Brosevelt Show’ was recorded on Saturday afternoon, February 11, 2023.

Substack just added fantastic new analytics to the writer dashboard. Shout-out and THANK YOU to all the new subscribers in 2023!

NOTE: The Top 14 states with the worst high school graduation rates and lowest collective IQ’s, just so happen to be an exact match for the 14 remaining U.S. states without a single Teddy Brosevelt subscriber....

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Episode #44 of ‘The Teddy Brosevelt Show’ was recorded Wednesday night, February 8 using a call recording app.

* Teddy Brosevelt in Austin, Texas

* Special Guest / Lifelong Friend Charlotte Wilson in Phoenix, Arizona

Charlotte works at an upscale boutique hotel in downtown Phoenix - the host city for this Sunday's Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, which kicks off in <68 hours.

Charlotte used to be mo...

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Episode #43 of ‘The Teddy Brosevelt Show’ was recorded at the Top o’ the Morning (Irish slang for ‘crack o’ dawn’) on Monday, February 6 in Austin, Texas.

This 31 minute show is almost entirely about the Chinese Spy Balloon incident

And the lying, deceitful, feckless, timid, spineless, lying, incompetent, embarrassing, cowardly f*****g PUSSIES in the Biden Administration, Defense Department and US Military.

Do these lying traitors ...

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Episode #42 of ‘The Teddy Brosevelt Show’ was recorded on Saturday night, February 4th in Austin, Texas.

This show is dedicated to the legacy of #42 Jackie Robinson.

Life is all about perspective.

Whenever you think we faced harsh discrimination, draconian mandates and unfair treatment from society over our collective refusal not to get injected with FOUR untested, non-sterile, leaky gene therapy shots in 24 months that were manufa...

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Episode #41 of ‘The Teddy Brosevelt Show’ was recorded on Thursday night, January 5th.


* Kevin McCarthy has lost 11 rounds of voting for Speaker of the House. Hopefully, the 20 hold-outs will stand their ground for at least two years. This way, no one can be sworn in and the Uniparty can’t turn any of their awful ideas into laws. When creepy pervert / serial molester Kevin Spacey was researching his role of Frank ...

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Bitcoin miners and climate change lunatics combined forces and nearly took down the Texas power grid during a cold snap two days before Christmas.

Time to stop playing nice with these dipsticks. They nearly killed thousands of people this Christmas.

Before we completely obliterate the Texas Bitcoin mining industry, let’s first quickly destroy the brainwashed climate change conspiracy theorists with one chart.

Check out the Electric ...

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Teddy’s back with an action-packed 68 minute episode of ‘The Teddy Brosevelt Show’ - recorded live in Austin, Texas last night (Tuesday, December 20).

Episode #39 is dedicated to every unvaccinated American who is celebrating Christmas this weekend.

According to this memo issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on September 11th:

All unvaccinated Christians who plan on celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ this weekend ar...

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Episode #38 of ‘The Teddy Brosevelt Show’ was recorded on Monday night, November 14th.

This is the audio version of everything I just wrote about in my last Substack post, plus new allegations and information about Sam Bankman-Fried’s mother BARBARA BANKMAN-FRIED (who publicly goes by her maiden name Barbara Fried) left-wing Super PAC Mind the Gap, which sent out 15 million pre-filled ballots in swing states and saw nearly 5 million...

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Episode #37 of ‘The Teddy Brosevelt Show’ was recorded on Friday morning, November 11th.

This 65 minute episode is the second half of Teddy “Election Integrity Enthusiast” Brosevelt’s two hour analysis of the Midterm Elections and the peculiar ballot counting methods used by Arizona and Nevada to slow-walk the results.

We also analyze the shady ass connections between Sam Bankman-Fried and a whole host of Democrats, including Hilla...

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On Veteran’s Day 2022, Teddy wants to send a huge THANK YOU to all the men and women who have served in the U.S. Military and fought to preserve freedom and keep us safe. Today’s blockbuster two-part podcast is dedicated to America’s Veterans.

This is the most important podcast in the history of ‘The Teddy Brosevelt Show’. So important that it ran for two hours and got split into two separate episodes.

Episode #36 (part one) runs f...

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T-Minus SIX days until the biggest election ever.

Tons of topics discussed on this blockbuster 71 minute episode of ‘The Teddy Brosevelt Show’, including:

* Biden’s Speech last night in D.C., warning Americans that they better vote for his political party or our Democracy is going to collapse. Joe Biden ran as “the great uniter”, but he’s turned out to be the most contentious, divisive, angry, incompetent a*****e in the history of t...

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Kicking off the first day of November 2022 by bringing back special guest Blue Canaries to discuss the latest developments in the Paul Pelosi attack.

Blue and Teddy take a close look at the new questions raised by the FBI affidavit, which contradicts the SF Police Department version multiple times.

You can follow along by downloading the eight page PDF of the FBI affadavit, which was submitted by FBI agent Stephanie Minor (who has o...

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Brilliant researcher extraordinaire Blue Canaries got suspended from Twitter (again!) this weekend, just minutes after she posted a 17 tweet thread with research and questions on the mysterious Paul Pelosi attack.

Episode #33 focuses almost exclusively on the suspicious details surrounding the attack on Paul Pelosi by David DePape.

Episode #33 Topics:

* We have not seen a single piece of evidence that proves this attack even happene...

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Folks we’ve got only 12 days until the most important Midterm elections in the history of the United States of America.

Episode #32 of ‘The Teddy Brosevelt Show’ runs through all the latest developments in rapid-fire fashion.


* Critical Senate and Governor Races getting heated down the homestretch

* Fetterman vs. Oz and Hochul vs Zeldin debate reaction

* Democrats, Media and Big Tech are destroying Democr...

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