The Time Is Now

The Time Is Now

It's time to get up, get motivated, and start making moves for yourself instead of working to make someone else rich. These are genuine experiences and the stories of real entrepreneurs that made the ultimate decision to live for themselves in order to achieve unbelievable results. The time is now, making your business personal, with host Kent Clothier.


January 10, 2024 57 mins

Show Notes:

  • [0:03] Introduction with Kent Clothier.
  • [0:25] Ari Rastegar's background: overcoming adversity, family history, and educational journey.
  • [1:50] The significance of environment and the drive to succeed amidst challenges.
  • [2:23] Discussing the importance of communication and studying successful traits.
  • [4:29] Insight into the educational paths of wealthy families and Ari's own learning journey.
  • [5:19] Ari’s mentorship exper...
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Key Points Discussed:

Marshall's NFL Journey:

  • Shared his unique transition from the Indianapolis Colts to the St. Louis Rams and his decision-making process behind these career-altering moves.
  • Highlighted the discipline, commitment, and consistency required to excel in professional football and how these skills translate into other areas of life.

Transitioning from Sports to Business:

  • Emphasized the challenges athletes face...
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December 4, 2023 60 mins

Show Notes:

0:00 - Introduction: Host Kent Clothier welcomes listeners and introduces Dan Martell, a figure of resilience and success in the entrepreneurial world.

3:20 - Dan's Personal Journey: Martell shares his transformative journey from a troubled youth to becoming a successful entrepreneur, highlighting the pivotal moments and individuals who influenced his path.

12:45 - Navigating Uncertainty: Dan discusses his approach to deci...

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Selling a Business


A business might experience a wide range of events. Thus, the first reason to sell a business is to protect against the unknown.


If you're holding on to your business for your kids, they don’t want it. According to research, just 2% of businesses effectively transition from one generation to the next because the children don't want it, aren't qualified for it, or don't know how.

Private Equity Company


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Tommy’s Background


Tommy is the president of Prime Corporate Services. They've been in business for 10 years and has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs structure their business.


They concentrate on entity structuring issues like asset protection, tax minimization from a structure perspective, business credit development, creating a separate credit profile for your business, tax preparation, tax filing, and general estate p...

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Entrepreneurs are Visionaries


Trevor believes that often, entrepreneurs are the visionaries or quickstarts—once they go into operation mode, they get bored. He doesn’t want that to happen to his company, and thus, he ensures to innovate to make the business exciting for him again.


Trevor shares a great story about his client scaling his business from zero to millions.

Delegating Duties


When you earn millions, Trevo...

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Eddie Speed: Seller finance note ninja

Eddie Speed is a straight shooter, so we'll spare you the flowery pitch. Eddie is a Texas titan who for years has carefully crafted the art of strategic seller finance notes. In short, understanding and correctly executing the strategies he shares will double your opportunities, double your business, and ultimately, double your income. If you are an experienced deal maker, saddle up and hit the...

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Vinnie Fisher: CEO. Lawyer. Husband. Dad. 

Fun fact: 70% of Billionaires have created their wealth from recession rebounds. That fact, coupled with the whole "history repeats itself" fact, is a good indicator that a whole bunch of money is about to make its way into the hands of those seeking current opportunities...and you can bet your bottom dollar that Vinnie Fisher isn't going to miss out on any of it. As a tax lawyer, entrepren...

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Trevor Mauch: CEO of Carrot

Falling asleep behind the wheel and nearly sending your family hurling off the side of a cliff... No, that's not a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster, that was the real life wake-up call for our next guest, Trevor Mauch. Long, exhaustive hours come with the territory of being an entrepreneur, but at a certain point, you have to ask; is your business supporting you or are you supporting it? Are you buildin...

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Jeff Fenster: Founder and CEO of Everbowl

Just about everyone who opens a restaurant has had experience in the industry. If 9 out of 10 restaurants fail, why is "experience" placed on such a high pedestal as a prerequisite? Jeff Fenster isn't buying it, and never has. What most see as an asset, Jeff sees as a liability. From payroll companies, to restaurants and even construction companies, Jeff is a serial entrepreneur that forges ...

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Billy Gene: Master of Marketing

Pretend for a second that your business is a sailboat. Your sailboat has lost some momentum because of a sudden shift in the winds (pandemic). You can see a clearing in the distance and there appears to be a strong wind up ahead, but you're not sure you can make it. You have a few options: 1. You can adjust your sail in hopes of catching a draft; 2. You can cut your sail and call it quits. In this exa...

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Marshall Sylver: Hypnotist. Author. Motivational speaker. 

Get out of your own head. Ironic advice from a guy who makes his living getting into yours... As a professional hypnotist, Marshall Sylver is an industry leading business consultant that understands exactly how powerful the words you speak to yourself, and to others, are. He has used his heightened sense of communication to entertain and dazzle audiences on stage, and maybe ...

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Ed Mylett: Entrepreneurial elite  

8 days a week was not enough for The Beatles; it's a shame they never knew there are actually 21...IF you're Ed Mylet. With a run time of 24 minutes, this is the shortest episode to date, and it certainly isn't for lack of substance or content. Ed is recognized as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, and if you want his time, you've got 2 minutes, 8 minutes or a max of 24. He's ex...

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Frank Shamrock: The first UFC Middleweight Champion. 

If you thought our circle (or in this case, ring) was limited to real estate and business types, guess again. In this episode, Kent takes center ring with the very first UFC middleweight champion, Frank Shamrock. In addition to being a champ, he was also a talent spokesman for the UFC itself, where he pitched his passion and helped to turn the UFC into a billion dollar industry. ...

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Drew Canole: Founder of Organifi. 

For Drew Canole, leadership is about everything beyond what meets the eye. For starters, his executive corner office isn't on the highest floor in the tallest tower. He doesn't shout commands from a high-backed leather chair, flanked by rich mahogany furniture...In fact, he doesn't even have an office. Whereas typical founders of companies fancy themselves as modern day kings, Drew drives the cultu...

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Patrick Precourt: Industry leader in personal development coaching, marketing, business development, speaking and a master of sales and leadership.

What separates you from a goal can be boiled down to: action vs inaction. No one likes to come up short of a goal, but most of what keeps people from achieving a desired outcome is caused by a fear-induced paralysis. Relying on neurochemistry and some good old fashioned perseverance, our...

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Lori Taylor: Direct response copywriter.  

If you've ever watched celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay audit a restaurant, you know it can be brutal to witness, as failing restaurants and their owners are exposed to Ramsay's unrelenting standards. From a business owner's perspective, having every aspect of your business carefully scrutinized can be a vulnerable and painful experience that often requires setting aside your ego and facing the...

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Perry Belcher: Digital marketing legend. 

Kellogg's. Starbucks. Netflix. All household names that owe their brand recognition to economic downturns. While many businesses slash their marketing budgets and slouch in fear, savvy investors are acquiring competitors and bolstering their market-shares at a premium discount. Perry outlines why "younger" entrepreneurs have the upper hand against older, more established types, and details h...

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Octavio Cifuentes: Founder of FTX Wellness

Where the body goes, the mind follows. Physical strength and mental fortitude go hand in hand, and when it comes to building both, plus a massive fitness empire, our next guest is outpacing the pack. Octavio and Kent discuss the importance of "tribes" and how to align yourself with the right people, that have the right energy, to get to the right places. 

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April 30, 2020 61 mins

Chris Naugle: America's #1 money mentor. 

You've been taught your entire life to give up control of your money. All the while, that hard earned money is being utilized to create unimaginable wealth that you will never see. If your 401K was explained to you in those terms, would you think twice about making those monthly contributions? What's more, the comparatively small return you do make, could all be gone in a single downturn day...

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