The VowsToKeep Marriage Podcast

The VowsToKeep Marriage Podcast

Need help in your marriage?! We've got you covered! The VowsToKeep Marriage Podcast will help you grow closer to your spouse and closer to God's design for your marriage. No marriage is too far gone to save or too healthy to not need a check up. Let's get started by building a Biblically healthy marriage!


July 8, 2024 24 mins

How the Enemy Makes You Stumble in Your Marriage :: [Ep. 224]

This week, on the VowsToKeep podcast, we are wrapping up our study on the 10 Commandments, covering commandments like ‘Thou shall not murder, Thou shall not commit adultery, Thou shall not steal, and so on. At first glance, most might feel they have easily fulfilled these commands when it comes to their marriage, but the enemy is sly and subtle in his attempts t...

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Vital Advice for Your Marriage :: [Ep. 223]

What if we told you the 10 Commandments provide vital marriage advice? It’s true! They are vital to a healthy marriage. Not only because they offer guidance on how to live but also because they help make us aware of our need for a Savior. This week on the VowsToKeep podcast, we will explore this mystery even more. 

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Life-Giving Words for Your Marriage :: [Ep. 222]

Have you ever read through the 10 Commandments and immediately thought, “Wow! This is great marriage advice!”?  For most people, the answer is probably no! 

In this week’s episode we are diving into how the 10 Commandments prove to be vital marriage advice. We will shed light on how to practically apply these life-giving commandments towards your marriage. Don'...

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Wise Truths for Your Marriage :: [Ep. 221]

Join us on the VowsToKeep Marriage Podcast where we are teaching on how to practically apply the Bible to our marriages. Specifically, this week, we are diving into Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount and pointing each of us to His wise truths and teachings that when obeyed inevitably help our individual hearts as well as our marriages. 

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How to Pray with Your Spouse :: [Ep. 220]

Do you and your spouse pray together? Does it feel natural for you to pray together or awkward? If you are feeling awkward about praying with your spouse or don’t know where to start, tune into this week’s episode. We are teaching how to  practically apply the Bible, specifically, the Lord’s Prayer to our marriages. 

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How to Find Satisfaction in Your Marriage :: [Ep. 219]

We live in a culture that applauds and pushes pursuit of self all in attempt to find satisfaction. And yet, why are so many still dissatisfied? Could it be because so many (Christians included) are pursuing the wrong things for satisfaction? Because of this misguided pursuit, we are personally affected, as well as, our marriages and spouses! 

This week, on the...

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Parenting & Discipline 101 :: [Ep. 218]

Parenting is hard; disciplining our children is even harder - especially when our kids have the special ability to drive us to frustration and anger! Many a frustrated parent live pressed between the fury of their uncontrollable emotions in the heat of the moment and the recurring consequences of an undisciplined child! This creates a special kind of friction in the home AND marr...

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Biblical Parenting & How to Sow Seeds of Faith (part 2) :: [Ep. 217]

Raising children and keeping them alive is hard enough! Add in the pressure of leading and guiding them spiritually and the hardness moves to a whole new level. This week, we are providing parents gospel encouragement and practical advice about this area of parenting. Come learn and listen to this part two episode on how to Sow Seeds of Faith so your ...

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Biblical Parenting & How To Sow Seeds of Faith (part 1) :: [Ep. 216]

If you are married, you are a God designed team, especially when it comes to parenting and training up your children and sowing seeds of lasting faith. This week, we are beginning a two-part series about biblical parenting and how to practically sow seeds of faith in your kids.

Find out how the faith you live today influences the faith your k...

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How to Lead Your Family Through the Topic of Abortion :: [Ep. 215]

Any married couple knows marriage can be hard. Throw in parenting into the mix – things get even harder. Especially if those parents care about rightly spiritually leading their families. Culturally, this is becoming harder and harder to do and wading through the tough, hot topics, can feel hard and defeating when culture is yelling so loudly at our kids. S...

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How to Get Your Husband to Engage With You (part 2) :: [Ep. 214]

What's happening in your marriage? Like at the very heart of it? Sometimes we can get clues to how we are really doing by looking at our communication. 

When it comes to David and I's relationship, you can bet any day of the week that I want him to engage with me. If he's not, there's something else going on. But sometimes, I migh...

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How to Get Your Husband to Engage With You (part 1) :: [Ep. 213]

Surprisingly, there are probably things within your heart and therefore your marriage that you might not even realize are the very obstacle to getting to the good things you want in your marriage...

This week's episode is a teaching on what might be halting your conversations with your husband and the antidotes from God's Word.


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How To Love Your Wife Even Better :: [Ep. 212]

This episode is for you guys! It's a detailed study that we think you are going to get a lot from. Not because we are anything awesome, but because Jesus is. 

He's where we get our Hope from. Our Hope for marriage. And today, we're turning to the Gospels of Mark and Luke and Matthew - looking closely at HOW Jesus spoke to His disciples (those closest to...

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How to Love Your Wife Better :: [Ep. 211]

Does this describe YOUR marriage at times?

  • No unity
  • No intimacy
  • No friendship
  • No fun
  • No Spiritual Growth
  • No Marital Growth
  • No measurable outward growth towards others

Yeah, us too. So, what gives? How can we go from being in love and investing in each other to not even caring anymore? There actually is an answer to that and we're going to dig to the heart of the matter on it ...

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Tips & Tricks for Your Marriage :: [Ep. 210]

In the past, we have purposely NOT done a lot of shows that include "tips and tricks" because we strongly believe that a successful marriage does not start with outward actions but with the inward heart condition. 

BUT in this episode, we wanted to bring some tips and tricks for the healthier marriages out there. Hopefully these tips can offer some guidanc...

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A Marriage Full of Mercy & Grace :: [Ep. 209]

Freely giving mercy and grace to my spouse is HARD. Mercy and Grace are soooo opposite of what we often FEEL like doing! Which is why it is so hard! 

But even still, this is what God calls us to as husbands and wives. Come listen to this week's episode to learn more about how to create a marriage full of mercy and grace.

For further study and encouragement, rea...

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How to Stop Fighting: Q&A (part 3) :: [Ep. 208]

Do you and your spouse fight? Is it often? Do you find yourself wondering how in the world do we stop the fighting?? In this broadcast, we answer your frequently asked questions about FIGHTING! Here they are...

Q: Is it ever okay to Agree to Disagree?

Q: In our marriage we are constantly at odds over time together or lack of sex. What advice do you have?

Q: I want ...

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How to Stop Fighting: What's the Root Cause? (part 2) :: [Ep. 207]

"The outward fights we have with our spouse are a verbal manifestation of the internal war that rages in our individual hearts. When we live divided between two worlds, the result will always be strife. The war will rage."

In this Part 2 episode, we continue in giving Hope to marriages that seem hopeless at times, we look at the answ...

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How to Stop Fighting: What Do You Want? (part 1) :: [Ep. 206]

Whatever your fights look like , the way we stop the fighting is the same.

Quiet fights, all-out shouting matches, and everywhere in between...fighting happens within our homes.

We've tried everything from stonewalling our emotions to our spouse, stuffing everything down deep where we think no one can see to making sure our desires are w...

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How to Take Action Against Depression in Your Marriage (Part 2) :: [Ep. 205]

Are you or your spouse struggling with depression? Have you considered the root cause? If not, you should!

Finding the root cause can feel so complex. Maybe you're wondering, WHERE do I even begin?!

Well, start here and come join us for Part II of How to Take Action Against Depression in Marriage. We will give guidance on wh...

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