The Way Out

The Way Out

Andrew Logan gives you the step by step system, tools and mindset hacks to build your Network Marketing business - and then turn the extra income stream into financial freedom.


September 19, 2022 11 min

Warren Buffet is probably the most successful and well known investor of our time. 

He has amassed an incredible net worth, and helped many people do the same. 

And when it all boils down, he states that it comes back to 2 Golden Rules:

  • Don't lose money.
  • Don't forget Rule Number 1.

  • And whilst he certainly knows more about investing than me, those two rules can give them impression that he only backs winners. That he has 100% rec...

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    Procrastination - we all do it, and then we realise what a bad idea it was. 

    It's something that prevents so many people growing their business, and it stops any momentum that we were hoping to create. 

    The more we procrastinate, the less we produce, the poorer the results we see - we end up spending more time to achieve less, and end up further from freedom than closer. 

    In todays episode, I wanted to look at 4 practical tips tha...

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    September 12, 2022 13 min

    Goal setting is incredibly important when you're building your business. 

    And Network Marketing is a fantastic business for recognition, awards and rank advancements - which provide great goalposts for people to hit. 

    But if you want to truly grow your income and change your life - your vision can't be linked to ranks or awards. 

    We have the best vehicle around in the pursuit of financial freedom - but it's not about the c...

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    Many years ago I met a man who had climbed Mt Everest. And I remember him telling me about how, right before their final ascent, they were instructed to ruthlessly remove anything from their pack that they didn't need. To the point that he cut his toothbrush in half to save space and weight.

    'You can't take everything with you to the top'  were his words of advice.

    In any growth journey, there will be things you need...

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    Angie and I are regularly approached by people at events saying 'I wish my partner did this with me'. 

    Or they're asking 'What's the best way to get them interested?'

    And my initial response is always 'Are you sure?'

    Building your business with your partner is amazing, but it can also be incredibly challenging. The rewards are there, but it takes a lot of work. 

    Any cracks in your relationship will be ma...

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    You don't have to travel too far from your house to see how much more expensive everything is getting.

    Fuel, food, electricity - the price of basically everything has gone up recently. 

    But whilst the Media is talking about Inflation non-stop, is it actually the real issue?

    And more importantly, what can you do to avoid that sinking feeling getting worse each week. 

    Mark as Played

    Creating consistent content for our social media brand is an incredibly important part of our daily business activities. 

    But there can be days where just nothing is flowing naturally. 
    Our brains aren't in a creative space, or our social battery is low and we can't seem to produce anything. 

    And of course, that's totally normal. 
    We all need days where we 'switch off' and recharge.

    So how do you avoid losing your co...

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    It's always incredible exciting when that new business builder joins.

    They're full of energy and enthusiasm, and you want to be there encouraging them along to great success. 

    But there's one E word that's more important than the others above, and it's one of the biggest challenges people face in this industry. 

    Without it, they will quit - even if they're making money. 

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    August 22, 2022 22 min

    Funnels are a very popular and very powerful software.
    The attraction to being able to put your business on auto-pilot and having a lot of the leg-work automated while you sleep is an awesome proposition. 

    So, can it actually be done?

    Well the short answer is Yes, but there's a very large asterisk next to it.

    It can be done, but it's definitely not as easy as people sell it as. 

    Mark as Played

    'Money doesn't buy happiness'. 
    'It won't solve my problems'
    'I'd rather be happy than rich'.

    All very common money mindsets that people can hold onto. 
    And all very common money mindsets that will stop people reaching success. 

    Because a poor money mindset will act as a lid on your business; you won't be able to grow beyond the limitations in your mind. 

    Building financial skills and improving our...

    Mark as Played
    August 15, 2022 17 min

    It's been a long time for many, but events are finally back!

    More and more big company events are happening again - and there's nothing better than the feeling of a room full of people, all learning and growing together. Recognition, culture, community; it's the glue that holds your team together. 

    There's also a lot of learnings at events - incredible speakers sharing their tips and tricks, so you can have greater bu...

    Mark as Played
    August 12, 2022 15 min

    Being able to build your own business from home - one that has unlimited income potential - is one the most exciting and incredible things about Network Marketing.

    But there's also a cost of that freedom. 
    We pay that price through losing the certainty. 

    There's no ceiling on our income, but no floor either. 

    Which means we have to make sure we show up each day - and we're the ones that have to make sure of that. Not only a...

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    August 8, 2022 16 min

    Making money is great - and it's easy to show people that you're having success. Very easy to find people who are making money and follow them too. 

    Creating wealth and freedom can seem harder to do.
    Even harder still - how to show it?
    Happiness and freedom isn't always as easy to show as money. 

    In today's podcast I want to look at this from a few points of view - ensuring that we're building our business for the r...

    Mark as Played

    At its core, marketing is pretty simple; find out what people want and then give that to them. 

    And this is where many Network Marketers can go wrong. Often we can get so caught up in what we love about our products / company - and forget that what really matters is what your prospect needs. 

    And that's where market research is so powerful. Being able to find out exactly what your market wants and then tailoring your offer to giv...

    Mark as Played
    August 1, 2022 27 min

    As much as I can, I try to keep things as simple as possible; because simple duplicates.

    And when it comes to building your business and creating a residual income that can change your life - there can be a lot of noise and confusion. But if we zoom out and look at the fundamentals, it's quite a simple process. 

    Tactically things will always evolve, but the fundamental process of creating wealth and freedom through Network Market...

    Mark as Played

    Enrolling is the life-blood of your business; it's essential to keep things growing. 

    It's also very exciting. A new person coming in, either as a customer or a business builder, helps provide a spark to your team - and of course, more volume too.  

    So for all the hard work we do getting a new enrolment, we need to make sure that we're retaining people as well. There's no point bringing people in if they're leavin...

    Mark as Played
    July 25, 2022 16 min

    One of the hardest lessons to learn in business - is that, so often, we are our own worst enemy. We are the reason for many of our challenges.

    It's a difficult conversation to have with ourselves, but also very liberating. 

    Once we take full stock of everything that's in our life, or not in our life - our energy totally transforms and our chances of success sky rocket.

    And it's an energy change that I want to talk about on...

    Mark as Played

    There are so many different ways to share your story.

    When it comes to connecting; some people do well on the phone, some people do well with zoom calls. Some do well with launch parties, others do well with coffee meet-ups. Some people do well with social media, others prefer text messages. 

    So which is the best way?

    Which way will get the best results - helping you grow the strongest business?

    On todays Podcast episode we look at the...

    Mark as Played

    It's really hard to win a game if you don't know the rules.
    So if you want to win in your financial freedom goals - the very first step is knowing the rules of money. 

    Because once you know the rules, you're able to play the game at a much higher level. 
    And get to your end goals much faster.

    Mark as Played

    Let's talk about the very first skill in building your Network Marketing Business - enrolling. Bringing people in, customers and distributors, and having them join the team. Without it - we can't even get off the ground.

    And whilst some people love this aspect of the business, others can really struggle - unable to get anyone interested in what they're doing. No matter how many invites or offers you send out, not a singl...

    Mark as Played

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