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October 5, 2022 43 min

Want to diversify your portfolio to combat stock market volatility?  How about with common fruits like oranges and strawberries 🍓?

Our guest, David Smith worked for Panasonic, lived in Nicaragua, moved to Panama in 2009, and flipped condo contracts BEFORE he invested in agriculture himself in Paraguay!  AND that was after he did a LOT of due diligence on the company and region himself.

Now David works for Paraguay Ag Invest a...

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Money goes IN tax FREE, 💲 GROWS tax FREE 💲 AND can be taken OUT tax FREE! 💲 Sound too good to be true?

It is called a Health Savings Account or HSA for short. In addition to IRAs, 401ks, life insurance and offshore accounts like we discussed in previous episodes, an HSA can be very beneficial to cut your tax bill AND grow money tax free.  

Check out episodes 003, 006, 014, 015, 025, 035, 041 and 043 for more i...

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Rates are rising 👆 mortgage lenders are laying off employees if not closing altogether 💸  Why should you still add mortgage notes to your investment portfolio?  Fred returns to give us an update on the mortgage note industry.

If you missed Fred’s previous appearance, check out episode 019 as well as his book and FREE report listed below on the resources.

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Rising rates.  Inflation.  Recession fears.  Returning stagflation?  And these are all reasons why you MIGHT still want to refinance??

If you are tired of “Traditional Banks” like I am, you will want to listen in.  Timothy Hero, who last was on for Episode 017 returns to share what has happened since in the mortgage industry and how many of his lenders may be BETTER for you!  For instance, some of his lenders take the HIGHEST credit...

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Is Stagflation here again like we saw in the ’70s?  How do the wealthiest families protect and still GROW their wealth during times of uncertainty?

Short answer: cash-flowing real estate and protected, tax-favored liquidity.  For the LONG answer, be sure to listen in with today’s guest, Gary Pinkerton of Paradigm Life!

Gary grew up “dirt poor” in the ’70s and ’80s and MANY of the things he saw THEN, he sees NOW in 2022 from high infl...

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Voyager, Three Arrows Capital, Vauld, Celsius….will the crypto 🩸 bath ever end!  

Courtney ‘The Blockchain Babe” returns to share how SHE was affected and how YOU can protect your crypto holdings from hacks and crypto bankruptcies. 

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Helpful Resources:
Vauld, 3 Arrows Capital, Celsius and Voyager news
Article on security guy with $20k loan
Keevo an...

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🚨Is Dave Ramsey WRONG? 🚨 Flexible Policies with PUAs, Cash Value, Asset Protection and 90% approval rating.  Get LI NOW, don’t wait!

Barry, who joined us for Ep 003 on WFN returns to answer the 4 most common questions/statements I get about Whole Life Insurance from the skeptics and ones that feel they “don’t need it” or it is a “waste of money.”

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English is the official language.  Beachfront condos are a fraction of the price in the US.  Property taxes under $500 a YEAR!  Learn more about this hidden gem for investment/lifestyle in the Caribbean.

Rachel Jensen, who joined us for Ep 001 and Ep 018 on WFN returns to share her new business venture as the Broker/Owner of Luna Real Estate!  Looking to buy, rent or develop in Belize?  Or maybe have just wondered about visiting?  T...

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Did you know pulling money out of your retirement account is NOT the same as taking a distribution?  Depending on what happens and what you NEED your retirement account funds for, your tax hit could drop from 39% to as low as 0%!  From disaster relief to first-time home buyers and even college expenses there are many exemptions that allow you to take money out of...

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Today’s episode will serve two purposes, one to interview a great friend I have networked with that offers opportunities for NON-accredited investors.  But second, to give you a taste of what to expect in one month with my upcoming YouTube show #ScrewTheW2.

Based in Idaho and originally wanting to be an elementary teacher with a “safe” government pension, Julie decided there was simply too much risk in having OTHERS in control of yo...

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Of all the money in retirement accounts, only 5% are in truly tax-free Roth accounts.  If your retirement funds are part of the 95% that are in tax DEFERRED accounts, you will want to listen to my interview with David McKnight and how the oncoming Tax Train will affect you!

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Helpful Resources:

Power of Zero

The Volatility Shield

Tax Free Income For Life

The Deficit Myt...

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Chris Miles is the host of the popular podcast, Money Ripples and is the “anti” financial advisor for everyone’s needs.  How can Chris help you become financially free?

Here’s an example from one of his clients:  client went from $200 a month in cashflow to TWELVE THOUSAND in SIX months!!

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Helpful Resources:

YouTube video of Dave Ramsey blasting insurance agent

Money ...

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Today we have Riggs Eckelberry of Origin Clear to talk about a unique investment….in water!  

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Helpful Resources:

What Is An MLP?

Start Engine and Knightscope


Connect with Riggs

OriginClear CEO Briefing


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12/31/2030.  Upcoming YouTube show.  Cryptocurrency collapse.  Mortgage RatesTiny Homes1,000 homes destroyed.  

These topics and many more on today’s episode as I share my thoughts on what is going on in the US and the world and options you can take if we go into a recession, from credit score hacks to protecting equity.

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Helpful Resources:

The Big Short


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Leah and her husband started OmniKey Realty 17 years ago and now manage over 1500 properties for themselves and other investors.  In fact, they have sourced and purchased over 80 properties so far in 2022 alone!

Born and raised in Dallas, they knew the area was primed for growth when they were teenagers.  Now scoping 20 properties a day and blasting 4-7 properties out for sale DAILY to investors, OmniKey is a great fit for investors...

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Investor, Educator and Realtor is how I introduce myself and today I have a guest that is very similar!  Sick of the corporate life, Aundrea started her real estate investing journey about the same time as I did and as her portfolio grew and network grew, she joined the Get Rich Education business helping Keith Weinhold as the COO.

From starting a crime scene cleanup business to a new build, short term rental in Nicaragua Aundrea sh...

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Everyone wants to build wealth and grow their income.  But if you are like me and live in the most litigious country in the world, the United States, you’ll want to PROTECT your assets from excessive taxation and frivolous lawsuits.

Bobby Casey of Global Wealth Protection himself has lived all over the world and visited over 80 countries.  With over 20 years’ experience he is a trusted source for helping one to legally reduce their ...

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Have you heard of the practice “wholesaling” but wondered what it is?  Are you a property owner (like me) that have gotten DOZENS of low ball offers for your property?

Like every industry, there are good actors and bad actors.  Hayato Hori of RocketOffer joins us to show how wholesaling really works and how a win-win scenario can be achieved.

Helpful Resources:

Martel Turnkey

Prop Stream

Connect with Hayato


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Did you know that the Memphis MSA is home to 1.3 million people and over HALF of them RENT??  Not a bad place to invest!

With over 20 years in business and over 4000 properties under management, MidSouth Homebuyers is the perfect turnkey company to help expand your portfolio of “brick bank accounts!”

Helpful Resources:

The 5 Ways That Real Estate Investors Are Paid

Best Cash Flow Markets in 2021

Connect with Liz and MidSouth

Mid South Ho...

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Bronson is a rising star in the multifamily syndication space, he has raised $20 million for his syndications and has talked to over 1,200 investors firsthand!  What has he learned from talking with those 1200?  Find out today!

From “Inflation Induced Debt Destruction” (shout out to Jason Hartman for that phrase!) to tax incentives for real estate investors Bronson and I share what we have learned on our respective journeys and our ...

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