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The Wealth and Freedom Nexus Podcast

Wide range of topics that I have learned on my financial journey since 2014, interviews with leading experts on asset protection, passive income, real estate investing, precious metals, turnkey companies, cryptocurrencies, foreign residencies and passports and MUCH more!


December 27, 2023 β€’ 22 mins

All good things must come to an end, right?

As much of a pleasure this has been and as fun the last two years running this podcast has been for me, it's time to take a step back, concentrate on other things in my life and HOPEFULLY will be back!

Thanks again for your support, listenership, patronage and words of encouragement, I could not have done this without you!

Until next time, have a great 2024...

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In addition to this podcast, I have ran a separate YouTube Show called #ScrewTheW2 on my YouTube Channel.

But after 68 episodes, I decided to put that series on pause to focus on some other things in my life, most importantly being a father.

That said, here I wanted to showcase my favorite #ScrewTheW2 episode with Wade Critides


Simple Passive Cashflow

Freedom Family

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December 13, 2023 β€’ 28 mins

Well, remember episode 107 of my BEST real estate investment?

Let's review the OTHER side of it with my WORST investment!Β  Hopefully you learn from my mistakes πŸ™‚


Simple Passive Cashflow

Freedom Family

Hero Lending

The Unconventional Therapists' Guide to Nothing
Two therapists over-analyzing everything and anything to make it all make sense in the...


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While the 1% RTV ratio is getting harder to find, would a .92% ratio interest you?

If so, you'll want to tune in as I interview a TRUE turnkey provider I met with back in 2021.Β  The owner will highlight what makes their firm different from others and what makes Kansas City, MO an attractive place to live, work, invest and travel to!

Tip/Trivia – Β A Nebraskan named J.C. Hall moved to Kansas City in 1910 and st...

Mark as Played

What exactly IS the "slow flip" that Scott talks about?

Is it DOABLE in today's environment with higher interest rates?

As always, be sure to RATE, REVIEW and SHARE with others!

Tip/Trivia – It is estimated that 42% of all homes in the US are owned free and clear with NO mortgage!


Ugly Scott

The Art of The Slow Flip


Mark as Played

Paul Moore of Wellings Capital returns to share if HE is still investing in self-storage units with interest rates about doubling since he was last one!

We also discussed a very interesting way to make money off RVs and addressed a severe problem in the US and globally that is not getting enough coverage and what you as a listener can do about it.

Tip/Trivia – Self storage isn't new, in fact instances of it h...

Mark as Played

What is a credit score?Β  Did you know that there are SEVERAL types of credit scoring models out there?

Tune in to learn from my guest the answers to these questions AND the #1 thing you can do to boost your score as quickly as possible!

Tip/Trivia – There is an online dating service called for those who are concerned with the financial situation of a potential mate. The site’s motto is β€œ...

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We've covered investing in precious metals, real estate, short term rentals and many other "alternative" investments.

But what if you could invest like a "Shark" from Shark Tank with only a few hundred dollars in a company that you believe in and possibly take part in the UPSIDE of that growth?

Today's guest shares their unique company that is turning GRASS into PAPER PRODUCTS!

Mark as Played

Been a LOOOONG time since I did just a solo episode so wanted to share my BEST Real Estate Investment I've made!

And be sure to subscribe so you don't miss my upcoming WORST investment I made! 😭

Tip/Trivia – Tucson was actually founded in 1776....236 years BEFORE Arizona was admitted as a state!


Our Condo Listing

SNL Realty


Mark as Played

Today we do a deep dive into the 1031 exchange with my guest Scott Saunders.

Side note....would you believe Scott has over SEVENTY single family homes in his portfolio?!?! 😲

Tip/Trivia – The 1031 exchange has been around for over 100 years!


Multifamily Vs. Single Family

Reverse Exchange

Delaware Statutory Trust

Perpetual Communications Easement

Mark as Played

What's the difference between an ACH and Wire?

Where did the term "wire" come from?

What does ACH stand for?

How do overdraft fees work?

If any of these questions you've wondered about, you'll want to tune in!Β  I even learned a lot from this episode!

Tip/Trivia –  in 2022 over $10.2 billion and losses were reported to the FBI


Mark as Played

Is your business FULLY protected?Β  Do you like earning TRULY passive income?Β  If you answered YES to EITHER, do NOT miss today's episode!

Many ask me what I do and I reply "Investor, Educator, Realtor, Podcaster...." and then I think, well...serial ENTREPRENUER might be a better fit!

Are you a serial entrepreneur?Β  Do you have various businesses or side gigs?

Andrea Sager of The Legalpreneu...

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If you have NOT listened to Flip and Dani's first appearance, check out Episode #004 FIRST!

Now let's face it.....the real estate investing landscape has changed in the last 2 years.

Rates have increased, insurance premiums have increased, property taxes have increased and some people JUST are uncomfortable owning property out of state.

Instead, they want OPTIONS.

Want LIQUIDITY for yo...

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If you have precious metals like Gold and Silver, you know that they don't CASHFLOW!Β  Call it a hedge against inflation or a "real" asset but regardless they don't spin off monthly cashflow like dividend paying stocks, rental real estate or businesses.

But CAN they cashflow?Β  Truth is, you CAN earn CASHFLOW off your precious metals.

Curious on HOW?!Β  Tune in to learn from Jerry Fetta of Wealth ...

Mark as Played

Dave Ramsey and many others bash Life Insurance "Sales Guys" every day. Β 

"Buy Term and Invest the Difference" is preached like it is the 11th commandment.

As in EVERY profession, there are good and bad actors. Β 

As I always say, "Your Net WORK is your Net WORTH" my network has expanded dramatically over the last 5 years especially over and recently was introduced on LinkedIn...

Mark as Played

For the pivotal Episode ONE HUNDRED, we have the #CashFlowNinja himself, MC Laubscher returning!

Is #SocialSecurity bankrupt and unsustainable?Β  Listen in to our thoughts and action steps!

Tip/Trivia – BY LAW, if there are excess funds in the Social Security Trust Fund, they MUST be invested in only ONE thing....US Government DEBT.


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Β Too many people look at separate places when choosing a CPA and an attorney.Β  Why not pick ONE company that can handle BOTH?

Anderson Advisors is a top rated, Best Places to Work and Inc 5000 company that has helped clients all over the country to SAVE on taxes, PROTECT their investments AND create the best estate planning.

Today's guest, Toby Mathis joins us to explain what him and his business partner do, ...

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When Hurricane Katrina hit, Jeff Davis moved from New Orleans to Houston with no job lined up.

Since 2015 though he has invested his commissions from his sales job so his "commissions could earn commissions"...and scaled to OVER 1,200 units!

Now known as the "Supply Chain Investor" Jeff works at a large Fortune 200 Global Logistics Firm where he helps companies solve logistics problems and coac...

Mark as Played

Racehorses?Β  Patents?Β  Royalties?Β  Real Estate?Β 

Yes, these are just a few of the MANY options YOU can invest in through a Self Directed Retirement Account!

Mat Sorensen from Directed IRA joins us to share how he got in the industry....and how one of his clients has over $300 MILLION in a ROTH IRA!

Tip/Trivia – As of 2021, the average plan balances for self directed 401k accounts versus "normal"...

Mark as Played

Are you old enough to remember the Drew Carey Show?

Ok, maybe I'm aging myself here πŸ˜‚

But jokes aside, today we will go over another market that has seen rapid growth over the years, Cashflow IS still possible versus other hot markets.

Kelly with Prosper will share her experiences from over two DECADES of investing in Cleveland and why she calls it home.

Tip/Trivia – Cleveland was actually ...

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