The Wealth Within Us

The Wealth Within Us

Join the journey to unlock the elusive wealth we all have within us. Our world is moving at incredible speeds and now is the time to seek truth, freedom and claim the wealth within us. While I am sharing my personal experiences, it's more fun to learn and grow with other like minded souls. By sharing our experiences we can create a better world for everyone much faster. Define what wealth means to you, improve your mindset, kick out the false beliefs and replace them with truth while focusing on our health and wellbeing so we can truly enjoy the life we are creating. Support this podcast:


July 3, 2024 58 mins

TheWealthWithin.Us - Episode 41

Grace Mosgeller, joins me again to share her newest passion and transformational 9D Breathwork practice.

Grace guides us through the 5 trauma imprints of childhood and the 9 dimensions you will experience on your 9D Breathwork journey. 

Repairing even the most  most difficult, distant or toxic relationships is the hidden key to stop patterns of lack, limit, betrayal or emptiness that m...

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TheWealthWithin.Us - Episode 40

Meet Jessica Garon, a trained opera singer who is using her voice to translate the light codes that allow us to enter into the sacred temple of the soul.

Listen as Jessica explains what the Light Codes are and how the code can help us tap into the sacred temple of sound. If you are new to Light Language, learn how Light Language calibrations can clear your auric field and calibrate your ene...

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TheWealthWithin.Us - Episode 39

Meet Lisa Moore, a visionary leader who has followed her passion for making a difference in the world for almost two decades. As a Doctor of Divinity for the past 18 years, Lisa has served as a spiritual counselor, and holds many certifications in the realm of the healing arts.

Lisa's compassion, depth of knowledge, and experience in both the physical and nonphysical worlds, provide the...

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Charleen Larkin, CPP, Cr. Master Photographer has been a studio owner and photographer for over 25 years. With a competitive market and the ups and down in the most recent years, Charleen has not only kept her studio open, but is expanding both her business and herself.

Using EFT, phototherapy patches, mindset practices and a love of learning and sharing her knowledge and experience with other aspiring and professional photogr...

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Kandi Mullen is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Growth Coach who is helping people honor and nurture the simplicity of a daily Reiki practice. By incorporating a daily Reiki practice, we can begin to appreciate the subtle transformative experience that unfolds before us, expanding our awareness and ability in making a deeper connection with our inner self, and empowering each individual on their personal journey of self-care and spir...

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Meet Dr. Jess Crowley a Chiropractor and Network Spinal Practitioner. Looking to get cracked? Jess is not your ordinary Chiropractor! She practices a specific type of Chiropractic know as Network Spinal.

Network Spinal is a gentle new form of healing that recognizes the importance of both your nervous system and flexibility of your spine. The nervous system is the key to the body/mind connection. With this restored flexibility...

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Meet Carolyn Osborn a Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner (CMIP) who uses her intuitive skills and in-depth training to assess what is going on in the physical and energetic levels of the body/mind. Through her love of animals and experiences as a professional violinist she became a Certified Accunect® (CAP) and Animal Energy® Practitioner.

As an Animal Communicator, Carolyn brings together her unique expertise to help he...

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Are you tired of dealing with toxic relationships, struggling to find your purpose and sabotage your forward progress?

Meet Grace Mosgeller, a Soul Purpose Coach and Energy healer who has been in your shoes and can help you end the struggle and start creating your own heaven on earth.

Grace has been on the path of spiritual healing and transformation for over 27 years. She has taken the wisdom of universal spiritual principles, ene...

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Nicole Miles is a Soul Coach and Author of “Eloveation”. Her mission is to take you on the deep dive to discovering the how’s and why’s back to where your divine truth lives - the most clear and authentic expression of you.

Soul coaching is the single most powerful tool because it focuses on your energy alone. It is tailor made for your unique soul essence and the journey your soul decided upon. Working with Nicole will allow you t...

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Natalie Botero practices a modality of healing she developed based on her education and past experience that combines mental health counseling, energy work, medical intuition, intuitive reading, and channeling the Angelic Realm — a powerful transformative form of therapy. In Natalie Botero’s intuitive healing practice, Divine Healing of the Heart, she reads for and counsels business professionals, individuals, therapists, alterna...

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TheWealthWithin.Us - Episode 31

Judy Wong serves young at heart humans (like herself) with Raising their Fountain of Life.

People seek Judy out for guidance to accelerate and reignite their life journey to Raise their Fountain of Life because Life Ain't Over Yet!

Women in their prime learn to unwrap, uncover and unpack the negativity allowing them to release possibilities and guide them in crafting the next line ...

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TheWealthWithin.Us - Episode 30

Danielle Lipton is a channeler of Star People. 

Who are Star People? Star People are beings of Light as well as select extraterrestrials that enter into Danielle's consciousness delivering messages that she shares to help with the collective shift into 5D Earth, or as many call it, New Earth.

We are in a time of great change and the veil is thinning. Learn how to heal yourself, release trapped em...

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TheWealthWithin.Us - Episode 29

Christine Rothdeutsch's mission is to stamp out Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. If there is something holding you back that you haven't been able to identify - Christine will help you identify and release it.

Christine blends her unique skills of mindset coaching, business operations management and precision automation implementation to guide her clients into discovering their limitin...

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TheWealthWithin.Us - Episode 28

Michelle Hummer is a Trained Biofeedback Specialist, Faith-Based Life Coach, Accountability Partner, Author, and Owner of Mae Dae Mentoring offers me, Michelle Blais a complimentary session to give us all a look inside working with her.

Follow along as Michelle uses my personal information to allow the Quantum BioFeedback device to read my personal frequencies. This sends a wealth of information back...

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TheWealthWithin.Us - Episode 27

Michelle Hummer is a Trained Biofeedback Specialist, Faith-Based Life Coach, Accountability Partner, Author, and Owner of Mae Dae Mentoring.

As a baby, Michelle was adopted into a loving family in Pennsylvania. Her mom raised her in the church and was always an excellent example of Christ’s love. Michelle went to church faithfully until she was old enough to make her own choices, and once s...

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TheWealthWithin.Us - Episode 26

Getting and staying healthy shouldn't be that hard - but we all seem to think that way.

Priscilla Gigler shares how simple getting healthy and eating better can be! It all begins with a small shift in your mindset, add in some better food choices and start moving your body. Best of all - drop the guilt and the idea of perfection.

We dive deep into our mindset and how small changes add up to big r...

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TheWealthWithin.Us - Episode 24

As small business owners we can feel alone, struggling and frustrating figuring out the things we didn't realize we needed to know.

Help is her and our world needs more small business owners! That is the driving force for Brian Anderson, along with his business partner Adam Spooner, who are committed to helping entrepreneurs not only grow their profits, but get back to the work / life b...

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TheWealthWithin.Us - Episode 24

Meet Veronica "Vee" Drake. She is a coffee drinking, enthusiastic, crazy out there human who just happens to be a psychic medium and the creator of Going Within.

From abuse, abandonment and self punishment Vee has walked through a lot of storms and has come out all the better.

Vee has dedicated her life to empowering women like you to live the life they were born to live, and...

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TheWealthWithin.Us - Episode 23

Pam Bartlett knew she wanted to own her own business, but wanted something a bit more turnkey with some structure already in place. She ended up purchasing an established franchise and successfully owned the franchise for 9 years when she sold to another entrepreneur in the same position.

Pam's knowledge and passion for sharing the franchising opportunity turned into a franchise consult...

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Chris Economou Olson has lived and traveled across the globe from Saudi Arabi to the United States, Africa, the far East and back to the United States to remove a pill cam that was trapped in her intestines.

Diagnosed with Crohn's disease and using Western Medicine and a PillCam to explore even further, the pill never passed outside her body. She lived for years with the little pill cam inside her. Once finally realizing t...

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