The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast

The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast

Your go-to podcast for uncovering the dirty secrets behind Wall Street and how to take back control of your wealth. The Wall Street mindset separates both families & business owners from their money while the elite and unknown get to use it for their advantage. The secret to achieving this is having your money work for you, not someone else, when wealth building. You can get there through earning passive income. When you have more passive income than you do expenses, you have achieved financial freedom. On this podcast, we work tirelessly toward your financial freedom. We cover topics like the Infinite Banking Concept, multifamily real estate, private lending and a multitude of other cutting edge ideas. We host industry specific reputable guests and share personal stories to educate you on how to finally achieve financial freedom. For more education on how, check out


May 25, 2023 30 mins

With talks of inflation and concerns over the banking sector, many people are on the lookout for any edge they can get to ease their financial burdens. In times like these, isn't it nice to have passive income streams and steady cash flow?

In today's episode, Russ and Joey discuss their Passive Income Report for April 2023. Along with showing the numbers, they walk through the different investment opportunities they have ventured in...

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How do you decide where to invest your money? Do you perform due diligence? When making investment decisions, it is important to take responsibility and not just surrender the decision-making process to someone else. As much as possible, you should put your money in a vehicle you have personally vetted or risk losing millions in a bad deal.

In today’s conversation, Russ, Joey, and the Wealth Without Wall Street financial freedom co...

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May 18, 2023 36 mins

Building wealth isn’t simply about putting money in the right place at the right time. Instead, it’s about understanding that determination, self-motivation, and the right mindset are the real keys to thriving. That's something that Ken McElroy learned from his years of building his real estate empire.

Ken is the real estate advisor to Robert Kiyosaki of The Rich Dad Company. Today, Ken joins Russ and Joey to share more insights in...

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If there's one book you can read to help improve your financial acumen, it's Becoming Your Own Banker (BYOB) by R. Nelson Nash. This book is not about investments of any kind. Instead, it's about how one finances the things in life. It's about making your money work for you. 

One famous quote by R. Nelson Nash is, “The very first principle that must be understood is that you finance everything you buy–you either pay interest to...

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When investing in real estate and renting out properties, landlords either go the long-term rental route or pursue a short-term rental strategy. But have you ever thought about mid-term housing? Mid-term rentals (MTR), or medium-term rentals, are perfect for people who want to live in an area for a while but want a shorter lease than the typical year-long lease. So there's a massive potential for this type of investment. Join Russ ...

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How do you know if a financial coach has the skills and abilities to help you become financially free? How can you tell a true expert from a phony? Without proper regulation in the coaching industry, anyone can call themselves a money coach and give financial advice. But to find the right one, you would naturally have to see if the person claiming to be a money coach is financially free. 

The road to financial freedom is challe...

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Can you think of anyone who wants to pay more taxes? So how do you minimize your tax liability? Understanding the tax credits and deductions you're eligible for, and calculating them correctly, can mean the difference between paying more taxes and receiving a generous refund. That's just one of the many strategies to make sure you're not leaving money on the table. 

Join Russ and Joey as they sit down with Tommy Thornburgh, Pre...

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What does your retirement plan look like? Are you like most people who believe that the best strategy is to work, save and then retire? Do you put your money in qualified retirement plans? If so, it's time you discover creative options to build wealth instead of just waiting for your retirement plan to mature.

Learn from Russ, Joey, and the financial freedom coaches as they talk about the following:

  1. Why a qualified plan is the w...
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You’ve probably heard the adage, “Make money while you sleep.” That’s precisely what many people have been trying to learn, and this podcast shares different passive income ideas that you can explore. 

In today's episode, Russ and Joey discuss their Passive Income Report for March 2023. Aside from getting the behind-the-scenes of each opportunity they've invested in through the years, you will discover how to build passive inco...

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Online markets are booming with opportunities, and there are billions of dollars to be made in e-commerce. But how much capital do you need to set up an e-commerce business? Where do you find products to sell? How much time do you need to dedicate to running this business? If you want to make real money selling products online and make it your path to financial freedom, you can learn a lot from today's conversation.

Tune in as Russ...

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What if you want to invest in a huge deal but need more money? No need to worry! All you have to do is find friends and family members willing to invest with you. This process is made more accessible and streamlined using a platform called Tribevest. 

In today's episode, Russ and Joey interview Travis Smith for the second time. Travis is the founder and CEO of Tribevest, a collaborative group investment platform that enables fr...

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Is investing in crypto your path to financial freedom? As a result of the surge in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, more and more people are putting their money into cryptos. But it takes more than doing what others say or do without fully understanding what's at stake. So do you really know how this asset class works? Do you understand the risks? If you want to get more information, you're in luck because today's conversation i...

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As you pursue financial freedom and participate in different wealth-creation opportunities, you come across many crucial discoveries. But one important thing to remember is that every financial goal needs a financial plan. And to help you craft and implement your financial plan, you need a Money Coach. 

In today's episode, you will hear from Sharran Srivatsaa, who shares the ten lessons he learned from his Money Coaches (no oth...

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Imagine your life if you didn't have a system or framework to do everything. It would be chaotic and frustrating! 

If you want to avoid simplicity or efficiency in doing things, especially in managing your finances, you should definitely not set up a passive income operating system. Plain and simple. 

But what if there's a better alternative to not having a system? Wouldn't you want to know about it?

As you hear the coaches ...

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How do you keep your financial records organized and easily accessible? Do you want to see where other people are investing? If you want to build a strong investment portfolio, what you need is an all-in-one wealth management solution to maximize your profits and simplify your financial life. 

In today's episode, Russ and Joey interview Litan Yahav, Co-Founder & CEO at Vyzer, a secure, automated, online wealth management so...

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As you search for passive income opportunities that fit your lifestyle and personality, why not consider investing in syndications? One huge benefit of syndications is the ability to leverage other investors' resources and capital to get involved in bigger deals. It also offers additional benefits such as substantial tax benefits and a steady cash flow. If you have questions about investing in syndications, today's roundtable break...

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March 30, 2023 42 mins

Just recently, we witnessed a US bank's biggest failure as the tech industry's primary lender succumbed to a classic bank run. The collapse triggered market panic as bank customers frantically tried to recover their money. Within the same week, a few more major banks ran into trouble. With banks failing, people are asking, "Is my money safe?"

In today's episode, Russ and Joey talk about recent events and share their insights on the ...

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If you want to start or add a passive income stream this year, why not check if a car rental business can work for you? After all, people are always traveling, and many need a vehicle while on the road. That means a car rental business has steady demand and can be very lucrative. However, you’ll have to work hard and be patient as you start this business. 

Learn as much as you can about the car rental space as you listen to Rus...

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Did you know that having short-term rentals in your portfolio can be a powerful wealth-building strategy? Even better, you can do it as a passive investor so you can spend more of your time with your family, hobbies, and adventures and live a wonderful life. Find out how in today's episode with Sief Khafagi, CEO and co-founder of Techvestor, which acquires and operates STRs (short-term rentals). 

Top 3 Things You’ll Learn:

  1. C...
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Many of us can learn how the rental business works faster than any other investment. It's simple and profitable and can be your gateway to passive income if you're willing to patiently grow your wealth over the long term. 

As long as people need a clean and warm living environment and properties are being built, there will always be a demand for long-term rentals. But is acquiring and managing long-term rentals for you? 


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