The Wellness Mama Podcast

The Wellness Mama Podcast

The Wellness Mama Podcast is a weekly series covering the topics of holistic health, real food, stress, sleep, fitness, toxins, natural living, DIY, parenting, motherhood, and other health tips to give you actionable solutions to improve your family’s life! Brought to you by Katie Wells of


February 28, 2024 29 mins

Episode Highlights With Dr. Ruth Roberts

  • What does real food for pets look like
  • Home cooking for pets and why to consider it
  • What pets need: proteins, vegetables, slow carbs, healthy fats
  • Demystifying what pets need and how to feed them optimally 
  • The only foods to absolutely avoid for dogs and cats
  • Nasty ingredients included in most pet food 
  • Incredible results pets have had from changing diet 
  • Supplements for pets
  • Why our pets are exp...
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Episode Highlights With Jodi Cohen

  • Why the vagus nerve is such a key to healing and nervous system health
  • How pathogens in the mouth contribute to lymph and vagus nerve issues
  • Where to focus on the neck and clavicle as a natural facelift 
  • There are more lymph nodes in the neck than anywhere in the body
  • Why we might not actually be relaxed or in parasympathetic while we are sleeping
  • Ways to help get the body into parasympathetic
  • The op...
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Episode Highlights With Jodi Cohen

  • Why topical remedies can be so effective
  • How topically applied remedies enter the body and can be helpful even if you have digestive or other issues
  • Topical remedies bypass the liver
  • Ways to support topical remedies and get them through the skin
  • Essential oils are so concentrated, and often less is more
  • How to open up lymphatic points and help your body get the congestion out
  • We drain 75% of our lymp...
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Episode Highlights With Raj

  • How to start identifying the cause of the triggers when we're triggered by our kids
  • Ways to help kids not learn that their emotions are bad or create patterns of shutting down emotions
  • Learning to create space between a trigger and a reaction to have more choice in our reactions
  • What the core childhood wounds are, and where they often come from
  • Many subconscious beliefs are formed before age seven, a...
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Episode Highlights With Raj Jana

  • What led him to do the work he does now after running successful companies
  • How he learned he didn’t really know how to love himself
  • What happened when he tried hypnotherapy, and what it led to
  • The nervous system is like the soil of the body from where everything else grows
  • Understanding nervous system health and how to improve it
  • How to learn to develop a healthy relationship with your emotions
  • What em...
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Episode Highlights With Dr. Sam Shay

  • What puffy weight is, and why it's different
  • Puffy weight is weight that rapidly comes on and off and isn’t just fat or water weight
  • The muffin test to know if this is affecting you
  • Have you ever eaten a small amount of something and gained a disproportionate amount of weight… here’s why
  • How inflammatory chemicals in foods can lead to drastic weight fluctuations
  • Dilution is the solution to th...
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Episode Highlights With Dr. Sam Shay

  • How he got into stand-up comedy as a functional medicine practitioner (who supports people on the spectrum using functional medicine)
  • His definition of functional medicine: the best of Western medicine diagnostics with the best of natural medicine methods
  • How he got into comedy through tragedy
  • Art is the receipt for pain
  • Stand-up comedy is the way to itemize that receipt in public
  • At the root of a...
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Episode Highlights With Katie

  • Why picky eating is on the rise societally
  • Kids are feeling extra stress today, and that can contribute to picky eating
  • Eating uses all of our senses at once, so if any are overwhelmed for our kids, that can lead to eating issues
  • The importance of reducing stress at the table
  • Gratitude or prayer can actually help us get into parasympathetic mode before eating
  • The three Ls: laugh, learn, love
  • A benefit of ...
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Episode Highlights With Pranitha

  • 70% of medical decisions are made based on lab testing
  • How to get comprehensive labs at low cost without having to go through a doctor
  • Health doesn’t happen at the doctor's office; it happens at home with daily decisions
  • What the data is showing them about overall health of people
  • Basic lifestyle habits that are beneficial and backed by data
  • Data-driven importance of community
  • The health trends an...
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Episode Highlights With Pranitha

  • The most affordable way to get lab testing these days
  • What Function Health is and how it is changing medicine
  • Hormone testing and what to look at and why 
  • What can we know about our organ health from lab testing
  • Insights from labs that we might not otherwise know
  • Latent connections between biomarkers and what to know about them
  • What to pay attention to and learn from heart health panels
  • 70% of people wi...
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February 8, 2024 10 mins

Episode Highlights With Caroline

  • What are plant-based minerals and how are they different
  • Humic and fulvic and what these are
  • Our body is designed to heal and achieve optimal health
  • Why it’s impossible to receive all minerals in food alone
  • All cellular systems use humic and fulvic
  • Difference between salt-based electrolytes and plant-based minerals
  • How athletes should replenish their electrolytes
  • Berkley study on minerals with brain fog
  • ...

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Episode Highlights With Dr. Tabatha Barber

  • Her amazing story of overcoming pain, Hashimotos, IBS, depression, and burnout
  • How this led to her work in helping women seek answers and make informed choices
  • The pivotal event that shifted the course of her career and life
  • Why autoimmune conditions are reversible!
  • Helpful tools for addressing root causes and partnering with our bodies to find healing
  • Why it isn’t the doctor healing you—it&...
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Episode Highlights With Dr. Tabatha Barber

  • Why conventional gynecology is not just failing women but hurting us
  • How she became disillusioned with the mainstream narrative of women's health
  • We're asking the wrong people for help in women’s health
  • Gynecologists are surgeons
  • Birth control pills do not regulate your hormones (and why this lie is told so often)
  • How birth control causes serious magnesium and B-vitamin deficiencie...
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Episode Highlight With Corban David Jenai

  • Why he choose his own name and how it lines up with his story
  • His incredible story and how it led to the work he does now
  • Healing through physiology and mythology and how using both approaches is helpful
  • What HopeGuide is and how it helps people find their own specific path to healing
  • Approaches that help expand our nervous systems' capacity and increase resilience 
  • His definition of tra...
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Episode Highlights With Corban David Jenai

  • How we’ve exchanged depth of connection with breadth of connection and how this has affected our mental health
  • The importance of leaning into the experience you have of another person in your own body and how this is transformational
  • The importance of intuition and how to tune into it
  • So much of the wounds we’ve experienced in life are relational and often need to be healed in relationship...
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Episode Highlights With Corban David Jenai

  • We are each our own healer, and how to even begin the journey
  • How he started his own healing journey and how some things like talk therapy actually seemed to make things worse at certain points
  • No one can know us as well as we can know ourselves and why we are the experts on ourselves
  • Therapy is a major intervention often made necessary by lack of a thousand smaller interventions along the...
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Episode Highlights With Dr. David Rabin

  • What to do if you feel stuck in fight or flight
  • Things you can do to help your home feel safe for your nervous system
  • Strategies for creating a calm and soothing environment in our homes
  • How screens are stressful to the nervous system
  • Why he says one of the most dangerous things you can do to a young child is hand them a screen, especially one that's unlocked
  • How screens can short-circuit ...
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Episode Highlights With Dr. David Rabin

  • What translational neuroscience is and how these topics apply to all of us
  • Applicable understanding of nervous system health and regulation
  • What the autonomic nervous system is and the two parts 
  • The vagus nerve and how to stimulate it 
  • How overstimulation affects the nervous system and how light, sound, news, etc., can keep us in fight or flight
  • Strategies for calming the nervous system and cr...
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Episode Highlights With Matt and Wade

  • Why there's no universal perfect diet but why a personalized diet can be helpful for everyone
  • How to figure out what a sustainable lifestyle plan for your personalized needs is
  • Ways Wade gets enough protein on a plant-based diet
  • Gut biome considerations for figuring out your personalized plan
  • Why we can’t get enough magnesium from food anymore, even if we're eating a perfect diet
  • How to...
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Episode Highlights With Matt and Wade

  • Their own stories with diet and nutrition that led to them writing this book
  • Universal nutritional optimizers that everyone can benefit from
  • How to figure out your own personalized plan that is sustainable and effective
  • How the digestive system processes food and how optimizing your diet helps your digestion be more successful
  • The truth about why we crave foods
  • Undigested protein causes inflammat...
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