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Wingnut Social: The Social Media Marketing and Business Podcast

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August 17, 2020 10 min

It’s official, after a test-run in a few countries, Instagram Reels is officially available in 50 regions—including the US. They fast-tracked their launch because of the increased pressure Trump has placed on the sale of TikTok. 

So what will come of Instagram Reels? Will they compete with TikTok, or be another Facebook flop? Only time will tell...but until then, check out this Wingnut Social Monday Marketing Minisode for all the deets on Instagram Reels!

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social
  • [1:13] Instagram Reels has launched everywhere!
  • [2:33] A TikTok alternative or Facebook flop? 
  • [3:16] What do Reels have that TikTok doesn’t?
  • [5:00] What does this mean for designers?
  • [5:35] The only downsides to Instagram Reels
  • [6:21] TikTok NEEDS to sell—so who’s buying?
  • [6:36] Instagram Reels Recap
  • [10:13] Blooper Reel!
  • Resources & People Mentioned
  • Wingnut Social Episode 163
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • The benefit of Instagram Reels for Designers

    The first advantage from the designer side is that you’re already used to using Instagram, so it will likely be an easier transition—or very little transition at all. Darla and Natalie outlined how to access and use Instagram Reels in episode 163, so check that out for all the technical details. 

    Reels allow you to record and edit a 15-second multi-clip video with music (audio provided OR your very own). You can also speed up and slow down parts of a video. If you have a public account other people can use your audio for their reel and if it’s original, it will be attributed to you. If your account is private, it will only be shared to your feed. 

    The only thing that distinguishes Instagram Reels from TikTok? The AR filters that are available. It’s Instagrams way of trying to reel you in and discover original content meant to entertain and inspire others. Your Reels can also be found on the explore page. 

    What are the only downsides of using Instagram Reels? Listen to find out!

    Instagram Reels: A viable alternative to TikTok—or just a copycat?

    Trump has been adamantly stating that TikTok will be banned unless they’re bought out by a US-based company. TikTok NEEDS to sell—so who’s buying? He gave contenders until September 15th to make their move or he’s pulling the plug. Microsoft and Twitter have both been rumored to be interested in the purchase. 

    But it would be a HUGE purchase: TikTok is valued at $50 billion. So based on the fact that Instagram is a platform you know, like, and trust—perhaps TikTok will fizzle out? On the flip-side, will Instagram Reels really compete? It’s basically a copycat of TikTok—so will it catch on? Or go down in flames?

    Darla still LOVES TikTok and thinks someone will buy them out. But if you were resistant to learning yet another social media platform, Instagram Reels is the way to go. Either way, the TikTok clock is ticking down. September 15th will come quickly—and you can bet Darla and Natalie will report what happens right here!

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