The Write Connection

The Write Connection

The Write Connection podcast is designed to help you choose the right words and stories in your business content to create authentic connections with prospects, clients, partners, and colleagues. Meet Your Host... Katherine Burrows... Founder and CEO of Katherine Burrows Creative, creator of the Business Character Analysis, and Creative Content Strategist. As a lifelong writer and a professional copywriter for the last 12 years, I’ve noticed that so many coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs really struggle to get the engagement and response they need from their content. That’s why I developed a really unique and powerful tool, specifically for entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches, who are fed up with not achieving quality connections with their audience. Unlike a lot of other content creators, who still use formulas and metrics, I help my clients reveal the authentic character of themselves and their business, so their audience feels they identify with them instantly. If you’re finally ready to start building an authentic connection with your market, let’s have a cup of coffee and chat.


April 26, 2023 20 mins

I'm so excited to share with you my conversation with Jennifer Falloon, owner of Vorsa Investments. We explore the story behind her family's journey into real estate investments. Hint: it's not what you think! And we even get a bit fangirl while discovering we both love Game of Thrones.

About Jennifer Falloon
Jennifer is the owner of Vorsa Investments. She currently owns over 900 doors around the nation...

Mark as Played

Join me for a conversation with Candy Motzek, host of the She Coaches Coaches podcast. We explore the transition from corporate to entrepreneurship and becoming a coach. What's your why? What are the things no one tells us about starting a business? How do you build a supportive community of colleagues who get it?

About Candy Motzek
Candy is an author, podcast host, and business coach for life coaches. Candy helps...

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Listen to Anna's journey through trauma, turning her trauma into her superpower, and now writing her book with me to help others be just as happy on the inside as they look on the outside.

Anna's Free Breakthrough Session -

About Anna Ditchburn
Anna is known affectionally as the world’s best life-optimization coach. She empowers others with her ...

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Listen to my chat with Laban Ditchburn as he gives me the inside story on writing his recently launched book Bet on You, available on Amazon.

Text “Courage” to 33777 for a free audio version of Laban’s internationally acclaimed debut book, Bet on You

About Laban Ditchburn
A child badly affected by divorce and dysfunction, Laban sought validation and escapism in all the wrong places.

But through self-...

Mark as Played

Do you know how powerful it is to see ourselves in stories?

We know that stories can be powerful. One of the most powerful experiences in our journey of self-discovery is the power of seeing ourselves in another's story. That’s why we know it’s so important to get more LGBTQ stories, or Rainbow Stories as we like to call them, out into the world.

When we can identify with the person telling the story or the c...

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How long does it take to write a book?

We hear different numbers from different writers over different genres- some of our most beloved books have been written in as little as a few days to a decade, or more.

When it comes to books for our businesses, we often think it will take longer to write them than it does. This idea could be stopping you from sharing you genius with the world because the task feels enormou...

Mark as Played

Whether to run our businesses, connect with our communities, or manage our personal lives, most of us use technology every day.
Apps, tools, and platforms can make it easier than ever to write and publish are books- but where are we supposed to start?
If you've run into the technology myth, you probably find this all a tad overwhelming.

This myth tells you that you don't have the know-how or t...

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So many would-be authors worry that what they have to say isn't enough.

That they aren't rich, famous, or interesting enough to fill a book with valuable content.

This is myth #3, the content myth, hard at work.

Today, join me as I explore how to overcome the fear of not having enough of- or the right kind of -  content to put into your business book.
Creatively yours,

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Why would anyone read my book, when there are so many other options out there?

I hear this all the time.

The truth is that our business books have an excellent chance of being read by the right people- our ideal clients. 

Ask yourself: how many people need to read your book if they are the right people?   

In today's episode of The Write Connection, I explore of the most enduring and insid...

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Why would a ghostwriter write her own book?

Over my many years of writing for others, I've come across 5 myths that keep my clients from writing their books.

...And I've realized that I too have experienced them firsthand when it comes to writing my own book.

So, where do these myths come from? How do we correct our thinking with facts, so that we can finally write the books that we know will ...

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What happens in our brains when we hear an awesome story?

How do stories stick in our memories more than facts alone?

Why do we tend to care so much more about information when it's presented in a story?

On episode 2 of season 3, Katherine jumps into these questions in an excerpt from a talk she gave to Carl Richards' Podcast Alliance Made Simple Group about the power of using storytelling to ...

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Join me for an informative dive into the world of accessibility with Linda Hunt, Award-Winning Accessibility Consultant, Speaker, Author, CEO of Accessibility Solutions, and Advocate for all things related to accessibility.

Linda's FREE Gift to You
Schedule a Free 1:1 Consult with Linda to discuss your accessibility needs

Linda Hunt
Linda first became a person with a di...

Mark as Played

Why is it so important to feel  important?

How does our uniqueness affect our workplace interactions?

Why is inclusivity the single most impactful (and affordable!) way to improve workplace culture?

On season three's first episode, join Katherine as she discusses these questions with the wonderful Hilda Gan.

Hilda Gan is a keynote speaker, International Best Selling Author and the Preside...

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Listen in on my check-in with Carl Richards, my amazing podcast producer and coach, for a look at what I've learned over the last year of podcasting and what's coming up for Season 3.

Carl Richards has spent more than 25 years behind the microphone, entertaining and influencing audiences worldwide. He’s a TEDx Speaker and emcee, host of the Speaking of Speaking P...

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Join me as I explore the challenge and adventure of finding the right voice for clients with my guest, Earl Thomas. Learn how the right voice for audio content is similar to the authentic voice I strive for in written content.

Earl Thomas is a Professional  "Voice-Over" artist specializing in Promotional Videos: Website videos, Master of Ceremonies, Business messages and Introductions for local entertainers, and ...

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Here's an inside look at the process of turning a blog into a book - a great way to repurpose your content and increase your reach to new audiences. My guest Wayne Pratt talks about his process, what he's learned, and the advice he has for other bloggers looking to write a book.

Wayne Pratt is a speaker, author, and life coach who has been helping people achieve their dreams for over twenty years. (Before it was ...

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An introspective, rainy day dive into a simple yet powerful new way to define our ideal client. I share my thoughts about my own ideal client and why this is such an important part of preparing to write a book. Recognize yourself in my description? I'd love to chat!

30 Minute Coffee Chat:


May 18 Workshop:

Mark as Played

So excited about this special crossover episode with Carl Richards to give you a sneak peek about the FREE collaborative workshop we're offering Wednesday, May 18, 2022, from noon to 1:30 pm eastern time!

Register here:

Please reach out to either of us if you have any questions. Our contact info is below.


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The final episode in my three-part series on Stepping into Your Authentic Self is where I talk about how to effectively communicate our authentic selves to our business world and why it's been a surprisingly healing journey for me.

Katherine Burrows, Big Impact Ghostwriter
Katherine Burrows helps purpose-driven experts make a bigger difference by getting their big ideas into books and out into the world to multipl...

Mark as Played

Happy birthday to me! LOL!
My birthday is a time to reflect on who I am vs the typical New Year's business planning for my company and brand. Let me share with you five books that have had a big impact on me this year, as well as my heartfelt wishes that you have a wonderful year and that your own special day is exactly what you wish it to be.

Katherine Burrows, Big Impact Ghostwriter

Mark as Played

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