There's a Poem in That

There's a Poem in That

Poets and non-poets alike will appreciate how award-winning poet Todd Boss helps strangers discover the poetry in their most intimate stories. Each episode of TAPIT opens on a new guest stranger, tracks their conversations with Todd, and concludes with Todd's reveal of an original poem written expressly for them. You'll laugh, you'll cry ... You'll want a poem of your very own! Think there's a poem in your story? Call TAPIT's Haiku, Hawaii, listener line: (808) 300-0449.


May 1, 2024 43 mins

Phillip's new US citizenship status is the celebratory focus of this episode of TAPIT. It's a celebration 30 years in the making, and it ends in a custom poem worthy of an inauguration. Join us on the journey of a lifetime, as Phillip overcomes rage, discovers love, changes careers, adopts a new name, and learns to see the beauty in his own immigration story.  Host Todd Boss traces Phillip's path of self-authorship f...

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Some of America’s most celebrated poets are standing by to write poems for you on commission. Together, they form The International Bureau of Custom Poetry. More about the Bureau here.

In this special introductory episode, Bureau agent Dorianne Laux recounts her path from gas station attendant to Pulitzer Prize finalist, including a cameo of her mother at the sewing machine in Dorianne’s poem, “Singer.”

Do you hav...

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Some of America’s most celebrated poets are standing by to write poems for you on commission. Together, they form The International Bureau of Custom Poetry. More about the Bureau here.

In our second micro-episode, Bureau agent Sasha LaPointe shares her writing process, the breadth of her essays, and her focus on personal and shared experiences, all aimed at trying to 'make sense of the madness' in the world. It c...

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November 1, 2023 27 mins

Inspired by a poem of Todd’s in Poetry Magazine, “The Hush of the Very Good” in 2007, Connie became Todd’s very first private commission. The project ended with an unforgettable encounter in the snow-filled forests of northern Wisconsin. In this special holiday episode of TAPIT, Todd reaches back out to Connie after all these years, to revisit the magic they made together. 

Chapters in this episode:

  1. How Todd came to tak...
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October 3, 2023 31 mins

Host Todd Boss converses with Holly about the tragic loss of her son Killian. Her changing relationship and communion with God and His will for her life inspire a graceful, grateful hymn.

Chapters in this episode:

  1. Holly catalogs her losses
  2. A bit of background
  3. Killian's silence
  4. Finding peace in a new place
  5. A shifting sense of identity and God
  6. Telling the truth about grief
  7. The poem: Hymn

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September 1, 2023 32 mins

Host Todd Boss enlists the help of Indigenous poet Sasha LaPointe to  motivate Bonnie on her journey of healing and exploration, through the inspiring Skagit Valley landscape.  

Chapters in this episode:

  1. One more great feat
  2. Pain, glory, and a conservative church
  3. Two worlds: Transformation is real
  4. Skagit Valley and its heritage
  5. However: Two worlds
  6. Bonnie meets Sasha
  7. Sasha LaPointe reads "Cycles"
  8. A circle of fir trees ...
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May 1, 2023 22 mins

The image of an adult on a tricycle — precarious and uncertain — became the driving force behind the poem Ken needed for his wife Sue's memorial service. 

Chapters in this episode:

  1. Introduction at the cabin
  2. A couple of loons on tricycles
  3. Ken and Sue take on the world together
  4. Swiss miss, cuckoo clocks, and finding a home in one another
  5. Sue’s diagnosis, surgery, complications, and passing
  6. Lost time and post-life letters
  7. T...
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March 31, 2023 26 mins

Jon's wife Christy got pancreatic cancer ten years ago, but Jon still carries the fear of losing her. It's a long hallway from diagnostics to recovery, but Jon's found the right doctor: Todd helps him stop over-intellectualizing, cutting through the voices in his head, until only sweet remission (from the Latin "to relax,") colors the horizon. Revealed to Jon on the eve of Thanksgiving, 2022, Todd's to...

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February 28, 2023 32 mins

Todd helps Joan, a vocalist, make connections between the loss of her singing voice, three miscarriages, and her survival of a historic Amtrak train wreck. Along the way, we meet her daughters, learn how Indian ashrams and silent meditation retreats have been as important to Joan as her music, and discover the redeeming power of laughter. Todd's (three!) poems for Joan support her in her grief, affirm her choice to evolve her ...

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February 17, 2023 2 mins

New in March 2023! There's a Poem in That is a podcast in which award-winning poet Todd Boss helps strangers discover the poetry in their most intimate stories.  Each episode ends with the reveal of a custom poem written expressly for a guest stranger. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll  want a poem of your very own.

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