Things That Make You Go Woo

Things That Make You Go Woo

Get ready to embark on a mystical journey with ”Things That Make You Go Woo” - the podcast that seamlessly blends history, spirituality, metaphysics, and all things woo. Join host Emily Barnard, also known as Emily + her stars, an Evolutionary Astrologist, Psychic Medium, and insightful 6/4 Projector who specializes in channeling cosmic messages that will unlock the boundless potential within you! When she’s not working with her amazing clients, she’s on a quest to unravel the sacred mysteries and ancient origins of the woo. In this podcast, she shares the rich tapestry of history, unfolding current events, captivating interviews and sacred wisdom of the monthly astrological energy reports. Brace yourself, because this podcast is all about making you go ”Woo!” too!


February 20, 2024 69 mins

Pisces season is here and with it comes a calling inward. This may feel like a resistance to things moving as you want, but with the impactful eclipse season just around the corner, you're going to want to be crystal clear on your goals. The Universe is calling in the big guns come Aries season so use this time wisely and don't push things to focus before they're ready.

In this episode:

  • Pisces sea...
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Aquarius will bring the powerful winds of change! It will be impossible not to overthink “Am I overthinking?” Maybe it’s time to embrace some technology to help your mind, like a task tracker or meditation app to help clear out the mental clutter.  The Lunar New Year will welcome the Wood Dragon, urging us to embrace our originality and depart from the hum-drum that we’ve possibly settled for. The month continues with a mix of inno...

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December 26, 2023 78 mins

For 2024, Emily and Andrea decided to break the year into two halves for our annual forecast. There is a lot of intense energy including the first eclipse season in the first 6 months of the year as we move from solstice to solstice and the days get longer. As a gift to you, we are saving the second half for later so this episode could be under two hours!

We recap the latter part of 2023 and provide our forecast for the first half ...

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What does Mercury Retrograde plus Chiron Retrograde plus a Full Moon in Cancer equate to? Capricorn season 2023-2024! The regal sea-goat is here to usher in 2024 despite the energies pulling us inward and our friend the "wounded healer" reminding us of all the things that are still left undone. While the negative inner monologue might be grinding away at you, you're friends and family are dying to hear all about you and your accomp...

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Get ready for a cosmic roller-coaster in December! Mercury's inspiration station kicks off a career-focused finale, while Venus and Pluto urge you to face truths and step into transformation. With Venus in Scorpio, there promises to be an intimate holiday season, especially for Scorpios. As Neptune ends its retrograde you may feel a sudden burst of clarity after the 6th. Genius downloads and sparks fly with cosmic collaborations be...

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October 24, 2023 56 mins

Eclipse season have you walking through quick sand? The energy of the full moon lunar eclipse on Saturday, October 28 is building, and the intensity will be increased with other transits. Andrea and Emily are here to break down the tarot and astrology of Scorpio season.

This the most "Sagittarius" feeling Scorpio seasons we've seen and the energy of the stars is here to encourage you that you've waited long enough! Now is the time...

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Today, we're embarking on a fascinating journey through time to explore the history of the Ouija board. This enigmatic and sometimes eerie tool has captured the imagination of many, and today we’re going to uncover its secrets. From automatic writing tools in China, seances in Paris, coffin makers in Baltimore to a medium who helped finalize the patent. Still, the most interesting thing about the Ouija board might be the latest res...

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In this episode Emily interviews Mary Beth Thomsen of Soul Shines Coaching. Mary Beth is a certified spiritual and intuitive life coach who helps people define and align their goals and dreams. No small feat! As a Master Color Energy Coach, a Medium and Intuitive she seamlessly blends her knowledge of marketing, writing and more. A powerhouse of talent.

Emily and Mary Beth share a deep love of Boston Terriers, mediumship and even...

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September 26, 2023 59 mins

How about those cards, Andrea! We've got major Arcana coming in with this month's energy and honestly, it feels good! Are there bumps, of course. But we've been doing the internal work since Summer Solstice and now things are finally moving again. The trick is to remember all the things you've uncovered during this internal deep dive. What truly matters to you and what lights you up? If you need to place boundaries around the relat...

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September 12, 2023 14 mins

I don’t know what boys did at slumber parties, but if you were a girl in the 80’s and 90’s chances are you spent the entire night trying to contact dead people! I’m not kidding! We would literally try to talk to spirits all night, traumatize ourselves and then get up early and go to girl scouts like nothing happened. We’re talking Full Seances! We’d dare one another to go into a dark bathroom and say Bloody Mary three times and wai...

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August 29, 2023 56 mins

In this episode Emily interviews Sara McCormick of Bella De Luna and Soul Care Astrology and shares two of her poems from her recent book "Conversations with the Moon". Astrology can give us a safe place, that maybe we didn't have in childhood. A container for us to be able to dive into ourselves & recognize that our feelings are valid. It gives us a permission slip to feel our feelings in world where everything around us seems...

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August 22, 2023 48 mins

What's that you say? Hope? Hope without a question mark! No one seems to have escaped the shifting energy that came roaring to life during Leo season. Virgo begins her examination of everything we've accomplished this year just as we end Venus retrograde and kick off Mercury in retrograde. The internal examination phase isn't over yet, but somehow we're feeling so much support from the stars this month!

Will there be hiccups? Yep...

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August 8, 2023 14 mins

The contemporary connotation of hag is “old woman,” with additional senses of a careless, ugly, or evil appearance. In the Middle Ages, the term referred to a female demon or an evil spirit, but it was originally associated with something much more wonderful.

In this episode, I start a new series diving into the etymology of words that have been used against us. Where do these words come from and how can we embrace the original me...

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July 23, 2023 60 mins

We've been known to say "cautiously optimistic" more than a few times this year, but Leo season feels like real hope has crept back in! With major shifts this year and even in the last 4 weeks, we're moving forward into uncharted territory.

Leo season is here to help us listen to that inner spark that asks to follow the beat only we can hear. It's time to get creative and have some fun already! Processing those emotions from Cance...

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I know Andrea and I aren't the only one's saying "this year isn't going quite like I planned." We've faced many challenges the last few years and 2022 certainly came wrapped with a big bow of Hope. The energies have been more likely to feel like you're swinging between two extremes, sometimes all in the same day.

Cancer season is here with the summer solstice and with it, a renewed sense of Hope. A key component to Cancer energy is...

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If you survived the Taurus Season eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde then welcome to Gemini season! Andrea and Emily discuss the turbulent waves that came riding in for Taurus, hidden behind the cloak of grounding earth energy. It really forced us both to slow down and re-examine nearly everything. The beginning of Gemini season might feel a little like the resounding waves of a bell thats been rung, but if you are willing to ...

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Andrea and Emily dive into Taurus season and talk about the world's fastest and longest month, Aries season, the upcoming Hybrid Eclipse Season in Aries/Scorpio, movie picks to nurture that inner Taurus, and the card pull with cosmic energies for 2023!

Taurus season kicks off on Thursday, April 20th AND the beginning of Mercury Retrograde. The New Moon solar eclipse on April 19th or early 20th (time zone depending) will come in wit...

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Andrea and Emily dive into Aries season talk about how we braced ourselves for "a win is a win" but in actuality when we reached the end of Pisces season we were "just over it"!

Aries season kicks off on Monday, April 20th and is marked by the Vernal Equinox. As the light returns and we now have more sunlight than darkness, spring pushes forward. A Cardinal sign, the Aries symbol is commonly thought of as a ram's head, but there a...

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Andrea and I are diving into Pisces season and talking about the potential for change that comes with going deep. There is a new moon in Pisces, February 19th, a great time to set intentions and evoke your creative potential! The month is book-ended by Uranus making squares to the Sun and then Mercury.

Vulnerability is the prerequisite of being seen, so prepare to step into the spotlight and share more o...

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As we float into February on the energetic waves of Aquarius, we find ourselves in one of the most easygoing and positive lineups we’ve had in a while. The most difficult days end after the first week and there are no planets in retrograde! This is a fairly rare situation that will help to minimize delays and move your plans forward. This will be incredibly helpful because our minds will be busy coming up with potential goals, idea...

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