Think Thank Thunk

Think Thank Thunk

Join hosts Dean, Maegan, and Kyle on the Think Thank Thunk podcast as they explore Building Thinking Classrooms by Peter Liljedahl. Through interviews with experts and teachers, they share practical tips and insights on implementing the 14 optimal practices outlined in the book. Perfect for math teachers of all levels, each episode features chapter summaries and ideas for transforming lessons into engaging and meaningful learning experiences. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to teaching math, subscribe to join the conversation and build a Thinking Classroom that inspires your students.


May 31, 2024 37 mins

In this episode, Maegan and Kyle are delighted to welcome Alicia Burdess (@BurdessAlicia), a coach and numeracy lead from Grand Prairie Catholic School District. Alicia shares her inspiring journey from aspiring sports doctor to a passionate math educator and leader. She discusses her deep love of Building Thinking Classrooms and how it transformed her teaching approach. Alicia passionately talks about the power of 'big, beauti...

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Enter to win a free set of Wipebook Flipcharts for your Thinking Classroom: ⁠⁠

Join Kyle and Dean as they engage in a lively conversation with Peter Liljedahl and Maegan Giroux about the newest addition to the world of Building Thinking Classrooms: Mathematics Tasks for the Thinking Classroom, Grades K-5. This book is specially crafted for K-5 educators and goes beyond being just a collection of tasks. It encaps...

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May 8, 2024 36 mins

Enter to win a free set of Wipebook Flipcharts for your Thinking Classroom:⁠

In this episode, Kyle and Dean chat with Jerrold Wiebe (@Jerroldwiebe), a Numeracy & Mathematics Consultant and a part of the Building Thinking Classrooms Canadian team.

A "legacy" teacher with over 35 years of experience in education, ranging from classroom teaching to district math lead, Jerrold shares his journey from...

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March 26, 2024 38 mins

Enter to win a free set of Wipebook Flipcharts for your Thinking Classroom: ⁠⁠

In this episode, Kyle has a conversation with Judy Larson (@JudytaLarsen), Associate Professor at University of Fraser Valley and longtime Building Thinking Classrooms teacher.

Deeply entrenched in math education and an unwavering advocate for innovative teaching, Judy shares her captivating journey alongside Peter Liljedahl. From the...

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March 13, 2024 49 mins

Trauma-Informed Practices and the Power of Thinking Classrooms

Enter to win a free set of Wipebook Flipcharts for your Thinking Classroom:

In this episode, we take you back to a pivotal conversation from 2022 between Kyle, Dean, and the Sophie Bresciani (@soph_bresciani), a champion of trauma-informed teaching and Thinking Classrooms. Sophie offers deep insights into creating classroom environments that are not...

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February 1, 2024 47 mins

This episode has a portion where Tim & Melisa screenshared the tool mentioned, you can watch the video recording here.

Join hosts Dean and Kyle as they chat with Tim Brzezinski (@TimBrzezinski) and Melisa McCain (@mccainm), advocates for Building Thinking Classrooms and improving assessment practices. Their conversation is focused on a grading tool, crafted by Tim, Melisa, and their colleagues. This tool, deeply rooted in the p...

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January 11, 2024 33 mins

In this episode, hosts Kyle and Dean have a conversation with Brian Jackson. With over three decades of teaching experience, Brian offers unique insights into the transformative power of the Thinking Classrooms methodology.

Listeners are given a front-row seat to Brian's journey into Thinking Classrooms, starting with his initial reluctance to explore something new, to his deliberate exploration, and finally his resounding end...

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December 19, 2023 42 mins

In this episode Jared Sliger (@jared_sliger) is back to chat with Kyle and Dean.

Their discussion revolves around practical tips for engaging parents and involving them in the process of the Thinking Classroom. Jared shares his experience with a successful 'family night' held at his school intended to give parents a first-hand experience with Thinking Classrooms. He stresses the importance of open communication with parents...

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November 16, 2023 34 mins

In this episode, join Kyle, Dean, and Maegan as they share the latest insights gleaned from Peter Liljedahl on the new ideas taking hold in Thinking Classrooms.

They take a deep dive into the art of crafting a Thinking Classroom lesson, dissecting the distinct phases of launch, body, and close. Explore how the nature of your task, be it divergent or convergent, shapes the optimal approach to concluding your lesson. Discover three n...

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September 18, 2023 31 mins

In this episode of the podcast, Kyle and Dean are joined by Lana Steiner (@LanaSteiner4), a math teacher, coach, and administrator from Saskatchewan.

Lana shares her insights on how she employs rich tasks and mixes in other teaching methods with Thinking Classrooms to make math more meaningful for students. She also talks about the importance of growth mindset and math mindset in learning math, and how to address learning gaps. La...

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September 8, 2023 26 mins

Join Kyle, Dean, and Maegan as they candidly discuss the early days of the school year in Building Thinking Classrooms. They share their experiences and provide insights for educators at any stage of their journey into this innovative teaching approach.

In this episode, our hosts also reveal their aspirations for the upcoming year, largely focused on meaningful notes and improving assessment practices. Their enthusiasm for transfor...

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August 25, 2023 49 mins

Join Kyle as he sits down with Maegan for an enlightening discussion on mathematics education through the lens of decolonization. In this episode, Maegan unveils her 4R's of Decolonizing Mathematics Education: Respect, Responsibility, Relevance, and Reciprocity.

Dive into an exploration of a powerful framework designed for personal reflection, aimed at dismantling colonial constructs within math classrooms. While drawing direct...

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Join Kyle and Maegan as they dive into Chapter 15 from Building Thinking Classrooms by Peter Liljedahl.

They address the big question surrounding how teacher can realistically implement all of the Thinking Classroom practices without overwhelming themselves and their students. They get into the four toolkits laid out in the book and share some tips and ideas on how to best implement each toolkit. Additionally, they briefly address ...

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August 2, 2023 39 mins

Join Kyle and Maegan as they dive into Chapter 14 from Building Thinking Classrooms by Peter Liljedahl.

They discuss the big question most teachers have about Thinking Classrooms: how do we grade our students? By utilizing the navigation instruments as grading tools, they share how teachers can shift from a points-gathering paradigm towards a data-gathering paradigm and better reflect the achievement of learners in a Thinking Class...

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Join Kyle and Maegan as they dive into Chapter 13 from Building Thinking Classrooms by Peter Liljedahl.

They discuss how all assessment should be formative assessment, and some of it will end up being summative. We dive into how to use the navigation instruments suggested in the book and explore how they can better support students in better understanding where they are in their learning journey. In the second half of the episode, ...

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July 21, 2023 26 mins

Join Kyle and Maegan as they dive into Chapter 12 from Building Thinking Classrooms by Peter Liljedahl.

They discuss the idea of evaluating what we value in our Thinking Classroom. If we value perserverence, risk-taking, and collaboration we need to evaluate these in order to develop these competencies in our students. Listen in for a simple, but effective, way of remixing traditional rubrics into something that connects better wit...

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July 14, 2023 20 mins

Join Kyle and Maegan as they dive into Chapter 11 from Building Thinking Classrooms by Peter Liljedahl.

They discuss the idea of shifting note taking to note making for students by having students write notes to their future-forgetful-selves. Listen in for some simple shifts to make in how you approach notes that will result in making notes a thinking activity, rather than a mindless activity.

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July 7, 2023 19 mins

Join Kyle and Maegan as they dive into Chapter 10 from Building Thinking Classrooms by Peter Liljedahl.

They discuss the importance of consolidation in a Thinking Classroom and share some of the different ways teachers can consolidate. Listen in for some tips and tricks that they've learned through trial-and-error to help you refine your consolidation practices.

This episode is the eleventh in the series where we go through ea...

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July 4, 2023 38 mins

It's summer break for us and in this episode, we take a different direction by revisiting and resharing a recording from our previous podcast. Listen in as we talk directly to students in Thinking Classrooms from a few of our schools. You'll hear from students in a wide range of grades as they share how math has been different this year, what they've liked and disliked, and what they hope for the future of math class. E...

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Join Kyle and Maegan as they dive into Chapter 9 from Building Thinking Classrooms by Peter Liljedahl.

They discuss the concept of flow and why we need to be so aware of the states our students are in during Thinking Classroom tasks. They also discuss thin-slicing, the banner method and Maegan shares a fun way she incorporates a joker card into her deck for random groups. This episode is all about how we can get through the content...

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