This Feels Right: TFR

This Feels Right: TFR

"This Feels Right": TFR How can we influence others and ourselves to shift behaviors, actions or ideas? To connect and motivate, we must speak to the emotions AND the logic- "Yeah, This Feels Right" Join us and learn how you can build your communication skills and mindset in influencing from experts and leaders in this field. This is going to feel right!


January 13, 2021 39 mins

Confidence is that feeling of self -assurance, it feels right. 

We're comfortable being ourselves and express ideas and emotions fearlessly

...But it's not easy to get there. 

Owning your story as we find out in this podcast... that's a big piece!

TFR 's special guest  is Kira Callahan:

We talk about: 

👉 Kira shares her client's turnaround t...

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How can you get your Spidey Sense to tingle?
It's that intuition that tells Peter Parker aka Spiderman that something is wrong.

He doesn't see it. He feels it, listens to it, respects it. He doesn't dismiss it.

Hmm...sounds like Mindfulness - being present in the moment and without judgement. Yup!

This is not a resolution, it's small changes you can play with to:

  • Deepen your relationships
  • Deal with screen ...
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In business and in life- How are you dealing with uncertainty? Can you use the principles of Improvisation to better adapt? YES AND... moving forward when you can't predict the future. TFR 's guest Scotty Watson is here to help🙏 ⭐️Head of NYC Faculty for the improvisational theatre program at ANDTheatre Company. ⭐️Alumnus of The Second City Canadian National Touring Company. ⭐️Improv & Advanced Sketch Writing Teacher for The Sec...
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How do you adapt your communication style virtually and make it FEEL different?

Are you and your teams Zoomed out?

When have you earned the right to 'push' your idea?

TFR 's guest is here to help: David Knechtel 

VP Business Development Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, Managing Director  The Client Counsel.

AND a Friend, Mentor!

We talk about:

  • 3 practices to connect virtually (Planning, Story,  Voices/C...
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November 25, 2020 27 mins

Time to rediscover your play. No purpose. No objective. Just the joy of being fully present in the moment. Rediscover how to tap back into your creativity.  Silence your inner critic. How to make the most of 2020. We're playing with Jeff Harry helping us tap into our true selves, happier, more fulfilled-all by playing! Go for a bike ride for fun, not to lose 5lbs! This feels right!

--- Send in a voice message: https://podca...
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November 18, 2020 15 mins

Obstacles don’t feel right.

They don’t get easier...but you can get better.

Your next obstacle might be in business, personal, or a physical feat.

After 10 years of obstacle course racing, I share the parallels in life and business and will guide through the:




.What happens after?

With adaptability, resourcefulness,  discomfort, trust and courage - we'll get you across the f...

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We get into the athlete's mindset with Dr. Rolf Wagschal- Mental Performance Consultant.

  • Feel prepared for your  '30 second' moments
  • What YOU can control to re-invent yourself 
  • Stop thinking about the podium, start thinking about your next step

Dr. Rolf Wagshal has worked with every type of athlete at the college & professional level and supporting the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

In this po...

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Season 3 Premiere With special guest:  Michael Varga @vargacooks 👉Master Chef Finalist 👉Chopped Canada Winner 👉Firefighter We do something a little different here for the podcast. Michael and I go for a physical distance walk and not just 6 feet, we are 4,340 KMS apart! Michael shares his journey from ‘hot pockets’ cuisine to being inspired by family kitchen memories and becoming a Master Chef. We also talk about: -What it tak...
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Public speaking is hard. It doesn't have to be.  

Yes you can get better, feel more confident and shift your focus from yourself to your audience, and connect.   

This week's guest on TFR, Master Talk Presenter ⭐️ Brenden Kurmarasamy ⭐️  Master Talk 

Brenden brings his perspective and a mindset that is actionable, straightforward, and easy to put into action. 

I liked his 'random word' exercise ( GOLD!...

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"Lights, Camera, Action!"

It's time to get your new headshot? Stressed? Yep! Getting your professional headshot can feel like going to the dentist. 

  • How do you feel prepared? 
  • How do you choose the right photographer?
  • How important is that right shot? You know the one that says warmth, respect, trust, authority?? 

This week's very special guest on TFR, Professional Headshot Photogra...

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"I want to be the hero of my presentation!"  

Yes, you can be the next Virtual Training Hero. 

Your mission is to create engaging, interactive, and maybe even inspiring sessions.  

There are no boring topics, find the confidence and courage of how you can  bring JOY to your next presentation.  

This week's very special guest on TFR, Master Virtual Trainer ⭐️ Kassy Laborie ⭐️   

  •  Kassy i...
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TFR's ** Guest-Stars**: Cait and Natascha share with us their experience and passion for authenticity and influencing others to rise above their own expectations and limits. CEO Cait Scudder ( TedX speaker and business coach discusses how she influences, inspires and challenges us ("mindset!") to take risks and step into our own power. CEO Natascha Schijven of Pinwheel ( and former Partner/ VP at Delo...

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Do you understand your behaviors, your motivations, your thinking, your values?Imagine you can. You are aware of your behavior patterns and feeling in control of your personal and professional relationships. You are able to adapt and therefore able to influence others- because you are also aware of their behavioral needs.  It's called Behavioral Intelligence. Are you Fire? Air? Water? or Earth? And once you know, use that to make s...
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She's back because we lover her and this episode is so helpful-the amazing ⭐️Carol Lempert⭐️ discussing the mindset and tips from her talk:

 "Turn Stage Fright Into Stage Might" 

Influencing others to get your message across starts with... YOU! 

Whether you are presenting virtually, a meeting, sales call or on stage. 

Are you spotlight moment ready? Is anxiety getting in your way to speak up or co...

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"Knowing me, Knowing you, uh-huh, There is nothing we can do"  ABBA

 Well, there is something YOU can do and it's called Motivation Capability.

What motivates you? What doesn't? And what you can do about it!

This week's special guest on TFR , one of our favourites ⭐️Shakeel Bharmal⭐️ 

  • Founder of Ocean Blue Strategic-A coaching and consulting firm focused on improving the competency, character and confidence of ...
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"Use your voice to help those that don't have a voice, a voice for the greater good... and anybody can do this"  

Whether you're speaking on a stage or speaking to one. Knowing how and why to use your voice can create change.  

This week's guest on TFR : ⭐️Hassan Wadi⭐️

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You know this is important.

You know its more than listening.

You want to say something, support change but... your self talk gets in the way.

How do you start?

#Blacklivesmatter is a pivotal moment in our lives, we can be better. We need to be better.

In this podcast I share a quick communication tip to start  getting to dialogue of trust and mutual respect.

If you have questions, comments, thoughts- share them.

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How do communication skills lead to better collaboration and engagement with colleagues and clients?

The basics of communication:

  • You send the message.
  • You await the message to be received.
  • And it’s not the outcome you were expecting.
  • “DOH!”

It’s not a failure, this is your clue to shift your communication style (rate of speech, style of thought, tone of voice, choice of words…)

The ...

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Can you balance vulnerability and humour?

Now more then ever If you want to influence others and really connect, this is it!

Nobody will remember your 10 step process, they will remember your story (and how you made them feel!)

Good news, we've got the extraordinary ⭐️Joanne O'Sullivan⭐️on the TFR Podcast this week.

Television Comedy writer, Stand up comedy performer, Winner of  Writer's Guild of Canada and Canadian Comedy Awa...

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Turning points in our conversations are critical. But we often miss them. The clues and cues are more subtle than we imagine.

When this key moment to influence, to connect with another is ignored- the conversation escalates, goes to silence or trust is broken.

We're not ready, we're not being in the moment. We are thinking of the future or stuck in the past.

 If we want to influence others, we need to build or awareness- our r...

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