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June 30, 2020 20 mins

So, in the wake of Black Lives Matter, companies of all sizes are choosing to embark on a road to course correct hiring, business practices, marketing and even the causes their support. That said, although these efforts are positives, this scramble to make such drastic changes begs the questions: what's to it? How authentic is it? And, how are they going to appease audiences to let them know they're working on the issue that should...

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Yes, social distancing and quarantine are exhausting and frustrating. That said, have we tried to figure out if there are tiny benefits we can extract from it, if we can to get through it?

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May 31, 2020 13 mins

In this episode we try to take a human, sensitive look at the protests and demonstrations... And what we should really be learning from them.

For more insight, check out the show's blog on Medium: Why you need to pay attention to these protests

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April 28, 2020 18 mins

In the midst of of the most game-changing live events, we're so focused on getting OUT of the issue, that we forget to ask ourselves the basic questions that allow us to really understand how we can be better versions of ourselves. To dig into this idea, Jenina shares her reframing of the popular Five W's and H when it comes to moving on from a tough moment.

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April 14, 2020 11 mins

When navigating a crisis (or a pandemic), what normal looks like also change. That said, I highlighted a handful of lessons to try and keep things in perspective.





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Since coronavirus (or known as COVID-19) has evolved from epidemic to pandemic, it's immediately led to illness, death and changing the way we live -- even the way we interact. In this episode, host Jenina Nunez talks to therapist Monica Gonzalez of Balanced Lotus Counseling & Wellness about one of the byproducts of this current global crisis -- the impact of social distancing. Why is this a big deal? How do we make the best of it ...

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October 30, 2019 63 mins

Breakups are a sad reality of relationships. That said, when a romantic coupling ends, how often can we look back  and without doubt, own our own mistakes in how things went? In this special episode This Life, Reconsidered, talk to Elaine, a divorcee that takes a hard look at the person she was in her marriage. Above that, she allows her to learn from the hurt and the turn of events. What we learn from this episode is that it IS po...

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In this follow up to our episode about understanding trauma, we speak with Monica Gonzalez, owner of Balanced Lotus Counseling & Wellness ( She offers some suggestions on how we can consider dealing with the moments that challenge us. 

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Live events impact people differently. However, how can a distressing event affect you?

In this episode, we speak with Monica Gonzalez, owner of Balanced Lotus Counseling & Wellness ( to understand this experience.

In a special follow up bonus episode, Monica shares some advice on managing personal stresses.

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Lillian Ruiz, former former COO of Civil Media Company and the Civil Foundation bestows some of her best tips on what it means to act & live BOLDLY, something that can be empowering when you need it! 

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In this season two opener, I kick things off by focusing on one of the most empowering messages we tend to forget - how to being afraid of the choices we need to make for ourselves, especially if we're going to pursue the lives we want.

To dig into this important lesson, I interviewed Lillian Ruiz, former COO of Civil Media Company & Civil Foundation. As a person that has made big, bold decisions to create her own reality, I though...

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June 11, 2019 5 mins

Launched as "Stroke of Wisdom," Jenina rolls out this brief news update to explain the new title before new episodes roll out later this summer. 

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April 30, 2019 21 mins

At the end of Season 1, Jenina parts with the lesson she learned after all the other ones: that’s letting go in order to recover. Healing doesn’t happen overnight, but once you can let go, then you can make the rest count.

Season 2 will return later this summer with new episodes. But don't worry, there will be mini updates to keep plugged in! :-) 


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April 23, 2019 13 mins

As Jenina reflects on Season One, she also shares one of the biggest lessons she’s gathered since her life-altering trauma.

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April 9, 2019 12 mins

We all get to that point where things get rough and stress bubbles over… So, for Stress Awareness Month, Jenina shares some of the simple tactics she's embraced to deal with stress. It's not supposed to be foolproof, but food for thought as you get your head in the game to tackle the stuff you'll inevitably need to address...

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Sometimes it takes trauma (or even a stroke) to drill certain life lessons into your head that you probably should have already known. That said, I pulled together this round up of some of the most meaningful lessons I realized as I recovered, although I'd contend that these insights are universal. 

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March 26, 2019 10 mins

Actor Emilia Clarke’s personal story of surviving two aneurysms really hit close...

Her experience is not only a powerful story about being stronger and willing to share, but it's a reminder that getting past the event itself is just part of experience. Ultimately, survival is a journey and should be respected as such. Listen to this week's episode for more!

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March 19, 2019 16 mins

The word ‘selfish’ has always had negative connotations. But, in this week’s installment of Stoke of Wisdom, we poke at this idea, even suggesting why it may not ALWAYS be a bad thing…

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March 12, 2019 18 mins

Gratitude is good for the soul (or so they say) but it requires some real of effort, especially when it comes to getting past trauma. It's these feelings that host Jenina explores in this episode of Stroke of Wisdom.


Some casual reads on gratitude:

  • The definition of gratitude according to M...
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His unexpected passing has sparked plenty of conversation, but what should this tragedy teach us?


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