Thorn In The U.S.A.

Thorn In The U.S.A.

No MAGA-endorsed public figure is safe from this political satire. Fictional host, “Margaret Penelope Taylor,” is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s biggest fan. She fancies herself Marjorie's distant cousin, though the DNA tests have been inconclusive. Tune-in every Friday to get the latest news and insights from the self-proclaimed, “Marjorie Taylor Greene Whisperer.” You think MTG has been ineffective in congress? Wait until she gets into the oval office. THORN IN THE USA Podcast is written, produced, designed and performed by a group of concerned citizens who hold these truths to be self-evident: 1) Women’s rights are human rights! 2) Fox News is an existential threat to our democracy…And 3) Marjorie Taylor Greene is a national embarrassment! Sound Design and production by the INFINITELY talented, @DJBrianVasquez PodArt by the ENDLESSLY talented Jennifer Dahbura,


September 29, 2022 16 min

During this, the longest summer in the history of the world, we await the denouement of this great American experiment in Democracy. Also, on this episode, we answer the VERY impordant question, who the eff shot JR, anyway? JR Ewing, by-the-by, suffered from “Narcissistic Personality Disorder,” an incurable disease articulated in the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

 Our host has it on goo...

Mark as Played

ALT TITLE: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi , Bobby Kennedy & Ashley Babbitt

 BREAKING Ted Cruz News!!

 This Just In: Ted Cruz is a dangerous putz!! And so is Lindsey Graham! All evidence points to the fact that he and The Former Guy are gaslighting the country and eagerly anticipating “riots in the streets,” from those white supremacist social justice warriors, the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys and the Pillow Guy.

 Also, Lady Lindsey is...

Mark as Played
September 16, 2022 14 min

Take it from Satan, himself, you play with fire, you get burned!

Superstitions are for heathens and questionables! But, choosing to air her THIRTEENTH episode, was a BIG mistake for Midge! Find out why.

 Also, we dig deep on the Mir-A-Lago raid by the “radical-left scoundrels,” and provide a detailed timeline of how it all went down. HINT: it was really, all just a silly storage issue, per lil’ Marco Rubio’s opinion… in which interna...

Mark as Played
September 9, 2022 16 min

“Vice” President “Diaper Joe” thinks there’s a LOT at stake in the November Midterms. No SHIT Sleepy Joe! ABORTION ACCESS IS ON THE BALLOT, FFS! No exceptions for rape, incest, the life of the mother, and/or the acknowledgement that women are full-fledged human beings who ought to have domain over their own bodies!

Also, what’s with all the mean talk about the MAGA’s and Christian Nationalists, anyhew? According to Rep. Marjorie Tay...

Mark as Played
September 2, 2022 14 min

According to Ron DeSantis, governor of the great state of DON’T SAY GAY, “Florida is where woke goes to die.” That is the first verifiably true thing ol’ Ron has uttered since coming to office. Woke is dying an ugly death in Florida. Freedom of choice is dead there. Freedom to reason is grasping its final breath. Freedom of religion is dead there, unless you’re a CHRISTIAN NATIONALIST, of COURSE!

On this episode, Midge celebrates (a...

Mark as Played

Part dos of our two episode SPECIAL! Who would of thunk that members of the modern-day U.S. Congress would proudly embrace the moniker, Christian Nationalist? But, alas, they do. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Bobo Boebert are the face of White Christian Nationalism, and the heart and the very SOUL of the GOP!

And, for the FIRST TIME EVER, YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, we break out special new podcast technology called “The Cone of th...

Mark as Played

Part one of our first two-part special is based on the following UNHINGED tweet from Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. MTG is worse than a ‘Thorn in the USA,’ she is a fungus among us, an exemplary model of our domestic white supremacists and the face of CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM spreading across the globe (and far more dangerous than a pandemic.)

 “I am being attacked by the godless left because I said I’m a proud Christian Nation...

Mark as Played

From the first day the Pinata and the Santa Maria sailed over the ‘pond,’ a whole mighty lot of God-fearing Christian’s discovered this great land. They broke bread with their Indian brothers and sisters, and graciously saved their ill-fated souls by forcing them to be born again by accepting Jesus into their hearts… in exchange for their land, women, and terrific corn recipes. And, yet, they still have the gall to complain about t...

Mark as Played
August 4, 2022 13 min

DROPPING a day EARLY for the brilliant and exceptionally sexy & attractive  listeners of The Stephanie Miller Show!

On this groundbreaking episode, our host, Midge Penelope, will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, unequivocally, totally-and-completely that January 6th never even happened in 2021, and was thusly struck from the Gregorian calendar.


And, she shares Marjorie Taylor Greene’s solutions oriented plan to reunite and igni...

Mark as Played
July 29, 2022 11 min

Our favorite podcast host, Margaret Penelope, is not in Georgia anymore, nor Kansas, for that matter. Join her as she takes a harrowing tornado ride, landing smack dab in the land of Dr. Oz… and we’re not even talking New Jersey! Just imagine! Mitch McConnell was there, but he had no heart, and Matt Gaetz was there, but he had no brain…. And there were 147 ghastly, little, cowardly congress people running around with hideous red ha...

Mark as Played
July 22, 2022 13 min

Sarah Palin, America’s Favorite Lipstick wearing Bulldog and Alaskan Maverick is bacKKK, and she hasn’t changed one Bit! Mama Grizzly says we’re in the spiritual battle of our lives AND, just like MTG, she’s dumber than a brick! Remember, A Vote for Marjorie Taylor Greene is a commitment to ignorance and foolhardiness!!! Tucker Carlson is Midge’s Biatch!!!

On this episode, Midge celebrates (and we poke) her fellow deplorables: Sarah...

Mark as Played
July 15, 2022 14 min

The one single-solitary thing more sacred to our host, MPT, than her devotion to the 2ND Amendment is her devotion to the universal abolishment of Drag Queen Story Time. In this episode, she explores Marjorie Taylor Greene’s utterly unfounded theory about how the July 4th shootings were designed to persuade Republicans to go along with more gun control. Where did that conspiracy come from in the first place??? (Apologies in advance...

Mark as Played
July 8, 2022 13 min

On this “Very Special Episode,” Margaret celebrates the loss of women’s rights across the country, and praises Marjorie Taylor Greene and Ginni Thomas for their unrelenting opposition to choice.

On this episode, Midge celebrates (and we poke) her fellow deplorables: Amy Coney Barret, Ginni Thomas, Rep. Mary Miller, Lindsay Graham, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Jerry Falwell Junior, Josh Hawley, Mo Brooks, Ted Cruz, Mike Pence, Clarence Th...

Mark as Played
July 8, 2022 12 min

Episode “Dos” For you legal Mexicans who have ‘seen the light,’ and who have… against your own self-interests and preservation, courageously opted to turn the political tides RED, and flip the house in November!! 

 Midge will lament the fact that we are all losing our religion, she will interpret some of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s crazy, she will share the wisdom and humor of Fox News, and she will make a case that story-time for chil...

Mark as Played
July 5, 2022 8 min

Meet your host, the extremely Christ-centered “Margaret Penelope Taylor” AKA “Midge,” a deep red Republican, a proud-as-shit “deplorable”, and card-carrying ambassador for the Marjorie Taylor Greene Klan!!! Marjorie Taylor Greene for President! 

On this episode, Midge celebrates her fellow deplorables, Mitch McConnell, Elaine Chao, Lindsay Graham, and most deplorable of them all, Tucker McTuckFace Carlson! 

 Engineering and Sound Des...

Mark as Played

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