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March 19, 2024 38 mins

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We're tackling that most divisive food trend, the jellied salad, on the podcast this week.  While we draw the line at anything containing meat products, we do enjoy a pretty fruit or vegetable jell-o mold, and we have a few recipes that may turn those haters into jellied salad lovers.

If you're new to making them, it may be helpful to know the terms jellied and jell-o may be used interchangeably in recipes.They may be made with fruit flavoured Jell-o brand powder or with plain unflavoured gelatine. If you read a recipe closely, you'll be fine. 

Erin made a lime jell-o with shredded cabbage and carrot, which we both remember fondly from childhood. It's still a delicious salad! She also experimented with a type of jellied vinaigrette to serve on a Waldorf salad. It needed work, but we agreed there is potential there. And it's beautiful on the plate!

Heather made an old favourite, the sunshine salad. It's lemon jell-o with carrot and pineapple and we love it. She also experimented with a fruity layered salad. One layer had sour cream blended with the jell-o and we quite liked this one too.

It's time to bring back the jellied salad. They'll make a stunning and colourful centrepiece on your Easter table this year. And hey, you can avoid talking about politics with your family because everyone will be talking about your jellied creation instead! Win-win all around.

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