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January 30, 2024 26 mins

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This is a home cooking podcast, hosted by a couple of friends trying out recipes in our own regular home kitchens.  We're sharing our experiences with other home cooks and bakers just like us.

This week, Erin dives into a Norweigan cook book, North Wild Kitchen, to make sweet buns rolled with two types of sugar - juniper berry and rose. And man, did we LOVE these buns. 

Juniper berries and wild roses both grow natively here in Alberta, Canada, and many other parts of the world as well. When dried, ground and mixed with sugar, both make a delightful flavouring for rolled sweet buns. Who knew? But even if they're not native plants where you live, you're looking for dried berries and roses, so there's a good chance you can buy locally or order online. 

Erin takes us through her experience making this recipe and offers a few tips. For example, you may need to adjust the amount of flour as she did (turns out someone baking in Calgary, Canada needs to use more flour than the Norwegian baker who wrote the recipe). Living on a different continent with different flour available to us might've played a part in that. This is what makes trying new recipes simply a grand experiment (and so much fun)! 

This is a two-day recipe, not a last-minute project. But the time you need to make the dough and let it proof on day one, before rolling, cutting and baking on day two is totally worth it. We loved these buns, especially the juniper flavour. It's just the right level of unexpected in a sweet bun and is sure to impress.

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