Thyme 4 Tea with Mikita

Thyme 4 Tea with Mikita

We are redefining self-care while having real life conversations. Self-care looks different for each of us. Sometimes self-care means hitting the reset button, setting boundaries, or finally putting yourself first. Join me every Tuesday for new episodes as we talk about how music, relationships, family, health and, everything in between affect self-care. Become empowered as you find motivation, self-confidence, and strength. There is no subject off limits. Take this journey of growth, healing and personal development. Share in the laughter, success, and victories. Don't forget to click here and leave a review


September 27, 2022 33 min

Will Kesselman, a divorce consultant and, trauma coach, shares his secrets for handling anger and narcissism in this episode of the Hot Tea podcast. In this episode yo,u will learn:
1. How to deal with anger in a healthy way
2. The impact of trauma on survivors
3. The role of narcissism in controlling and manipulative behavior

"It's very easy for someone like myself, my colleagues, co workers, for us to get what's called v...

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In today's episode of Time for Tea with Mikita, Amanda Ross of Intuitive Wisdom shares her expertise on feminine energy, explaining what it is, how to connect with it, and why it's important.

"I think one thing that I wish people understood and that I'm learning to understand is I think perhaps the concept of feminine energy is misunderstood by a lot of people."

Amanda Rolph is a mum of two, healer, and intuitive ...

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Healing is the key to everything.

"I just really want people to know that everything that they need is inside them already."

Carly George is a self-love coach and trauma specialist who helps women to heal from their childhood trauma and to practice self-care in a way that is healing.

This is Carly George's story...

Carly George is a woman who helps other women heal from trauma. She began her journey of helping others when s...

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September 5, 2022 23 min

Trust and believe everyone needs and deserves a break from it all. I remember when my kids were little when we lived in California I use to pray for just 10 minutes or even 30 minutes to just breathe.
You are strong so much of the time that it is hard to know when to stop and break. Your mental health demands that you rest. I have been there and understand the feeling of doing it all and being everything to everyone.  It's okay...

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People love to remind you of your past but rarely congratulate you on your future. If you find yourself unable to heal and move on from your past then this my friend is for you. If you are unsure how to heal then this my friend is also for you. This message is for anyone who needs to feel uplifted, loved, seen, and heard.
Today I am spilling tea with the one and only Slayer of the Word, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Autho...

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From  Lawyer to children's book author Yeve Chitiga is not new to challenges.  Yeve is a multi talented native of Zimbabwe, Public Speaker, and founder of Philisa Creatives, a media company that celebrates and amplifies African Heritage.
In this amazing conversation Yeve shares her journey as well as the struggles she faced after having her 1st child and looking for books that represented her heritage. Black and African only ma...

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We've all been there. Staring at the screen trying to think of all the qualifications you know you have to apply for this new career opportunity. The one thing that keeps you from getting that dream job is not having a good resume. Well not anymore Giselle Galper has taken the stress out of resume writing and made it simple and easy. Giselle is the founder of Chea Seed an app built for career women to track all of your accompli...

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How do you start the process of healing? Join the conversation on how to start your season of healing. There is no one size fits all when it comes to healing yourself or our relationships. We get tips, tools and resources that may guide us in the direction of healing. However true healing takes a vulnerability and a willingness to not just try but to do.

In this amazing conversation I sit down with Jackey Neyman Jones Author of (Gr...

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May 24, 2022 22 min

Have you ever :
Felt depressed
Lost someone you loved
Had to start over
Struggled to get out of bed
Felt lost
Experienced PTSD
Then you are not alone. In this conversation, I share my journey with the struggles of mental health. How to have conversations with the ones you love. Tips on how you can cope with mental health. This is not a one-and-done conversation it's the start of healing. You can not heal without first learning to forg...

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If your like me then you have experienced that feeling of emptiness like your not truly living your purpose yet your not even fully sure what that even means. Yes I have been there too.  But guess what so has by amazing guest Kate House of Live By Design Podcast. Kate takes us on a journey on what it was like to have a quarter life crisis. Sometimes in life we have set backs things don't go as planned. The keys is to make your ...

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Go on a journey with Shatara Oliver Relationship Coach &  a.k.a  The Boss of Boundaries as she shares how boundaries changed her life and strengthened her relationships.
Boundaries are not meant to punish instead boundaries help us to communicate our needs, and expectations and establish how we want to be treated by others. You have permission to set boundaries in every area of your life from work relationships, family, and roma...

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Compassion Fatigue is something that is rarely thought about when it comes to our educators. If you have kids or grandkids, a blended family then you know that our children spend more than 8 hours with our kids. However it's just not our kids it's children from all different backgrounds, and economic classes and they come with the stress of the world.

These educators take on those children's hurts,  and fears. They too ...

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Living a life of abundance means something different for all of us but if you have ever questioned why is it that you work so hard without seeing the benefits then this conversation is for you.
Join in the conversation as Paula Bohland A.K.A  The Million dollar Maker takes us on a journey. Change your mindset about money. In this conversation, you will discover
How you can manifest abundance by recognizing your worth.

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    Wear RVA is a non-profit dedicated to empowering young girls to live with confidence. This year they are headed back to the runway with all High School Models. This show is more than fashion it's a way to give back. Amber Kay and  Taylor Pitera are dedicated to inspiring the next generation to live a life of endless possibilities and they do this by raising money for their Scholarship foundation. Learn how yo can give by follow...

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    Do you know the power of real estate in today's market? Have you ever wanted to buy a home but felt like you just didn't know where or how to start? You are not alone my friend!
    Today I have Karla Jones - Wilson Real Estate Lawyer & Coach sharing some juicy tea on how you can not only buy a home but turn real estate into a legacy to leave your children. This conversation is for the whole family.

    Key Take-Aways:
    You don...

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    If you have ever cooked then you have used some type of herb. Did you know that herbs are not only great for making our food taste better? Herbs have been around for centuries helping us to heal. Essential Oils are diverted from those oils. They can be used in your diffuser, candles, and teas.
    In this week's conversation, I am joined by Kelly Mallinson Doterra Consultant here to spill all the tea on how you can use essential oi...

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    Ever felt like you were drowning from the weight of the world? Trust me I am there with you sometimes life's pressures are reminders to slow down and put the most important things first. (YOU)
    Jatorra is here to spill the tea on how you can slow down and find calm on the inside. Jatorra Commodore received her  BS in Psychology at Marymount College Tarrytown, New York. In the midst of her own turmoil, she took a chance and truste...

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    March 14, 2022 40 min

    Holistic Health Coach  Ida Blake is spilling all the tea on never ending cycle of dieting and the lasting  effects' of  body shaming.  We have at one point in our life vowed to diet maybe it was for a wedding or go get your summer time body. Some of us has even asked the question Do I look Fat in this. 
    Join us in this diverse conversation about how we view food. If your like me I know you're tired of the diet game and what...

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    Skye Wallin is Spilling Tea!

    Skye Wallin is the Documentary Film Directory of American Gadfly. In his latest film American Gadfly released Jan 2022. He follows teenagers as they convince late Senator Mike Gravel to run for President. 
    This year at SXSW Skye Wallin is leading an amazing conversation with Marianne Williamson and two the teenagers from American Gadfly entitled “Guerilla Tactics & Asymmetrical Political Activism. Con...

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    Get ready to experience Digital Art like never before as we spill some hot tea with Rob McCarty Co-Founder and CEO of Illustrative Space.
    What happens when you combine AR + Art + NFT you get (PoP) Proof of Presence.
    From bring the world the first ever traveling AR Ghosting in 2021 get ready for an experience like never before with  ( Pop ) Proof of Presence at SXSW.
    This year Illustrative Space is teaming up with Mint Gold ...

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