Tiffani Talks Health & Wellness Podcast

Tiffani Talks Health & Wellness Podcast

Welcome to the Tiffani Talks Health & Wellness Podcast.I discuss health & wellness in the realm of mental, physical, nutritional and spiritual health in 30 minutes or less providing you with information & tips so you can start living more joyfully!Some of the topics discussed are: mental health, fitness, nutrition, God/Jesus, Parenting, Relationships, Homeschooling, and more!To learn more about the work I do, visit my website: TiffaniPatlan.com


January 17, 2024 25 mins

Elona Lopari helps visionary leaders build a Life & Business in alignment with their purpose so that they can have the time & money freedom to make a bigger impact and create the success that they desire. https://linktr.ee/elcoachinglifeschool

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Lilia Bogoeva, somatic trauma healing coach, discusses how mind-body awareness and finding faith in God helped her overcome substance addictions, eating disorders, depression, and trauma and how that led her to creating the business she has today, MyoBeat Coaching. Lilia integrated her intense background in sports, dance, and music to create her signature 5-Phase Inner Demon Crusher Cycle, which helps people heal core emotion...

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Brent Webb is an acclaimed mind power expert and author of Success Secrets. Listen to him share how the power of belief changed his life!

www.BrentWebb.com | My Free Book: www.SuccessSecrets.net | Entertainment: www.BrentWebb.info | Mind Power Training: www.BrentWebbTraining.com

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Sharon Hefetz is a devoted mom of three, a dynamic entrepreneur, author, and cherished mindset coach. After traversing her personal

journey from youthful free spirit, through the highs of entrepreneurship, the joys of motherhood, and the lows of burnout, Sharon

discovered her true calling in coaching. Today, she focuses her life and work on guiding overwhelmed moms to regain their footing,

rediscover their passions, and shed guilt, le...

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Andre has been a teacher and educator his whole life. He taught around the world, from Japan to Bangkok and back. In 2006, he started studying Male/Female dynamics purely by accident. His discoveries were so profound that he soon immersed himself in research and the teacher in him “exploded” ... teaching to his amazing discoveries.






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Rhonda Parker Taylor is an an American writer, entrepreneur, and academic researcher. As an entrepreneur, Rhonda founded Intelligence Solutions, providing training, development, academic research, and business writing services. Prior to this, she served as Campus Director and Professor at National College and co-directed a small to midsize advertising agency named...

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Tim is the founder of Polytope Press, and author of Natural Healing Self Empowerment, Optiflex, Hidden History of Humanity, and multiple novels. He also created a 3D periodic table of the elements, new theory of the origins of species, and has written articles on independent homesteads. His company is focused on actualizing every aspect of an optimal civilization.

homepage of my website:


link to...

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Liz Bloomfield is a nonprofit leader, storyteller, and coach, passionate about creating a more just world where everyone thrives.

As a former British Army of icer serving in Iraq, executive in the corporate sector, and humanitarian responder, Liz has experienced first-hand the importance of paying attention to what is already working and elevating local leaders in addressing global challenges. She guides individuals and organization...

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Dr. Jane Tornatore, a brain geek and self-compassion expert hailing from Seattle, WA, is a highly sought-after coach, therapist, speaker, and author. Specializing in working with intelligent, motivated, high-achieving women who perpetually strive for self-improvement, she employs a refreshingly down-to-earth, humorous, and practical approach. With a Master's degree from the University of Illinois, a PhD from the Universit...

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Stephanie Serone is a licensed Transformologist® facilitating the world's only female specific transformation process, based on the science of epigenetics, resolving chronic emotional issues and inter-generational trauma, to create instant, guaranteed and irreversible change. Stephanie specialises in working with women who suffer from self doubt to uncover the true, confident version of themselves under the rubble of self criti...

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Callas is a survivor of childhood trauma, rape, and attempted suicide. His expertise comes from his life’s experience with mental health issues to living a healthy and successful life as a Hollywood director. He speaks your language because he went through it.

He is a member of The Director’s Guild of America since 1983, an advocate for mental health, an active member of NAMI, and is a voice in the mental health f...

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Sasha Lipskaia, M.A. ICF ACC, helps powerful leaders feel free to live their truth and fulfill their higher purpose by reclaiming their self-worth, integrity, and faith. Sasha's work is anchored in energy alchemy, archetypal analysis, shadow work, sacred sexuality, intuitive development, and nervous system rewiring so that her clients can get clarity on who they are and what they want, re-connect to the sacred in their li...

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Allan Misner (pronounced MY Zner) is an author, podcast host, and health and fitness coach for people over 40. When he’s not helping people lose weight, get healthy and more fit, he helps his wife run a bed and breakfast on a Caribbean Island off the coast of Panama.

Promotional Links:

https://40plusfitness.com/quiz (this is the CTA for the episode).

https://40plusfitness.com/book (The Wellness Roadmap: A Straightforward Guide to Heal...

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After being named one of Florida's “Top Personal Trainers”, Derek Newborn became a published fitness model. The more attention he received, the more self-destructive he became in every aspect of my life.

He’s now a Health & Wellness Coach helping women emotionally to be more successful in their mental and physical health journey!

After being named one of Florida's “Top Personal Trainers”, I became a published fitness mode...

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Victor Sagalovsky is a Polymath health optimization expert, product innovator, and cofounder and CEO of Litewater Scientific, the first and only super deuterium-depleted light water, where he has dedicated himself to the research, development, and production of this rare water.

Victor has researched and studied the benefits of deuterium-depleted water through his theory entitled Endogenous Radiation Damage Theory of Aging. It propos...

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Rob Ekno is a seasoned TV & Radio Host, Producer, Speaker, Associated Press Award Winning Reporter, Alaskan Adventurer, and a Multi-Nominated Author. Rob has gone from a life of addiction and homelessness to celebrating more than 30 years of sobriety. His story is incredible and it was an honor to have him on the show! He has a truly anointed mission!

Email: robekno@gmail.com

Website: www.robekno.com


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June 28, 2023 46 mins

Krystal is a Feng Shui Master, Interior Designer & Clutter Expert who helps soul-driven entrepreneurs declutter and design a workspace they love. Using her proprietary framework The Designed Life MethodSM mind, body, soul, and home, she helps her clients use their space as a source of power to help them achieve their personal and professional goals faster. Krystal shows women how to use their workspace as a 3D vision boar...

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Callas is a survivor of childhood trauma, rape, and attempted suicide. His expertise comes from his life’s experience with mental health issues to living a healthy and successful life as a Hollywood director. He speaks your language because he went through it.

He is a member of The Director’s Guild of America since 1983, an advocate for mental health, an active member of NAMI, and is a voice in the mental health field. His commitmen...

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Armani has a diverse background in beach lifeguarding, sports coaching, and competitive public speaking. He is currently living in Australia and working as a massage therapist. He also self-published a memoir in February of this year called: Pounding Chest: A Young Man's Journey From Dealer to Healer

In a raw delivery of personal journals, cringe-worthy debauchery, philosophical/spiritual meditations, and practical reflections, ...

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In this episode, Ginny bravely shares her story of overcoming the awful, but common cancer diagnosis and how God plays a huge part! 

Get Ginny's book: Unleash Your God Given Healing on Amazon and be sure to connect with her on social media!!

AMAZON: Unleash Your God Given Healing

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ginny-brant-aa5153a/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/lifestylechangesbeatcancer

INSTAGRAM: https://www.facebook.co...

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