We the People Convention News & Opinion

We the People Convention News & Opinion

This is a weekly political news summary show for conservative activist who want to take action to protect their individual freedom, liberty and prosperity. Hosted by Tom Zawistowski, the President of the We the People Convention, the show is focused on local, state and federal news that directly affects the lives of the show's viewers. The theme of the podcast is "Not just Talk - but Action!" The show is designed to inform and educate the general US public about things that they should know about and what they can do to affect change to the things that threaten their personal prosperity and freedom and that of their fellow citizens. The show is produced once per week and posted every Saturday around noon.


March 25, 2023 105 min

This Week's Topics:
Opening Comments 2:00

Prayer for Jan 6th Prisoners 3:00

Feds Reveal Proud Boys Witness is INFORMANT! 5:00

Feds Say they intend to arrest 1,000 more of US! 8:00

Trump Says He will be Arrested? What's the Story 11:00

What would YOU Do if Trump were Arrested? 18:00

Economic Protests? France! Germany! 23:30

Kari Lake gets Big Court Win in AZ! 34:30

More States Drop out of Eric 37:30

Breaking: New Illegal Electi...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Opening Comments 2:00

Prayer for Jan 6th Prisoners 3:00

Fallout from Jan 6th Video Release 8:00

Learn WHY they CREATED the "Insurrection" 11:00

What's the Real Story on the Bank Crisis? 17:30

Comer has the Goods on Biden Crime Family 27:00

Illegals Swarm Border DHS has NO Control 31:30

Biden Playing Games with Energy Decisions 34:30

Why Don't Dem's Want to Ban Tik Tok? 37:00

DeSantis Destroy'...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Opening Comments 2:00

Tucker Jan 6th Videos with Comments 8:30

Jordan Video about Twitter Censorship 36:30

Jordan Video Nailing Fauci on Lab Leak 42:30

WOW! Why they stopped Ivermectin & HQC 49:30

FBI Faked Data about Domestic Terrorists 51:30

14th Largest US Bank FAILS Friday 59:00

Biden Budget Exposed for Threat it is! 1:002:00

Biden Classified Docs now Found in Boston 1:12:00

Huge Ruling on “Catch & Release”! 1...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Opening Comments 2:00

Prayer for Jan 6th Prisoners 3:00

Prisoner Families can Now VISIT! 7:30

Jan 6th Defense Teams get Video Access 11:00

Carlson Has Restricted Access to Video 13:00

East Palestine Update: Things are Worse! 19:00

Social Security MUST BE FIXED! 26:30

Illnesses Cost Dem’s Senate Majority 30:00

Senate Destroys Garland in Hearings 31:30

These 8 GOP Governors Need a Call! 37:30

Lightfoot Loss makes NO DIFFEREN...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Opening Comments 2:00

Prayer for Jan 6th Prisoners 3:00

Proof Cops Instigated Jan 6th 6:30

Graphic Video of Jan 6th Police Riot 9:00

McCarthy Gives Jan 6th Videos to FoxNews 12:00

WTPC and Mike Lindel Object 14:00

Trump Goes to East Palestine 20:00

Biden's Ukraine Trip Propaganda 30:00

Phony Air-Raid Video 31:30

Biden's Got $11 Million from Ukraine 36:00

Hunter Parter Partner Turns on Him 37:00

Biden Not Going to ...

Mark as Played

This Week's Topics:
Welcome Message 2:00
Prayer for Jan 6th Prisoners 5:00
Proud Boys being Framed 10:30
Media Politicized East Palestine 18:00
Jesse Waters Video 33:30
Suggestion for House Hearings 38:00
Mircosoft Censorship of Conservatives 42:30
Dr. Malone Video on mRNA 45:30
Natural Immunity Officially Best! 47:30
Elon Musk NO to World Government 51:00
China Balloons are REAL Thr...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Prayer for Political Prisoners 5:00

FBI tried to charge Jan 6th Bus Riders 7:30

Jan 6th Victim Refuses Plea Deal 12:30

Trump Delivers REAL State of Union 20:30

China Spy Balloons are Security Threat 25:00

US Blew Up Nord Stream Pipeline 30:00

Biden Release 911 Terrorist 33:30

The Hearings Begin 36:30

Video: Ron Johnson Testimony 43:00

Dems attack those Defending Border 54:30

FBI attacks “radical Catholics” 58:30

Planning fo...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Let’s Stop attacking our Institution 4:00

Jan 6th Should Never have Happened 13:00

Dan Bongino Exposes Biden Scandal 20:00

Deep State Resists New Congress 28:00

New Congress Enforces it’s Will 32:00

Republicans throw Racist Omar Out 33:30

Senator Stand up for Spending Cuts 36:00

Pfizer Confirms Concerns about Fertility 41:30

Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates 48:00

Biden’s Botched China Balloon Gate 51:00

Memphis Police...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Antifa Riots are Meant to Distract You 7:00

More January 6th Prisoner Mistreatment 15:00

Project Veritas Pfizer Bombshell 24:00

295,000 Deaths from Lockdowns 33:00

Birx Admits Lying in New Book 34:00

Judge Stays CA Doctor Censorship Bill 37:30

Much More to Biden Document Scandal 40:00

West Escalates Ukraine War with Tanks 50:00

We are being Lied to about Ukraine War 54:00

Putin moves to buy US Arms left to Taliban 58:00


Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Jordan Commits to Exposing Mistreatment 7:00

New Disturbing Jan 6th Bodycam Footage 11:30

How do you release 14,000 hrs of video? 16:00

Deep State Behind Biden Docs Leaks 25:00

Difference between Biden & Trump 34:00

Watch out for Distractions 45:30

World Economic Forum Exposed 54:00

FAA Exposes Pilot Covid Heart Issues 57:30

Masks Don’t Work! Fix the mRNA! 1:04:00

Gay Adoption Pedophile Ring 1:16:30

Catholic DesMoines ...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Why MLK Is Important! 4:00

Jan 6th Prayer & Update 7:30

Evidence Blames Pelosi for Jan 6th 12:30

McCarthy to Release Jan 6th Video 16:00

House Passes Rules and ACTS! 17:30

Moves to Impeach Mayorkas 22:00

Fight against Deep State is Key! 25:30

Biden Document Scandal Questions 40:30

It’s ALL about CHINA! 47:00

Facebook Blocked “Often-True” Posts 1:02:00

CDC has Covid Shot Safety Concerns 1:05:00

Moderna Lied to FDA Vax Ad...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Good News from Jake Lang 3:30

Honoring the Jan 6th Victims 7:00

FBI Vows to keep Targeting US 10:30

WTPC Answers Phony Jan 6th Lies 18:00

McCarthy Wins House Speaker 25:30

Why we Supported the Rebels 31:30

Thanking the 20 Patriots 37:00

What we GOT from the Fight 39:00

What the RINO’s Did to Us in Ohio 46:30

Kari Lake Lawsuit Appeal Update 57:30

Biden Going to Border JOKE! 1:05:00

Disastrous Keystone Cancellation 1:07:00

15 ...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Strong Opening Statement 2:00

Prayer for Political Prisoners 8:00

Jan 6th Alaska Lawmaker Trial 12:00

Antifa Thugs get quick Bail 16:00

Arizona Election Lawsuit Recap 19:00

Case for Compulsory Voting 24:00

Meaning of Bill Barr Speech 27:00

Trump Must Re-Invent Elections 32:00

Libertarian Political Ideas 35:00

State can reject Executive Orders 37:30

States should open own banks 40:00

Abbott Exposes Dem’s Hypocrisy 56:00


Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Opening Comments

Prayer for Political Prisoners & J6th News 5:30

Doc’s Show Pelosi Liable for Jan 6th 14:30

Keri Lake Election Trial Update 21:30

Omnibus Betrayal Dissected 31:30

Some Republicans Fight Omnibus 40:00

Ohio Moves to defend States Rights 47:30

FBI’s Pathetic Twitter Response 1:00:00

FBI & CIA Control ALL Media 1:04:00

Deep State is in charge! Killed Kennedy 1:08:00

Frank Church Deep State Warning 1:15:...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Opening Comments

Prayer for Political Prisoners 5:00

Jan 6th Prisoner Found Guilty 10:00

Kari Lake Law Suit Update 14:00

McConnell Aiding the Dems Again 23:00

Discussion of House Speaker Race 34:00

Who will be RNC Chairman? 38:00

Murdock’s Ron DeSantis Campaign 44:00

Trump Free Speech Address 52:00

Biden acts to Keep Africans as Slaves 1:06:00

UK Moves to Digital Currency 1:12:30

Biden Illegal Invasion Explodes 1:14:00

DOJ S...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Opening Statement

Meet Brian Tracy and be Positive! 5:50

Georgia Election Not what we think 14:00

Jan 6th Prisoner and News Update 20:00

Twitter Bomb Shell Updates 35:00

Changes to NDAA Not Good Enough 50:00

Gaetz Talks to about Speaker Race 55:00

Republican Fight ESG Cartels 60:00

Sinema Out as Democrat 1:12:00

Biden makes Worst Trade in History 1:15:30

Warnings Grow about Economic Crisis 1:20:00

Dems Steal our Money to fu...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:
Opening Statement
Prayer for Political Prisoners 4:00
Oath Keepers Guilt with NO Evidence 5:50
Jan 6th Committee Shenanigans 13:50
Republicans Stab us in the Heart 18:30
Twitter Docs Prove Dems Stole Election 25:30
Rail Strike Averted Union Betrayed 44:00
Biden wants 2 Illegals for Each US Birth 49:00
Study: Man may be Infertile by 2050 54:00
Elites’ War on Food Supply 57:...

Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

Opening Statement

Prayer for Political Prisoners 5:00

FDA Claims it did not Stop Ivermectin 7:00

Must Watch Video “Died Suddenly”11:30

Majority of Dying are Vaccinated 13:30

McCarthy may not be Speaker 17:00

Must Read Freedom Caucus PDF 24:00

Arizona Election Update 33:00

Stop the Respect for Marriage Act 46:30

NSF acts to Censor Free Speech 53:30

Trump Special Counsel Exposed 58:30

Credit Card use Highest in 20 years 1:02:...

Mark as Played

This Week's Topics:
Opening Statement

Prayer for Political Prisoners 4:30

FBI has 8 Informants in Proud Boys 6:30

Wray Refuses to Answer Questions 9:00

Trump Files to run in 2024 15:00

Special Counsel to Probe Trump 20:00

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead 22:00

Let the Investigations Begin! 27:00

Give Investigators the Tools 36:00

Arizona Election Steal 2.0 41:30

Berlin Court Calls for New Election 50:00

Use the Left’s Tactics to Win 54:30


Mark as Played

This Week’s Topics:

A Time for Introspection 2:00

WTPC Election Press Release  5:00

Was it a Red Wave or Not? 10:30

McLeadership Needs to Explain 13:30

Did we Stop the Cheating? 19:30

128 Million Did NOT Vote!  32:00

How the Left Wins 41:00

House & Senate Leadership Fights 54:00

Trump Cost us the Elections! Not! 1:07:30

What’s with Trump-DeSantis? 1:14:30

Thank YOU NRA-ILA Volunteers 1:25:30

Biden’s Insane Post Election Rants 1:30:30

Covid ...

Mark as Played

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