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Tools For Nomads

In Tools For Nomads you'll meet insanely productive and creative people, learn how they work, what are the go-to things they can't be without, how they stay passionate, inspired and grounded so that they can do their best no matter where they are, whether at home, on the road or out in the field. Musicians, designers, architects, writers, chefs, photographers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, adventurers. As creative professionals, we tackle the projects that make us stretch. The things we carry with us directly impact our productivity, our well-being, even our identity. The way we work and how we impact the planet and the people around us is important us. On Tools For Nomads we focus on the spirit of the individual. The passion. You'll be inspired. Your host: Thom Pollard


June 15, 2023 46 mins

When I started researching today’s interview with artist extraordinaire and potter Kevin O’Keefe from Mississippi I honestly would have missed the answer to that question of how long pottery as a process has been around by at least 15,000 years. 

Pottery is one of the oldest human inventions…(I thought that beer was!): a figurine discovered in the Czech Republic dates back to 29,000 or BC,[2]....pottery vessels discovered in China, ...

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Our Guest Today: Sam Mogannam is the second-generation owner of Bi-Rite Market in San Francisco and founder of the Bi-Rite Family of Businesses that Forbes named one of the best small companies in the United States. He’s been featured in Bon Appetit, Civil Eats, Food & Wine, the San Francisco Chronicle and more. Sam is the author of Bi-Rite Market’s Eat Good Food: A Grocer’s Guide to Shopping, Cooking, and Creating Community Th...

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Life is hectic, there’s a lot of static and radio interference, so many loud and confusing things vying for our attention. It is a testament to the incredible capacity of the human mind to filter through the chaos and actually find a way to focus on things, and accomplish specific goals and tasks.  As a person who probably would have been diagnosed with ADHD when I was a little kid many moons ago, I can’t even imagine what kind of ...

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A small company in Brooklyn New York called Square Roots looks to change the tide and take back the heart and soul of farming, by growing organic food in shipping containers, and by creating meaningful jobs in modern farming. Square Roots actively incorporates diversity, equity, and inclusion in as well as a starting base pay that would surprise anyone

PICTURE THIS: a tractor trailer, fitted out with all the necessary equipment...

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Michael Palmisano - Creating a New Life as a YouTube Influencer

“Are you a professional or are you an amateur? Do you view yourself as a professional? Meaning, Is this what you do with your life? Or is it a hobby? And if you do this professionally, if this is the profession that you've chosen, you do have to be constantly working on your craft. " 

Michael Palmisano and his wife...

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American born, Chris grew up in a family of missionaries in Kenya. He befriended the nomadic Maasai tribe, learned Swahili as a young child, and escaped a pack of hyenas by climbing a tree. 

A nomad in the truest sense, Chris Carter spends his time between thru-hikes to study for a divinity degree. He currently resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But, Chris will tell you that the road is his home. He knows how to pack light, the...

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Cameron Scott, my guest in the most recent episode of Tools For Nomads, had a close encounter with a leopard as a small child in South Africa. The experience left an indelible impression on his life and completely altered the direction of career as an African travel expert and safari guide, as well as world class wildlife photographer. He has his dad to thank for that. They used to visit wildlife parks every year when he was a chil...

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Today’s guest is as much a philosopher and thinking man as he is a creative force in the world of music. He started busking - which means playing music on the streets for coins - on Broadway in Nashville at  14. Two years previously the only thing he knew about playing guitar was the video game GUITAR HERO. He was good, damn good. Then he heard a Gun’ & Roses song blasing out of a set of speakers and decided to give playing rea...

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“I don’t want to keep dinosaurs alive. I want to inspire young people to combine old technologies with new technologies. If you stop understanding the past you will not find the answers for the future. And this is the big problem with digital.”    

Florian Doc Kaps: is a champion of all things analogue, an out of the box thinker who believes that people are too swamped with digital things in our live...

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She’s been featured on the cover of Vogue and Cosmopolitan, nominated for Golden Globes for best acting in the wildly popular mini-series The Thorn Birds as well as in the motion picture Sharky’s Machine for New Star of the Year. However, Rachel Ward’s next cover shot will probably be for a holistic farming magazine or conservation publication. She’s a regenerative farmer and is producing a documentary about her cattle farm called ...

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So, imagine you’re walking to work one day….minding your own business, people coming and people going….commuters, buses, cars….maybe a street musician is playing in the background. You hear someone politely call out from behind you, ‘excuse me, do you have a minute please?’   

You stop...and turn, approaching you is a smiling young man, confident, yet, humble and friendly….ball cap turned backwards on his head, a backpack on, c...

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Today’s guest, has, in her own words, devoted her life to protecting the world’s oceans and connect people to it….

She’s a scientist and archaeologist.who studied at Brown University, lives in Vermont.

Racheal Zoe Miller lives for everything water….in all its forms, in winter she’s skiing, moguls in particular, or riding her fat tire bike with spikes on it that grip ice or snow, in spring summer and fall she’s sailing, or wing-foilin...

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My guest today, Rodney Nombekana, grew up with a love of all things animals. He was born in 1977 in the largest hospital in the southern hemisphere. The hospital is in Soweto, South Africa, where Rodney grew up . Given that he was born during the time of apartheid - the system of segregation based on race that was in place in South Africa and West Africa until the 1990’s - Rodney had no easy path carved ahead of him upon which to p...

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Today’s guest, adventurer and photographer Oscar Manguy of Finland, epitomizes the philosophy of ‘fast and light’, he’s as comfortable sleeping in a hammock under a tarp as he is in a King sized bed…in fact probably more so.

He’s been running expeditions into the wilderness, from the Arctic to Baja, since he was 16 years old….and lives with his wife in in eastern Finland, 

In a Cabin on a lake, off the grid, no electricity or ru...

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Nothing really exemplifies life on the road and all the images that come along with it like a touring musician. It’s not all Leer jets and posh hotels, sold out auditoriums. Plain facts is that the music you hear pouring out of small bars and music houses, cafes come from people like you and me, passionate, driven, inspired….committed. They drive 8 hours from gig to gig, sleep in modest hotels - if they’re lucky. They set up their ...

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I met today’s guest, John Branch,  in 2017. He emailed me asking to interview me about something I witnessed on Mount Everest the previous year. 

John Branch wanted to hear my story about having crossed paths with three men who lost their lives close to the summit of the mountain. I encountered each one of them in their last moments of life. One can imagine how helpless I felt in knowing there was nothing I could do to save them. 


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In 2019 I had the pleasure of travelling to Australia to do two Everest presentations for the Australia New Zealand chapter of The Explorers Club…one in Melbourne, the other in Sydney. 

During my presentation in Sydney I noticed a lovely woman seated near the front.  Afterwords a friend whispered in my ear “do you know who that woman is?’ I obviously didn’t.  He said “that’s Valerie Taylor, she and her late husband Ron worked with S...

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August 6, 2021 2 mins

Hey this is Thom Pollard. I’m the host of a new podcast called  TOOLS FOR NOMADS

It’s brought to you by Topdrawer

As a person who’s travelled the world in search of adventure, literally from the summit of Mount Everest to the mysterious moai statues of Easter Island, I’ve learned that there are some things I CAN’T be without, and I know -- well, sometimes -- what helps me stay creative when I’m on the move.

In Tools For Nomads I’ll in...

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