Toxic Tearoom

Toxic Tearoom

The tea is piping hot! Get ready to clutch your pearls! This is the podcast where you can bring your break room whispers to the world! This is a safe space to share stories of bossholes and bitchiness, of toxicity and drama, all while understanding the underlying issues that feed these toxic environments. You will laugh. You will relate. You will understand- and you will survive. You are not alone! Your hosts are two dynamic executives who take the issues seriously- but not themselves. Join them and a variety of top-tier guests as we discuss the brutality of these issues in an honest, raw, funny, and inclusive way. Send your stories to We promise to protect the innocent and will purposefully keep all stories anonymous.


July 2, 2024 58 mins

Hot and humid conditions don't stop us from sipping the hot tea supplied by you- our darling audience! We added a couple of gems the Internet had to offer just to keep things at the right temp- kind of like adding ice to your tea.  Are we good with the tea references? Outstanding!

This episode provides laughs, sneers, a little bit of judgement and the candor you have come to expect from Stella and Roberta.  Enjoy!

Mark as Played

We have spoken extensively about the overt abuser- the screamer, the bully, even the psychopath (remember- it has been estimated that 25% of CEOs are psychopathic- makes so much more sense!).  What about the covert abuser?
The aggressor that plays victim.
The low-key schemer.
The saboteur.
According to Psychology Today, the abuse from these muted narcissistic bandits is no less harmful than the full-on assault of...

Mark as Played

Education.  Whether public or private, our education system (and the support system around it) serves as the foundation for generational growth- or the development of toxic behaviors that last well into adulthood.
Technology has changed education.  Laptops issued in grade school, apps to request a bathroom pass, and virtual classrooms necessitated  by the pandemic have changed how our students- and the next generation of worke...

Mark as Played
April 30, 2024 71 mins

Toxic traits are found in the boardroom and the bedroom; understanding how to identify the behaviors that tied to underlying toxic traits enables you to avoid emotional vampires,  constant complainers, and head off  career-limiting and maddening people.

Join your hosts as one tests the other on an introspective, educational and empowering episode!

Toxic Traits- Better Help
Signs of a Toxic Person- WebMD

Mark as Played

Up to 99% of domestic violence victims add financial abuse to the sickening list of verbal, physical, and emotional abuse inflicted upon them by their partner.  Control of family finances, refusal to share information on the status of those finances, and even hiding/downplaying money, retirement savings, pensions, and life insurance are all too common.
Financial abuse is not restricted to these relationships, however.

Mark as Played

Projections- gaslighting in 3D- are both aggressive and defensive mechanisms that we find equally fascinating and frustrating.  In the office, these projections can create a narrative that alters how others perceive you.  In your personal life, these projections create dysfunctional- even abusive- relationships.
Your hosts discuss examples of projections at work, home, and even a police officer in a convenience store.  Listen ...

Mark as Played
March 19, 2024 81 mins

After a year (!) of providing content on toxic work environments, your hosts had an epiphany. 
Toxic behaviors are the cause of toxic work environments; toxic people exhibit toxic behaviors.  Toxic people don't leave work and become different people- so what happens to the families, friends, and communities infected with toxicity? It was worth adding chairs to the table to spill even more tea.
Don't worry- we are ...

Mark as Played

Forget chocolates and roses—Stella and Roberta are serving up a brew of workplace reality in the Toxic Tea Room podcast. This episode, they're dissecting the love-hate dynamics of Valentine's Day and how it mirrors our relationships with toxic work practices. From the passive-aggressive notes to the stifling effect of micromanagement, they're spilling the tea on what makes workplaces tick... or explode. Get ready for...

Mark as Played
January 30, 2024 43 mins

"Greed is good," said Gordon Gekko of "Wall Street" fame, with hair slicked back and hardened- as if his pomade was hand-wrung from the ink of his petroleum stocks. Talking on impossibly large cell phones (by today's standards), drinking, drugs, and the ever-present insider trading, "Wall Street" encapsulated the extremes of 1980s capitalistic worship- and all of its downfalls.
Today's G...

Mark as Played
January 16, 2024 74 mins

Ah, the performance review.  One of the most anticipated- and dreaded- events of the year, as these reviews often come with annual raises- which takes you down a whole other rabbit hole of how these reviews come together, and the reindeer games that ensue.  Reindeer games? It is no longer the holiday season.  Let it go, gang.

A survey of 837 companies performed by WTW revealed that only 26% of those surveyed felt their per...

Mark as Played
January 2, 2024 81 mins

Bottles empty and resolutions made? Great! Your hosts ring in the New Year with a new season...and the same bullsh*t.  Join Stella and Roberta as they discuss workplace trends for 2024.

Worker burnout? Check.
Relationship reset? Check.
Remote work over? Or is It? Check and check. It's confusing.
Lack of trust in leadership? Check.
Non-competes? Check.
...and more!

2024 Workplace Trend...

Mark as Played
December 19, 2023 57 mins

Stella and Roberta reflect on the past year, from events to guests to general hilarity.

The Toxic Tearoom thanks its listeners for a wonderful first year! From That One Booth Productions, your hosts, our sponsors and the cast that makes this all possible, have a wonderful holiday and a safe and prosperous New Year!

The 70 Best New Years Resolutions for 2024- The Pioneer Woman
The Right Way to Ring In the New ...

Mark as Played
December 12, 2023 46 mins

In this second installment of holiday parties, your hosts are joined by Robert Bain, a veteran of the transportation industry, husband, father, and, oh, one of the strongest human beings in the USA- and the Strongest Man in Logistics.

Do you think you are stronger than Bain (as he likes to be called)? Bring receipts or it didn't happen.  Bain has squatted over 1,000 pounds (or 453kg for our international audience)!  ...

Mark as Played

The season is upon us! December is a magical month, hosting major holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Eid al-Fitr.  It is a time of warm greetings, festive decor, bustling activities and making memories- so, so, many memories.

That would include memories we would rather forget. 

Your hosts kick off the holiday season with stories curated to highlight the toxicity of the workplace holiday party.  Casu...

Mark as Played
November 21, 2023 48 mins

Your hosts are grateful to bring Greg Taylor, author of Find Your Winning Edge, renowned leadership coach and motivational speaker, to the podcast!
What better way to manage a busy Thanksgiving week than with the positivity and real-world guidance from Greg Taylor? Well, we can't think of any!

Greg Taylor has over 35 years of experience in corporate and personal leadership.  Greg has honed a process of insight di...

Mark as Played

Today's Israel is equal parts holy land and hell; your worldview determines which side you view as which, though the reality is far more fluid than fixed.  The conflict is both foreign and familiar, distant and next door all at once.  The issues are simple, yet complex; death is the singularity that underscores the shouts from protestors and screams of suddenly orphaned children.

The headlines are terrifying; the ima...

Mark as Played
November 9, 2023 39 mins

Clouds gather in a once clear sky.  The light gray wisps change to deepening shades of threat.  Breezes that dance with your hair morph into slaps across your face.  You race for shelter as the first violent drops fall from the sky; no pace is sufficient to avoid the emotions in the drops that drench you to your bones.

You reach the door, relieved. The decision turns the knob and you step inside, where relief turns to des...

Mark as Played

Your cherished hosts, Stella and Roberta, transition us from workplace horror stories to a season of thanks with a conversational episode.  

Cussing? Yes.  Philosophy? Yes.  Current events? Yes. Yes. Yes. 

Enjoy this bonus episode and want more like this one? Let us know!

Support the Show.

Thanks for listening to Toxic Tearoom! Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X and Patreon. Are you in a toxic wor...

Mark as Played
October 31, 2023 70 mins

The final installment of "Workplace Horror Stories" for October- and it is all you want for Halloween!! Want spooky? Check. Costumes? Check! Psychos? Yup.  Blood and gore and so much more? Yes, yes, yes.

This episode is packed from start to finish with the best submissions from our listeners and the goriest the web has to offer, delivered with the laughter we need in today's world.  Your hosts are joined by...

Mark as Played
October 24, 2023 50 mins

The third installment of our October Workplace Horrors highlights the frightening- and yet hilarious- world of Sales! Business Development roles are the largest demographic of this podcast (woot! woot!)- so it is about time we focused on something to entertain all of you.

The sales role can provide an adrenaline rush (nothing like closing a deal!) and complete anguish. There is a saying in Sales- you are only as good as yo...

Mark as Played

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