Trainer Talks

Trainer Talks

Welcome to the ultimate destination for health, fitness, nutrition and well-being. Our podcast brings you the best educators and influencers in the industry, all of whom have had massive success helping trainers improve their skills and guide people to live a healthy and happy life. Each episode is packed with valuable insights and tips, and we cover four main categories: Live, Train, Eat, and Successful Health & Fitness Professional stories. Whether you want to improve your sleep, mental health, mindfulness, mobility, program design, exercise technique, biomechanics, nutrition, or supplementation, we've got you covered. Join us and discover the secrets of a successful and fulfilling life."


May 17, 2022 48 mins

Join Doctor of Physical Therapy & Founder of Barbell Rehab Dr. Michael Mash and Jason Stella discuss.....

  • Why he developed the Barbell Rehab Education?
  • How is mission to help athletes overcome pain and improve performance has come to life through his education
  • The Understanding and importance of how to coach "Small" adjustments to help people complete any barbell lift
  • Examples on how to “Decreasing threat pe...
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Join internationally recognized industry-leading expert in human movement and performance & founder of Institute of Motion and ViPR Pro Michol Dalcourt and Jason Stella discuss......

  • What it means to become "Unbreakable" and how to train for it.
  • What it means and how to train to become "Farmer Strong"
  • The difference between Lifting and Shifting and why both are important to train to become unbreak...
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Join long-time industry vet and author/podcast host Pete McCall and Jason Stella discuss.....

  • Recent research on the positive impact of High Intensity training on aging process
  • Redefine the term Functional Training and how a complete program slows the aging process
  • The importance of teaching the Mobility & the foundational movement patterns

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Join long time strength coach and founder of Landmine U Alex Kanellis and Jason Stella discuss...

  1. What the Landmine is and how he created a unique teaching style to maximize strength, power, coordination and speed.
  2. The Spinal Engine concept to create a more effective way to train using the landmine
  3. Why everyday fitness enthusiest and athletes should use the landmine
  4. How most people incorrectly train using this tool
  5. Tips an...
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Join best selling author and founder of Keto Kamp Ben Azadi and Jason Stella discuss....

1. What is Intermittent Fasting (IF) and why it works?
2. The benefits you can expect from doing IF properly?
3. How should it be performed?  Is it different for men vs. women?  Size of person?
4. Explain the quote “Nobody dies from diabetes, They die from the degenerative diseases connected to it”
5. What is the “The G...

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Join Vice President of Brand Development and Strategic Programs for The Egoscue Method Brain Bradley and Jason Stella discuss.....

  1. How has having the belief of “Things happening for you vs. To You?” changed your life?
  2. Tools & skills he has learned from his regular and high profile (Tony Robbins, Connor McGregor, etc) clients that are essential for long term success.
  3.  What are a few of the most important tips you can give Fit P...
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Join Dr. Gary Gray, founder of the Gray Institute and founder of Applied Funcational Science and Jason Stella discuss...

  1. History & types of Movement Assessments from a Physical Therapist / Personal Trainer standpoint
  2. How does the movement assessment you created (3DMAPS ) differ from the rest?
  3.  Explanation of Applied Functional Science / The Science of Movement 
  4.  What are Transformational Zones and why movement assessm...
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Join Director of Programming for The Institute of Motion and 23 year performance coach John Sinclair and Jason Stella discuss.......

  1. What he has seen and learned over the years regarding Development and Longevity for athletes.
  2.  How has single sport specialization and playing 1 sport year round corrilates to injury.
  3.   How he has dealt with kids, parents and/or coaches that push single sport for their kids.
  4.  Programming sug...
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Join Founder of The Ready State, Author of Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance and Hyperice product expert Dr. Kelly Starrett and Jason Stella discuss.....

  1. Why Stress, muscular dysfunction and pain is prevalent now more than ever & Self Care seems to be a growing trend.
  2. The top 3 most common locations to use the Hypervolt?
  3. How often a...
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Join David Weck, the inventor of the BOSU® Balance Trainer and founder of WeckMethod, Chris Chamberlin the Director of Programming at WeckMethod & Jason Stella discuss.....

  1. How his education has been innovative and cutting edge and challenges the norm.
  2. How has his products and Weck Method education provides real world value focusing on human improvement, not just exercise.  
  3. What caused him to think differently &...
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Join Battle Rope Expert, Education Director for Living Fit Aaron Guyett and Jason Stella discuss...

  1. The history of Battle Ropes, how they came into the fitness industry and how inventor of Battling Ropes John Brookfield passed the torch to Aaron.
  2. The science and evidence-based information on how to use and the benefits of using battle ropes
  3. Why they have exploded as a tool to use to improve your health & Fitness
  4. The 5...
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Join Dr. Ashley Lucas, author of the book "The Ultimate Weight Loss Secrets" and Jason Stella discuss....

  1. Why you view weight loss as an addiction recovery process? 
  2. Why she believes that weight gain isn’t our fault?
  3. Why we experience the yo-yo phenomenon? 
  4. Why is weight loss so much more complicated than calories in and out? 
    1.    Why is a holistic approach to weight loss, behavioral therapy, essential for suc...
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Join PHD candidate in Kinesiology and health & human performance, science advisor for Institute of Motion (IOM) Jiji Pollock and Jason Stella discuss....

1. Menapause and considerations for periodization schemes based on the natural female hormone cycle. 
2. Programing/Periodization considerations when training females.
3. The biggest reasons people need to understand female physiology when designing programs.<...

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Join Dr. Brent Brookbush, founder of the Brookbush Institute and Jason Stella discuss.....

1. The common causes of Back pain?
2. The truth about Disc Herniation, subluxation and Facet joint syndrome diagnosis
3. How sitting and bad posture lead to an increase risk of back pain
4. How muscle imbalances lead to back pain
5. Explain why and how improper foot mechanics can cause Back Pain
6. The high risk...

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Join Naturopathic Doctor & Director of Education at Charlette's Web CBD, Jen Palmer and Jason Stella discuss....

  1. Why do you think the CBD market is exploding?
  2. What is the science behind The Health Benefits of using CBD?
  3. What are the biggest mysteries surrounding CBD?
  4. What is a full spectrum hemp extract?
  5. People worry that THC is still in CBD, or that they will fail a drug test if they are tested.  Can you explain ...
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No matter what the situation, our minds have a tendency to think negatively.  For most, it spirals into self – sabotaging, thoughts, feelings, then actions.
Almost everyone in the world has struggled with this.  When our thoughts and feelings take us to a dark place, causing us to react in ways that become detrimental to our health and relationships. 

Today’s guest is going to talk about a “simple yet powerful practi...

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Join Kilo Strength Society Founder and former Charles Poliquin educator Stephane Cazeault and Jason Stella discuss......

  1. His history and the influences that have brought you to where you are today?
  2. List and rank order all the variables within a strength training program
  3. What  the most overlooked exercise variables?
  4. Some of his favorite types of program schemes for the general population who wants to lose weight and improve general ...
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Join Whoop VP of Performance Science - Kristen Holmes and Jason Stella discuss........

  1. What is Whoop and your Mission is to “Unlock Human Performance” ?
  2. Why are HRV, RHR, respiratory rate & Sleep Performance the best indicators of performance readiness?
  3. How do these 4 dictate someone's readiness to perform?
  4. What is "strain" and how does whoop use the "strain coach" to help dictate your da...
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In this first episode of the the LifeTime Talks - Training podcast join host Jason Stella and PTAG and Feel SOMA co-founder Ian O'Dwyer discuss......

  1. What he learned about motion from working with horses
  2. The four self applied applications to help improve performance 
  3. How and why using "Play" with your clients to improve their health and well-being.
  4. How he has used in session observation to adjust programmin...
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Join Trainer to the Trainers, book and T-Nation author Nick Tumminello and Jason Stella discuss......

1. How to create programming that gets your clients to love exercise and stay engaged.
2. How to use variety in your programming that still gets results for the everyday client.
3. The four “F’s” that the everyday client want within a workout.
4. The ingredients to manipulate to create fun and effective workout...

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