Translating Infinity

Translating Infinity

It took a lifetime to understand their language. It took a lifetime to understand myself. Why do they visit? A cathartic life of ETs, orbs, fairies, angels, lucid dreaming, and Kundalini events. They are communicating. Have we forgotten how to listen? This podcast/audiobook will draw from a well-documented arc of evolution that spans over decades. It is recommended that you listen in sequential order. In hindsight, it seems the goal of these “Others” was to shift the attention within and away from the exterior conditioning that keeps us looping in fear. Through numerous bioenergetic upgrades and downloads, these encounters have helped me, and others I’ve met, to reorient our consciousness. It appears to be more about the reactivation of the feminine; the suppressed, the invisible, the balance of our original design. There is a timeless harmonic Love embedded deep within our human design and the Unified Field. The Field speaks in frequency. The “Others” want you to know that Source designed you to do the same.


December 25, 2022 28 mins
This is the final episode-chapter of the Translating Infinity Podcast. I had a different episode that was almost complete. Then I had an experience this Christmas morning that changed it all. I didn’t write this podcast. It is me, streaming consciousness as I wrap up this 13-episode map to transformation. I sincerely hope it makes sense, but it's not about translating into words anymore. It's about the felt experience now. Quote f...
Mark as Played
I first learned of Disrupt technologies in my internet startup days. I was pointed to this recently as a way to frame what is happening in human consciousness. I was shown that those of us who have the courage to take this trauma-healing journey all the way, will completely disrupt this existing paradigm. And this is when we know, first hand, what true freedom is. Quote from this episode: "This life has given me plenty to uncover ...
Mark as Played
September 8, 2022 55 mins
Are you a Light Warrior? This term has been coming through the transmissions since July of this year. Along with this is a palpable urgency about the need to support and encourage these courageous souls – the ones who came here to radiate and demonstrate our natural state of Love. You know who you are. And if you don’t, you soon will. Quote from this episode: "We are Light Warriors and we are stationed beyond the construct and d...
Mark as Played
Whether we refer to ourselves as an experiencer or not, some of us humans are witnessing a pronounced metamorphosis in consciousness. In this episode, I will speak from my experience. Future episodes may include other friends as we begin a conscious navigation in flow with the cosmic river, reclaiming our natural inner authority, and expanding into the Great Unknown. A quote from this episode: “Essentially, experiencers or even ju...
Mark as Played
This is what it's like to be an experiencer who engages with the “Others.” I responded to their call to return to Chaco Canyon. For three days, we were fully immersed, surrounded by stunning beauty and ancient ruins. We camped inside a wild vortex that played host to our Mayan ceremonies and revealed the magic and wisdom of number 9 - Mother Jaguar; along with the shadow people, night terrors, panic attacks, downloads, and a major ...
Mark as Played
June 1, 2022 56 mins
Welcome to the non-linear, timeless reality of contact. A 2013 account of time travel, portals, downloads, UAP, lucid dreams, frequency communion, and other intersections in consciousness with Gaia and nonhuman intelligence. A quote from this episode: “If we are only using a fraction of our available bio-technologies, we will only see what the construct, or limited parts of our brain, dictate that we read or see on the screen. Whe...
Mark as Played
April 25, 2022 55 mins
The Dialogue is a tool, an accelerated practice to connect with the Self and the Field. I learned this non-linear emotional-awareness approach through contact. They asked me to share it with you. A quote from this episode: “I can see why other-worldly beings have difficulty reaching us. I get it. First hand. But I like to think they had some success in reaching me, teaching me this way of connecting to the field, through feeling a...
Mark as Played
A life of reorienting to a feeling-based language through contact, and discovering that the body is designed to connect us to the Infinite Field. Presence and attention to our emotions are key to awakening the dormant tech within. Then comes the near-impossible task of translating energy into linear messages. A quote from an early 2021 message, included in this episode: “What purpose would it serve if we were to describe this sto...
Mark as Played
You need to know the power that lies embedded within you. When it rises, it will change you and the entire world. I humbly offer how this manifested for me. Who knew? These inner-dimensional experiences were with ET types that had been working overtime to point to something far more magical than UFOs. They point to what is inside us – the keys to the entire Kingdom. This is my journey, my story. You have your own. And every new pre...
Mark as Played
February 12, 2022 51 mins
Exploring the arc of evolution for long-time experiencers: accelerated spiritual growth, pre-life agreements, breaking through the fear, communication, translating frequency, channeling, and more. “And if you’re not ready to face certain fears then you will simply suddenly become afraid in our presence. And it wouldn’t be that you are afraid of us, it’s that you are afraid of you and what you contain that you haven’t yet been will...
Mark as Played
January 28, 2022 44 mins
Dolores Cannon summed it up best: "I began to figure out that they were spoon-feeding me information. The information I got later, I could not have understood in the beginning. It would’ve been too complicated. So as we went along, they give you one little piece of information and let you digest that. Then you’re ready for the next step… I think it is an evolution, but they have to do it very slowly.” The above quote is from my on...
Mark as Played
January 16, 2022 41 mins
Something big is happening. The Maya pointed to it. And the humans who are transforming know, even though it’s far more than what we were ever told was possible. It takes great courage to emerge from the sea of consensus reality and make this real – especially when there are no frames or words. We do our best to translate it as we go. This is a podcast and audiobook of an experiencer’s documented life of contact, transformation, a...
Mark as Played
January 1, 2022 49 mins
When writing a second book just isn’t enough. Multidimensional experiences require more than the written word. Welcome to the launch of this podcast and audiobook of an experiencer’s documented life of contact, transformation, and ongoing communion. Excerpt from this episode: I’d like to view this podcast as one experiencer inviting you into her library, pouring you a cup of coffee or tea, and sharing what she has learned. And the...
Mark as Played

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