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Welcome to the Travel More Podcast. Each episode we share custom itineraries, travel hacks, expert advice and even stories of our past travel failures to help you level up your travel game. We’re here to bust through barriers that stop you from making your travel dreams a reality. So book that flight, buy the tickets, and say hello to your next adventure. This is the Travel More Podcast


November 21, 2023 27 mins

Half of the battle of planning travel is when you book it. Black Friday gives you the perfect excuse to book that 2024 travel, or even better- give the gift of travel this holiday season!

Some of the holiday deals we've found so far!
Get $25 off Going
Virgin Voyages
Celebrity Cruises
Frontier All You Can Fly

For a full list of the deals we've found- sign up for our trav...

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Travel Hack Update 2023

If you think travel hacking takes years to payout with free flights, hotel nights and extra perks, think again! We’ve spent over 100 hours researching and testing travel hacks to bring you our first full year in review on today’s travel hack update. 

Full disclosure: we started really looking into travel hacking in May of 2022, but it does take a while to hit bonuses, find new cards, etc., so 2023 is our first...

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October 24, 2023 29 mins

Love spooky season and want to cap the occasion with a trip where people know how to celebrate? Today we break down where you should plan next year’s Halloween adventure and we reveal our #1 Halloween event that has become an annual tradition for us and our friends!

Where to Visit for Halloween in the US

We’re not going to get into international destinations because if you’re like us, its just not an easy time to travel. Where this m...

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Planning your next trip and not sure where to go? Hearing horror stories about overcrowded tourist destinations, high prices and low availability? We’ve got a better idea! Today we’re starting our exploration of underrated destinations to consider for your next trip.  A foodie paradise meets soulful history in today’s episode of underrated destinations.

Some of the reasons we love Memphis: 

  • The Food- you know it as a BBQ capital ...
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Camping - loved by some for the fresh air, the night sky and closeness to nature. Hated by those who would rather not sleep among the bugs, be away from their beds and have to forgo a hot shower. But there’s more to this accommodation option than what the stereotypes tell us - camping can be affordable, luxurious, unique and a solution for your future group trip. Camping is not one size fits all! Today we share why every traveler s...

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It's that time of year! The air is getting cooler, the days grow shorter, and the leaves turn their vibrant hues of oranges, yellows and reds. Fall. And what better place to experience the season than the states of New England? Today we share our local tips on where and when you should go, and what our favorite, must plan activities are for your fall adventures.

In today's episode we break down:

  • Where is the b...
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August 29, 2023 25 mins

Chapter 5- How to Spend Your Points 

You’ve mastered the lingo, built your wallet and got your intro bonus points, but how do you use them? Earning enough points may seem tough, but finding quality redemptions can be just as tricky. Fortunately, there are a few tools to make this easier! 

In today’s episode of Travel More, we talk about… 

  • How to redeem credit card points  for free travel
  • How to get the best redemption rates using f...
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Don’t let language barriers hold you back: Our favorite language learning apps

Does the thought of speaking in a new language fill you with dread, and maybe even stop you from booking that trip you’ve always wanted to take? Learning a new language can be daunting - but there are so many tools today to help you navigate a new place with ease. Traveling prepared with some key phrases and tools will not only make your next trip less da...

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How to Earn Credit Card Points for Free Travel

So you have your wallet set up, you’ve got your main and supporting player cards, and you’ve mastered the basic travel hack lingo - now what? Today we break down four main ways to maximize your point earning potential and get one step closer to free travel.

If you aren’t sure where to start with travel credit cards- check this out first

I’m not going to lie to you- a l...

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Skip Airport Security: TSA Pre-Check Vs Global Entry

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had one more hour on vacation? Or do you travel with kids and dread waiting through the security line with them? Or maybe you’re like us and carry a lot of electronics traveling and hate unpacking and repacking them every time you arrive at the airport? We’ve got your solution. Here’s how to hack your way to the front of the security line for ...

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Best Travel Credit Cards- Main Players 

Date: 08-1-2023

Travel More Podcast

Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Southwest, United, Delta  There’s so many different brands and so many credit cards to get- how do you choose? In this edition of our Travel Hacking series, we’re going to focus on the Supporting players of your wallet. These shouldn’t be your first choice to open or for every day spending- those were covered in our last travel hacking...

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It’s Christmas in July, what makes your Christmas list this year? This isn’t your typical travel list, these are only the things we deem necessary and underrated in the travel space. You won’t find luggage or the best travel shoes on this list, these are the real gems of travel. The things that take your experience from uncomfortable and dreary to smooth and rested. So settle in, because we’re taking you on a Christmas list journey...

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How to Save Money While Traveling: Top Free Activities

Date: 7-18-2023

Travel More Podcast

Of course, beaches, hikes and wandering around a city are (usually!) free while traveling- but did you know there are hidden secrets that budget travelers have known for years about FREE things to do around cities. Here is our rundown of the best free or nearly free things to do while traveling. 

We are always looking for cheap and free things to...

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Best Travel Credit Cards- Main Players 

Date: 07-11-2023

Travel More Podcast

Want to get started with travel hacking but don’t know where to begin? Overwhelmed by the amount of credit cards on the market and don’t know what to choose? Today we continue our summer school series on travel hacking, breaking down the best travel credit cards to start building your wallet. 

We’ve already talked about our Easy, Medium and Hard travel hacking...

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Delayed Flight Compensation: Know What to Ask For Next Time You Fly

Date: 7/4/23

Travel More Podcast

Almost 8,000 US flights delayed or canceled due to severe storms! These were the headlines leading into the fourth of July weekend. And while that’s not what you want to see before heading to the airport, knowing your passenger rights, airline compensation policies and having access to some travel protections can make a huge difference...

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Are Airport Lounges Really Worth It? What to Expect and How to Get in

Date: 6/27/23

Travel More Podcast

Traveling through an airport can be stressful and expensive. Movies and TV shows always show airport lounges for business and first class travelers- but we’re here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way. Today we’re unveiling the mythical airport lounge experience and letting you know if it’s really worth it and maybe more...

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Beginner Travel Hacking- Breaking down the Lingo

Original Air Date: 6/20/23

Travel More Podcast- Summer School Bonus

Travel hacking, like most hobbies- can come with its own lingo. Whenever you start to talk to people in the points and miles word it can quickly feel like they're talking in a foreign language. We’re here to translate that for you: We’ll be doing 5 travel hacking episodes during Summer School so this...

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Essential Travel Tools: 5 Websites We Use for Every Trip

These websites we’re going to share are our utility belt of travel planning tools. None of these websites require sign ups or email addresses and they are all free to use (in the way we do!). Today’s lesson will help you find the cheapest flights, navigate through any itinerary, and find the best food in the city. Let’s jump into our top 5 travel websites.

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Why Cruising Should Be On Every Traveler’s Bucket List

Travel More Podcast

Some people swear it's the only way to travel - others turn their nose at the thought - is cruising really so controversial? There’s more to cruising than what you’ve seen in brochures or heard from sitting through your relatives slideshow from their 12th Caribbean adventure. Keep listening to hear our take on both classic and lesser known ways to set sai...

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Why We Would Skip Yellowstone and Where We Would Go Instead 

Are you ready to get outside this summer but aren't sure where to go? Is Yellowstone national park on your bucket list? Today we share why we may skip one of America’s most famous parks and what we might do instead, plus we give you our insider tips for visiting America’s national parks.

First all about Yellowstone 

Okay, maybe we wouldn’t actually skip it, but we would...

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