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May 30, 2024 14 mins

Have you ever been to a place where the past, present, and future collide—and somehow magically it creates an aesthetic that works?

In societies with ancient roots, modern architecture can seem out of place. But there’s one city where you can see ancient temples and marvel at beautifully designed towers. You can be in the city but still sense nature all around you. And, you can pop into tiny local restaurants that have been serving the same delicious recipes for generations while also tickling your taste buds with modern street foods.

If you haven’t added the city of Seoul, South Korea, to your bucket list, then it’s about time you do!

Today, Angie Orth welcomes Samantha Gross, author of the travel blog There She Goes Again. Samantha’s longtime love for Seoul inspired her to study abroad there, and she’s been back countless times since. 

You’ll hear about all the best places to explore in the city and which neighborhoods you’ll enjoy most based on what you’re looking for. She shares tips for identifying the best places to eat and tells you the top 3 foods to eat in Seoul. You’ll also learn about the creative café culture and how to get around to see everything this vibrant city has to offer!    

What You’ll Learn:

  • What to expect when you arrive in Seoul (2:16)
  • Where and what to eat, from restaurants to bustling street food scenes (3:30)
  • The famously quirky cafés of Seoul (7:00)
  • Exploring the best neighborhood and deciding where to stay (9:12)
  • The best way to get around during your visit to Seoul (11:24)


Sam’s blog on trendy cafés in Seoul:

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