Triple Win Property Management

Triple Win Property Management

The Triple Win Property Management podcast by Second Nature uncovers new ways single-family property managers can create and monetize value for their company while transforming relationships with their investors, residents, and teams. Episodes feature industry professionals, global thought leaders, and the inspiring conversations that move the industry forward. Now you can join thousands of property management leaders who are tuning in and talking about leveling up together.


May 23, 2024 30 mins

What are your current growth strategies? How are you adding doors, ensuring that the doors you add are good fits, and driving client retention? 


Maranda Hunnicutt of Foothills Property Management joins the show to discuss her strategies for adding doors and acquiring new clients. 


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Questions or thoughts on th...

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Should you be automating more tasks as a business? 


Using tech to automate processes in your PMC is not just a question of how, but also how much. Wolfgang Croskey is an expert on the topics of tech, AI, and automation, and he joins host Andrew Smallwood to break down the how, the why, and the when of tech automation in property management. 


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There may not be a more important process in your business than the hiring process. Getting the right people in the right seats is obviously critical, and it's a process that's hard to get right early on. 


This week’s episode, recorded live at NARPM Broker/Owner, features Matthew Whitaker, founder of Evernest, and Shim Markette, Chief People Officer at Second Nature. Both have years upon years of experience getting the right peop...

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April 11, 2024 9 mins

On December 3rd, 1999, Hal Elrod was driving home when he was hit head-on at 70 MPH by a drunk driver. He died for six minutes. 


Six days later, he woke from a coma. Doctors told him he would likely never walk again. He took his first step three weeks later. 


Few people have faced the adversity in life that Hal has, and his book, The Miracle Morning, details the daily personal development rituals he’s used to overcome the chall...

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March 14, 2024 54 mins

Differentiation. Everyone’s favorite buzzword. What does it really mean in 2024 and how do you achieve it specifically in the property management industry? 

A lot of people have spent a lot of money trying to professionalize the experience a self-managing landlord can provide. When we discuss differentiation, we’re not talking about create a value proposition different from your nearest professional PMC. We’re talking about elevati...

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February 22, 2024 58 mins

Setting goals is easy. Setting SMART goals is a little bit harder. Setting SMART goals and adhering to a process that allows you to achieve them? Well that’s something we all wish we were better at. 


Tony Cline is a property management success coach and extreme distance runner. He has seen a lot of success in his life, and he attributes a lot of it to his commitment to process when chasing goals. 


Join host Andrew Smallwood as ...

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February 8, 2024 55 mins

How do you as a property manager, in the world of constant problems, find time to stay active and prioritize your mental health? The PM world can wear on your state of mind, but healthy practices can have huge downstream effects for you and, by extension, your business. 


Peter Hernandez, creator of the #PMHealth Facebook group, is joined by Brad Randall and Janet Fields of Welch Randall Real Estate and Janet Fields of Oak Trust P...

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The previous episode of the Triple Win podcast featured Cameron Herold, creator of the Vivid Vision. In today’s episode, Peter Lohmann, CEO of RL Property Management, takes center stage to break down how he wrote and applied his Vivid Vision to grow his company. 


Hear from Lohmann on how he went about actually writing a Vivid Vision, how he manages to stick to it on a daily basis, and how it has helped RL Property Management grow...

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The Vivid Vision is a concept pioneered by Cameron Herold as a way to connect the vision of the entrepreneur with his or her team, and he breaks down the whole thing down in an interview with Mark Brower of Mark Brower properties on the Triple Win podcast. 


Herold and Brower dive deep into how the Vivid Vision can align your employees, improve hiring hit rates, give a sense of purpose to your team, and help with the overall organ...

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Are you looking for more out of your annual planning process? Many professional property management companies are in the same boat, but don’t know what questions they should be asking when it comes to improving that process. 


In the newest episode of Triple Win Property Management, join industry experts Marc Cunningham and Gwenn Aspen as they dive into how to optimize your annual planning process with questions like 

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What is the 20% of what you do that creates 80% of your value? 

So much of our time is focused on process and activity, but what is the right process, the right activity to be focused on that creates value and ultimately drives profit? This episode focuses on connecting day-to-day processes, value creation, and bottom-line financial performance to give you a clearer understanding of how you can operationalize profit in your propert...

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November 9, 2023 17 mins

In this episode, Andrew talks with Thad Tarkington, Founder and CEO of Second Nature, as they explore the concept of junk fees in property management, shedding light on how these charges can impact property managers, residents, and investors. They also discuss some legislation shortcomings and provide valuable insights into the challenges the industry faces.

Level up your property management business with our jam-packed, one-day-on...

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October 24, 2023 41 mins

Warning: This episode is not recommended for those with a weak stomach. The stories in this episode are true and include real horrors encountered by property management professionals.

As a property manager, you never know what you might encounter. In this terrifying episode of the Triple Win PM podcast, we hear true stories that will make you tremble and squirm. Stories so terrifying they may just keep you up at night. 

This episod...

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Join industry leaders Jennifer Utz, Lauren Alleman, and Mark Brower as they delve into the art of attracting and keeping your ideal investor clients. This episode is custom-crafted to cater to professional property managers like you who strive to create success for their teams, investors, and residents.

In this episode…

  • Uncover the secrets of identifying investor churn and transforming it into lasting retention.
  • Explore proven ...
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Summer is coming to an end. But the work for property managers is just beginning. 

In this episode, Phil Owen (OnSight PROS) and Gwenn Aspen (Anequim) discuss the best ways for property managers to navigate the changing of the seasons. They give real-world examples of how to manage the chaos of summer and tips to improve operations during the slower fall and winter seasons so you’re fully prepared for next year. 

Be sure to check o...

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This week on the podcast we’re going deep into Second Nature’s very own Resident Benefits Package. 

This workshop recording features a thorough overview of our fully-managed RBP, including feature breakdowns and steps to roll out your own custom-built RBP. We also talked with Rebecca Wallace (Oceans Managing Group) and Zena Smith (Rental Link Property Management) about their experiences rolling out RBP and the lessons learned along...

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Are you missing the mark when it comes to resident experience? Think the investment in time and expense just isn’t worth the outcome? 

In this episode, Laura talks with Janet Sprissler from Rent805 about her recent Triple Win Award for Leadership in Resident Experience. Janet gets candid about her passion for service and building community. She gives real-world examples of resident experience initiatives she’s implemented and share...

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Lease management is the bedrock of effective property management. As the property management industry continues to evolve, it's crucial to adapt our approaches to lease management.

In this episode, our esteemed moderator Melissa Gillispie (JWB Real Estate) talks to industry-leading panelists, Kristin Leet (One Focus Property Management), and David Galant (Pathway Properties) as they share how leasing excellence plays a pivotal role...

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What is investor relationship management? How do you create a positive investor experience?  In this recording from TWLX Broker/Owner 2023, we dive deep into investor experience. Moderated by Michael Krause from Atrium Management Company, this episode brings together two esteemed guests, Chris Clothier from REI Nation and Ralph Reahard from Real Property Management Richmond Metro.

Join the discussion as these industry experts shed ...

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Join us for another insightful episode from the exclusive TWLX Broker/Owner 2023 panel discussion on the transformative concept of "Who Not How." Moderated by Matthew Tringalli, CEO at BetterWho, the panel features industry experts Andrea Hardaway, a Property Management Owner & Strategist, and Kelli Segretto, Founder of K Segretto Consulting.

In this episode, we delve into the power of shifting your mindset from "how" to "who" when...

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