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October 13, 2023 6 mins
An accident where a driver is killed is headed to court and I agree.  Please do not park in an unsafe manner no matter what the circumstances.  If you are not parking in a legal spot leave your parking lights on.  That could have saved this person.  Safety first no matter the company rule. Mark@TruckingAnswersNation.Com
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Sunset Logistics abruptly shut down and left drivers around the country without a working fuel card.  While I understand these things can happen, they knew full well what was going on.  The same week they had no money for payroll they had four new hires getting started.  This to me shows a lack of integrity … Continue reading Another trucking company leaves drivers stranded | #171<...
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Let’s go in the way back machine and see how I got my start in trucking.  I started just after deregulation and I will tell you it was a great move for me because I was working at Arby’s at the time and had really no future that I could see there.  I wanted to … Continue reading My trucking origin story | How I got started in trucking | #170
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In a twist away from trucking I want to talk about third parties stealing votes from major party candidates.  Is this true?  Many of you may not know that I ran for office as a Libertarian candidate here in Indiana many years ago.  Did I steal votes?  No.  People chose to vote for me.  Same … Continue reading Is Biden right? Do 3rd parties steal votes from him? | #169
Freightwaves recently came out with an excellent article about the trucker shortage and the fact that there isn’t one.  The whole thing is made up and I agree.  Of course, the American Trucking Association had to pipe in with their take on the shortage.  The ATA is not right on this and I explain why … Continue reading Freightwaves vs ATA and the fake trucker shortage | #168...
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It turns out the confidence in the military is at a low and no one can figure out why that might be.  Do you have any ideas?  It hasn’t been this low since 1997.  Who was President then?  The highest was in 2018.  I wonder who the President was at that time.  We talk about … Continue reading Military confidence is at an amazing low. I wonder why? | #167 Read more
A Deaf driver applied to Werner after completing Roadmaster truck driving school.  Did you know Werner Enterprises owns Roadmaster?  Anyway, he got an exemption and passed his DOT physical, passed truck school and applied to Werner.  Werner said no thank you to him and he wasn’t having any of it.  I totally agree.  It would … Continue reading Werner Enterprises loses $36,000,000 la...
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In another follow up to my YouTube video, I discuss detention time including what it is and what it isn’t.  Who should be responsible for detention time and who pays?  Why don’t drivers get more pay for this waiting time?  We will find out. Mark@TruckingAnswersNation.Com LaunchwithMark.Com
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In a small survey, over 70% of drivers said the closure of Yellow had a negative effect on their mental health.  We need to get tougher as a society for sure.  I didn’t give it a second thought.  I go through how to prepare for the closure of your own company and not to be … Continue reading Yellow closure affects mental health of most drivers? HUH? | #164 Read more
Joe Madison does a show on XM and has a podcast.  He has been a broadcaster for many years and I seldom agree with even one word of what he has to say.  Today is no different.  He had people calling in telling how much taxpayer money they were wrongly getting to pay their student … Continue reading The Joe Madison Show and the fall of society | #163 →<...
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August 29, 2023 15 mins
The AARP wants Pedestrian Automated Emergency Braking on trucks in the future because of “vulnerable road users”.  What  a load of garbage that is.  This AEB that they already have doesn’t even work half the time.  I think the current system should be banned and I encourage all drivers to disable the system because it … Continue reading Sunday Rant Follow Up | AARP | #162
I hear more griping about how much money brokers make.  If there is so much money to be made, why not just become a broker?  I hear they do nothing and make money.  That sounds like a great way to make money!  So, why don’t more owner operators and small trucking company owners do it? … Continue reading If brokers make so much money why don’t people just become a broker? | #161
August 25, 2023 11 mins
Are you watching Survive the Raft?  It is on Discovery.  I discuss the show and how it does actually mirror society today. Mark@TruckingAnswersNation.Com
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August 23, 2023 10 mins
On my YouTube Sunday rant I talked about a trailer I had to pick up.  I do mostly drop and hook and these are some of the problems you get when doing that.  How drivers can leave a problem like this I have no idea.  Also, I go into another problem the trailer had that … Continue reading More about my YouTube Sunday Rant | #159
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I am finding a new hybrid pay system in trucking.  This is where we as the driver get a guarantee for up to a certain number of miles and then get mileage past that amount.  What do you think?  I like hourly but this solves many of the same problems.  Drivers have an incentive to … Continue reading New hybrid pay system taking over trucking | #158
They persist buy they are myths!  Don’t agree?  Show me in the green book!  I go through a few of these myths that I get asked about all the time.  The first one is can you drive barefoot?  Also, I discuss the white sheet myth.  Finally I talk about holding your breath when you pass … Continue reading A few common trucking urban myths debunked | #157 →...
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A call to the Dave Ramsey show prompted this podcast.  With no high school diploma, felonies and never having driven a stick shift car you can become a truck driver and get your family out of poverty.  It doesn’t matter what color you are, if you are a man or a woman, fat or thin, … Continue reading Trucking is the best anti-poverty program in the country | #156
There is advertised for sale a Toyota Murai in Ohio of all places.  With 36000 miles it is only $11000!  Should you buy it?  We take a detour off the trucking road to discuss this in light of people being taken advantage of in the market for a car or a trucking job.  Everything is … Continue reading Should you buy a Toyota Murai in Ohio? | #155
A recent article says yet another driver is stuck in the Notch.  The driver himself says, in another language, that he cannot read the signs and therefore did not heed the signs.  That rhymes!  Everyone in the United States, except tourists, should speak and read ENGLISH.  Period.  Don’t like that?  Tough.  LEARN ENGLISH. Plus, it … Continue reading I am totally vindicated about my...
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August 11, 2023 10 mins
Trans Am Trucking has an ad running right now that says they pay 31 cents a mile for a new driver!  Wow.  I got paid that in the 90s.  Also, they need a low-paid local driver in Kansas.  I think even the Scarecrow could figure out how bad that pay is without a brain.  It … Continue reading Get paid like it is 1999 | #153
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