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December 21, 2023 59 mins
First and foremost, we are announcing a new way to send tips and communications as we pursue answers in the death of Stephen Smith. It’s time to turn up the pressure and remind everyone that this is the case to close in 2024. If you feel comfortable to send tips straight to SLED, please do so at If you want to send confidential tips to our team in coordination with Stephen's mom Sandy, you can now do so at 2024 will mark 9 years since Stephen’s death and we’re going to do everything in our power so that Sandy doesn’t have to spend another year wondering what happened to her son. There is STILL HOPE THAT WE CAN SOLVE THIS CASE. And by the way, there is a $30,000 reward for anyone who gives information that leads to an arrest.  We refuse to let this case go cold, no matter how many distractions the Murdaugh mess throws our way. If you know something, say something. Please. For Sandy, for Stephen’s family. We are begging you. or Now, in this 30th episode of True Sunlight, South Carolina's Supreme Court has finally assigned someone to take over for Judge Clifton Newman and hear Alex Murdaugh’s motion for a new murder trial. Who is former Chief Justice Jean Toal? And what could the appointment of this legal trailblazer mean for the future of Alex’s case? True Sunlight Co-hosts Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell discuss the latest development in the Murdaugh Murders Saga. Plus they answer listener questions about Becky Hill’s case and whose side they’re on. Visit our new events page where you can learn about the upcoming in-person and virtual appearances from hosts! Join Luna Shark Premium today at Premium Members also get access to searchable case files, written articles with documents, case photos, episode videos and exclusive live experiences with our hosts on all in one place. CLICK HERE to learn more: And for those just wanting ad-free listening without all the other great content, we now offer ad-free listening on Apple Podcast through a subscription to Luna Shark Plus on the Apple Podcasts App. SUNscribe to our free email list to get alerts on bonus episodes, calls to action, new shows and updates. CLICK HERE to learn more: And a special thank you to our sponsors:, PELOTON, and VUORI. Use promo code "MANDY" for a special offer! For current & accurate updates: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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