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Truth Talks Podcast

Truth Talks is a podcast that chronicles the inspirational stories of struggle, sacrifice, and success of real people. Hosted by Dr. Mitch Harlan, and produced by Producer Chad, listen in as they brings these incredible stories to life!


February 23, 2024 34 mins

As a young adult, Cheryl Hunter dreamed of being a model one day. But all that glamour turned to pain, and trauma when she was kidnapped, beaten and sexually assaulted while on a trip to France at the age of 18.  For years Cheryl hid her story from everyone for fear of rejection, judgement and embarrassment.  

After years of hiding what had happened to her in France, she finally told her story. Instead of rejection, judgem...

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Brett Figueroa is best known for being the #1 top producing sales leader for Tony Robbins. And his journey to the top was filled with struggle and adversity. But what may be even more interesting about his story is the extreme abuse and violence his family was filled with during his youth. 

Brett was taken from his parents at the age of 2 and placed into a foster home but was later returned to his parents at the age of 6. ...

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Mike 'C-Roc' Ciorrocco left a successful career in the mortgage industry to help people become unstoppable in reaching their dreams. He is the author of the acclaimed book, 'Rocket Fuel', and host of the podcast, 'What Are You Made Of?'. Mike believes in helping others through servant leadership and a strong Christian faith. You can connect with Mike through one of the following:


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Doug Dresser is a Hollywood Production Supervisor and Location Manager and has worked on some of Hollywood's biggest action movies. Doug sits down with Dr Mitch to discuss what exactly a Production Supervisor/Location Manager does and how he got into the movie business to start with and some of unique challenges he has faced when finding and filming on location.

Doug's list of credits as a Location Manager inclu...

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Jason Jordan is a powerful injury attorney who has dedicated his professional career to helping injured victims find justice through compensation and fighting big time insurance companies. Jason has won hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients in the courtroom by exposing the truths about insurance companies. 

As an attorney you are sworn by oath to tell the truth in the courtroom and present the facts. But there is...

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Rodman Schley began investing in real estate in his late teens and has established himself as an industry leader in vacation and rental property investing. His newest book, 'Vacation Property Secrets: An Insider's Guide to Investing in Vacation Properties' is a comprehensive guide to help investors succeed in vacation and rental property investing. 

In this interview, Rodman and Dr Mitch discuss how you can ...

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Bren Worthington has grown up with and unfortunately spent a lifetime around narcissists. From her own father to a college professor, narcissistic abuse seemed to follow her. 

Once she realized her life revolved around narcissistic relationships and abuse, she made the bold move to leave it all behind and seek healing and recovery. 

Today, she is helping educate men and women on how to spot narcissistic behaviors ...

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Every golfer dreams of crushing the golf ball off the tee. Many of us are lucky if we can hit it 250-300 yards, but Andrew Eigner has hit it over 500 yards! He recently won the World Long Drive Championship in the Amateur Division and is ranked in the top 50 of professional Long Drive competitors. 

He sits down with Dr Mitch to discuss how he got into Long Drive and the difference between hitting the ball for competition a...

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September 7, 2023 41 mins

Drug and alcohol addiction seem to affect almost every family, from the White House to Main Street. Addiction can break apart families and destroy lives, and leave those who suffer from it feeling helpless.

Enrique Cruz had a successful auto repair shop in the suburbs of Houston and was doing well for himself and his family. But as is the case with many blessings, there always seems to be a curse and for him that curse was...

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Ian Sturgeon is a serial entrepreneur and avid runner. So when he decided that he literally hated all of his big named running shoes, he did what any entrepreneur would do, he started his own shoe company... Func Shoes!

Learn more about Func Shoes at:

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Getting fired from a company usually means you never work there again. Brett Figueroa was fired from Tony Robbins three times and still became his #1 trainer! His story of how he went from homeless to the top trainer for Tony Robbins is inspiring and motivational and proves that if you have the drive, passion and belief that you can achieve your dreams, anything is possible.

Copyright 2023, Tru...

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Braincode Centers are using neuro therapy and other holistic treatments to help patients suffering with anxiety, depression, brain injury and mental illness. Angie Noack is the Senior Vice President of Business Development and a licensed professional counselor at Braincode Centers and joins Dr Mitch to discuss how they are using a combination of brain mapping, neurofeedback, counseling and other non-drug treatments to help retrain ...

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Brittany and Travis Just just lived a life of adventure but always felt that something was missing. In 2022 they partnered with Diana and Micah LaCerte of HitchFit to launch a new training and adventure program called RockBody Retreats. While on a retreat in Mexico together in late 2022 they discovered that missing piece, Faith in God. 

But then tragedy hit just a few months later when Travis was suddenly killed in a snowm...

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June 29, 2023 28 mins

Dr Tom Hecker is a renowned Orthopedic Surgeon and has operated on thousands of patients during his career. But when he became the patient after suffering a tragic fall while climbing and shattering his own ankle even the best surgeons told him his only chance was probably amputation. 

Dr Tom refused to believe his foot needed amputated and one day a guy walked into his office with a new device he was testing out. Dr Tom t...

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Many young women dream of being a mother at some point in their lives. But what happens when you finally realized your dreams of becoming pregnant with your first child, have a normal pregnancy, and are preparing for the birth of your child, and then at 38 weeks you find out you lost your baby just before delivering her? Victoria Dwinel is a young woman who unfortunately had to face that reality. 

Unfortunately, loss isn&a...

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May 25, 2023 26 mins

Clara Capano is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and host of the acclaimed podcast, 'The Working Women's Channel'. In her new book, 'The Mother of All Success Manuals' she shares her secrets for how women can find harmony between work and life (two things she believes are never in balance). 

Clara has spoken to thousands of women all around the world inspiring them to seek out their bes...

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May 19, 2023 31 mins

Diana and Micah LaCerte have been helping people all around the world transform their lives through fitness. They are the founders of the world's #1 online fitness program, HitchFit and now are partnering with Brittany Justt of RockBody Retreats to bring a whole new level of fitness to the world.

While physical fitness brought them together, it was their deep and devout faith that was the real reason their paths joine...

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River Lakey was found in a ditch just hours old outside a home in Kigali, Rwanda. At the age of 4 he was adopted by Jimmy Lakey and brought to the United States. It was that moment that Jimmy made a promise to him to help as many of the children of Rwanda as possible.  

Since his adoption, River has always known Rwanda is where he is from, but he never understood that it was also his home. Nor did he understand fully the p...

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Jimmy adopted his son River from Rwanda 15 years ago. He could have easily said, "Ok I'm done with Rwanda..." but he made a promise to his son and has kept that promise all these years. 

Producer Chad recently traveled back to Rwanda with Jimmy and River and got to witness first hand the incredible work that River's Promise is doing. Now, Jimmy sits down with Dr Mitch to tell how Rwanda has changed him....

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April 6, 2023 44 mins

Producer Chad traveled to Rwanda Africa along with a team from River's Promise to document all the incredible work they are doing there to help the children of Rwanda.

While Producer Chad was there to do a job, the trip may have had an even more personal and spiritual affect on him. This is his story about his journey there and the experiences he had while there but more importantly the lifelong impact the people of R...

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