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May 6, 2023 48 mins
Amandha Vollmer is naturopathically trained (and blacklisted) holistic healer and educator who joins me to discuss a number of juicy topics, including the allopathic takeover of naturopathy and destruction of education. She explains how to came to leave naturopathy behind and expand her remit, designing her own remedies, learning from clients and how nature actually works. We learn how Amandha left university as a “radical vegan eco-terrorist,” and of her subsequent kundalini awakening in 2000 which changed her forever. Amandha also discusses how, why, and when she started to discern the problems with virology and why pathogenic viruses are nonsense. Additionally she delves into the concept of Socratic method and logic and how to dialogue constructively at a grassroots levels to help clarify the real medical and scientific issues so we can move beyond the System’s absurd programming. We also swap notes on the lack of clear-thinking ability in portions of the Truth Movement and her ideas for moving forward. Aspects include cognitive dissonance and betrayal. Bonus for Truthiversity subscribers: We also discuss why Arthur Firstenberg is wrong about chemtrails (warning: colourful language!) and other interesting things. Special Guest: Amandha Vollmer.
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