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May 29, 2023 59 mins
If you have questions regarding your health…the answers are in the blood. The Bigelsen name looms large over the field of blood analysis, and well it should. Adam and Josh Bigelsen are the sons of Dr. Harvey Bigelsen who was a pioneer in the world of holistic medicine, and author of the groundbreaking books, 'Holographic Blood' and 'Doctors are More Harmful than Germs.' For many years Dr Bigelsen used the method of holographic blood analysis to guide patient treatment and healing. The results were breathtaking. His sons Adam and Josh now carry the torch and continue their father's work. It represents nothing less than a total health revolution. As Edgar Cayce predicted many years ago, an individual's total health can be assessed with just one drop of blood - that is now true. The Bigelsens are doing just that, and they allow the body's internal wisdom to inform and guide treatment pathways. The outcomes are, overall, FAR superior to allopathic medicine. Cancer outcomes are just one example. We discuss how this work came about and why holographic blood analysis is SO powerful. We also discuss: pleomorphism; the purpose of illness; the role of emotion in disease; why the body never attacks itself; common misunderstandings and misinterpretations of images in blood samples; people saying there are certain things in jabbed people's blood based on misinterpretation and non-recognition of the hologram phenomenon; why Lyme disease isn't what people think; the role of mould; the sliding scale of disease symptomology; what inflammation REALLY is; spirochetes; why their dad believed doctors were more harmful than "germs"; supplements; why the Bigelsens never see images of "viruses" in the blood and why they never treat for "viruses"; simple things you can do to support your health without products or pills. Find the full episode inside The Truthiversity (link below). Become a student of the Bigelsen Academy: Become a member of The Truthiversity by Brendan Murphy: More ways to connect with Adam: Special Guest: Adam & Josh Bigelsen.
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