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July 14, 2023 65 mins
A great deal of hype surrounds certain information circulating about people who received the C19 jabs and what is being found in their blood - along with the blood of the UN-jabbed. As usual it is the most sensationalist and least helpful information (and fear-mongering) that seems to get the most attention in medicine and life in general. Nothing spreads as fast as garbage. That's why Dr Ana Maria Oliva joins me to debunk some of the incorrect and unjustified claims being made and to offer a more grounded and calm perspective. In contrast to certain others making claims about nanotech and blood samples, Dr Ana is well placed to comment on nanotech as she has extensive experience in the field. Join us and hear Ana discuss: * Why we should be wary of “bombshell” claims by people doing blood analysis in the truth movement * Flimsy foundations of the prevalent fear-prn * Synthetic RNA in the j@bs * Problems with specific claims being made about images in microscopy * Holograms in the blood being misinterpreted by figures in the TM * The 3 Socratic filters to apply to information * The problem with nano-lipids in the body * Settling the question of whether there is a “spike protein” * Graphene oxide facts most people don't know * The GO connection to so-called “spike proteins” in nature * The incredible ubiquity of graphene in the environment * Self-replicating biology is older than people realise * Why everybody tested shows presence of graphene and heavy metals * A level-headed perspective on hydrogel * DARPA aerosol sprays making certain injections redundant * The body’s attempts at removing v@x poisons * My-o-cardit!s and blood clots * Why jabbed people don't need to be avoided * Importance of environment in group/shared illness The *full** episode is available to all Truthiversity members: Special Guest: Ana Maria Oliva.
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