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July 21, 2023 69 mins
Historian and Electric Universe researcher Troy McLachlan joins Brendan to discuss: * Why Saturn was once the primary god * Catastrophic celestial events witnessed by ancient cultures around the world * The true origins of major world religions * What the “eye of god” REALLY was * Giza’s pyramids’ connection to Saturn * The crucial importance of electricity in myth and cosmology * What actually killed the mammoths * What the purple dawn and “celestial ocean” were * What the Arctic tropical environment before the ice was like * What we can expect to find under Antarctica’s ice in the near future * Where the horned god of old comes from * How and why the “let there be light” moment happened * How Saturn’s rule was ended by the sun * How Venus may have been “born” * What destroyed Mars and its life * How the electric universe paradigm accounts for cosmological events the mainstream can’t deal with * The connection between Saturn and today’s banking system… and cabal. * How human concepts of time, weight, and measure were “divinely” born * What the “golden age” was and how it ended * ”Atlantis” * The “mark of Cain” * Why “Adam” and “Eve” were not the first humans * What the Biblical “void” really was * Graham Hancock’s work… …and much more. Special Guest: Troy McLachlan.
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