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November 3, 2023 68 mins
Is it possible for people to share a loved one's experience of dying? Co-authors Paul Perry and Raymond Moody ("Life After Life") believe so, based on extensive research into the subject, distilled into their new book PROOF OF LIFE AFTER LIFE: 7 REASONS TO BELIEVE THERE IS AN AFTERLIFE. They joined me to discuss their multiple decades of research into near-death experiences (NDEs) and various other aspects of afterlife research, going back to the godfather himself, Plato, and his PHAEDO. Both Paul and Raymond have had NDEs themselves, so they know from experience, not just book learning. We also discuss: Raymond's psychomanteum experiments, the lack of humour (and insight) shared by fundamentalists towards afterlife research, why the NDE may be the root of religion (dating back to ancient Egypt), why "skeptics" of the NDE are really pseudoskeptics, why no one eats their food at dinner parties with Raymond, other "paranormal" experiences relating to death, insights of Parmenides, crystal ball gazing, the origins and nature of truth, David Hume's thoughts on new faculties of mind, the ongoing evolution of consciousness, the need for a new logic to grapple with the afterlife, Queen Elizabeth's scryer John Dee (and the connection to 007), and much more. Find Part 2 of all episodes and all other premium content at: Special Guests: Paul Perry and Raymond Moody.
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