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March 22, 2024 79 mins
Dr. Sam Osmanagic has opened a whole new chapter in the World of archaeology. In contrast to the archaeologists at the other sites, he uses an interdisciplinary scientific approach and has demonstrated that the oldest and best pyramids served as energy amplifiers rather than being constructed as tombs. As a result, this energy was used as a communication tool to safeguard health, enhance the molecular composition of water and food, boost immunity, and sharpen spiritual sensibilities. Pyramids were in fact constructed to benefit the local population. Sam has created a brand-new idea for archaeology: volunteering at the excavation sites. Over 3,750 individuals helped excavate the Bosnian Pyramid between 2010 and 2023. In addition, he created "Park Ravne 2," buying and restoring 10 ha (1 million square feet) of swampy, muddy terrain filled with tones of trash into the most stunning park in Southern Europe. The park has evolved into a cultural and sport haven with festivals, organic food fairs, sporting events, concerts, yoga lessons, and tango and salsa festivals. This is just the beginning. Join us to discover just how far beyond the amazing Bosnian pyramid complex Sam's vision extends. Discover more of Sam's work and events here: Special Guest: Sam Osmanagic.
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