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November 12, 2023 70 mins

On this very special podcast, Australian icon, Brett Climo, chats about:

  • tragedy striking at a young age
  • being spoilt as a child by the women in his family
  • his mother Nancy
  • when the acting bug started
  • being cast in A Country Practice twice before playing Michael
  • memories of the ACP cast
  • not staying in shows too long
  • co star Jo Mitchell
  • The Flying Doctors
  • not being typecast
  • A Place to Call Home
  • Marta Dusseldorp
  • A Place to Call Home bein...
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Podcast | Morgan Hipworth (Dessert Masters) - Morgan Hipworth, is a culinary wunderkind, an entrepreneur, and a social media sensation, known for his mouthwatering creations and incredible baking skills.

In today's episode, we'll dive deep into Morgan's culinary journey, exploring his passion for food, his rise to social media stardom, and the secrets behind his mouthwatering dishes. We'll also discuss his thriving business, his...

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On this return podcast for Noni Hazlehurst, she chats about:

  • response from the audience for The End (Foxtel series)
  • breaking down some walls in showing older Australians with more substance
  • intensity of emotions the stories bring in Every Family Has A Secret
  • whether the show is about more than just finding answers
  • the participants in the first episode
  • some unexpected surprises in the show
  • future episodes
  • whether the show sometimes ...
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October 24, 2023 115 mins

In this very special podcast, Craig McLachlan chats about:

  • Dannii and Kylie Minogue
  • childhood
  • getting into music and acting as a teenager
  • how Neighbours came about
  • being labeled a 'hunk'
  • coping with overnight stardom
  • keeping the work fresh during 418 episodes of Neighbours
  • jumping ship to Home and Away (and a great Christopher Skase story)
  • the importance of music
  • the smash single 'Moana' (and an interesting filming tale)
  • playing Stuar...
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October 8, 2023 14 mins

On this podcast as The Winner of The Voice, Tarryn Stokes chats about:

  • her own self reflection on why she think she won
  • feeling a sense of responsibility in the representation of women and mothers
  • the support vs rivalry of the final four
  • shining at the right time in the finale
  • comparisons with Tina Turner kicking off her solo career in her 40's
  • the future of singing reality television stars (i.e Kelly Clarkson)
  • the rapport with Ri...
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October 7, 2023 16 mins

On this podcast, Ethan Beckton chats about:

  • about why he think nobody would turn a chair
  • his background with music
  • growing up and developing a passion for music
  • what kind of artists he listened to growing up
  • each performance on The Voice
  • the nerves
  • getting inspiration from James Arthur
  • what he learnt from The Voice journey
  • what we can expect in the grand final
  • what kind of artist he will be moving forward
  • the up and down emotions of T...
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October 7, 2023 8 mins

On this bite size podcast, Ezra Williams chats about:

  1. growing up and how this passion for music ignited
  2. the motivation for appearing on The Voice
  3. what was learnt from The Voice experience
  4. what we can expect from The Voice finale
  5. what kind of artist /sound / vibe we can expect moving forward

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October 7, 2023 9 mins

On this bite size podcast, Charlie Pittman chats about:

  1. growing up and how this passion for music ignited
  2. the motivation for appearing on The Voice
  3. what was learnt from The Voice experience
  4. what we can expect from The Voice finale
  5. what kind of artist /sound / vibe we can expect moving forward

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October 7, 2023 6 mins

On this bite size podcast, Tarryn Stokes chats about:

  1. growing up and how this passion for music ignited
  2. the motivation for appearing on The Voice
  3. what was learnt from The Voice experience
  4. what we can expect from The Voice finale
  5. what kind of artist /sound / vibe we can expect moving forward

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September 6, 2023 20 mins

On this podcast, Colin Fassnidge chats about:

  • if being in people's own home is a home court advantage
  • the emotional part of cooking
  • if Nigella has taught him anything
  • whether this season is lighter in tone or fiery
  • the unique flavours across Australia
  • if the type of relationship between contestants plays any advantage
  • if any of his kids will follow his same career
  • the wind up of Banksia
  • his restaurant, Castlereagh
  • presenting a serio...
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August 12, 2023 31 mins

On this podcast, Mother and Son actor and re creator, Matt Okine chats about:

  • anticipation of feedback for the new series
  • re watching the original series
  • Denise Scott filling the shoes of Ruth Cracknell
  • the character of Arthur
  • balancing comedy and drama
  • slow burn to bring this series to life
  • getting the acting bug
  • being more of an ensemble rather than focusing only on Arthur / Maggie
  • what is coming up in terms of work
  • His book 'Bein...
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August 2, 2023 47 mins

On this podcast with co-creator and executive producer of The Block, Julian Cress, chats about:

  • having fun with the 1950's theme
  • whether the theme chose him or he chose the theme
  • contestants with no building / renovating experience at all
  • the new batch of contestants
  • drama versus build and finding that balance
  • new judge, Marty Fox
  • where it all began as we go back to season 1 with Jamie Durie
  • The Block being axed early in its run
  • why...
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July 25, 2023 21 mins

On this podcast, winner of Dancing with the Stars, Phil Burton, chats about:

  • thoughts on winning against such an elite line-up of stars
  • how the impressive lift in the freestyle dance worked
  • whether musicians have an edge with dancing
  • on Craig not giving a 10 to anyone in the finale
  • the one-two punch from judges Craig and Todd
  • a dance he would have liked to do
  • competitiveness versus support for the other celebrities
  • progression in p...
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July 12, 2023 20 mins

On this podcast, Dr David Craig from Hunted chats about:

  • his reaction to the success of season 1
  • the premise of Hunted
  • what qualities make for a good fugitive
  • fake clues and decoys
  • fugitives having large community networks
  • the realism of the show (getting around legal warrants, etc)
  • the disguises of the fugitives
  • Ben Owen being part of Hunted UK
  • the different and unique skills of the hunters
  • his reflection on humanity after being in ...
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July 9, 2023 33 mins

On this podcast, Marta Dusseldorp chats about:

  • equality within the entertainment industry
  • her advocacy work
  • men v women with the Gold Logie
  • how consumers can support women equality in the entertainment industry
  • who inspires you
  • the premise of Bay of Fires
  • the tone of the show
  • filming in Tasmania
  • the supporting cast
  • twists and turns within the series
  • if the series will be tied up or have an open ending
  • her production company Archipelago
  • ...
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July 6, 2023 30 mins

On this podcast, David Genat chats about:

  • Rush being a good fit
  • the kind of host he would be
  • contestants adapting to different locations
  • contestant Adam
  • alliance of Adam and Fiona
  • is love in the air for Saxon and Lola?
  • was Madeline quitting just to save face
  • viewers yelling at their screens versus actually being there
  • format for rest of the season
  • whether someone actually wins the full cash prize
  • modelling career
  • his fitness and nutrit...
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July 4, 2023 20 mins

On this podcast, Ben Turland from the new series Riptide chats about:

  • premise for Riptide
  • all the suspects in the show
  • addressing mental health
  • his character's sexuality in Riptide
  • filming in winter
  • the ensemble cast
  • it being a quick shoot
  • Neighbours revival
  • could his character return to Neighbours
  • appearing in the new 10 series Paper Dolls
  • new film, 13 Summers
  • whether we will get a definite outcome with Riptide

For all the l...

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On this podcast Nick and Molly from FBoy Island Australia chat about:

  • if Ziara and Izaya are still together
  • if Sophie and Joshy are still together
  • why Nick was initially eliminated so early
  • if it was a blindside from Nick's perspective
  • the attraction to Vernon
  • an update on Vernon (his current marital status)
  • decision to take things to the next level with Vernon when there was a connection with Nick
  • watching the show back and how th...
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On this podcast James Magnussen chats about:

  • the similarities and differences between Dancing with the Stars and SAS Australia
  • the pressure of dancing in front of an audience
  • why he said 'yes' to Dancing with the Stars
  • the benefits of having a tall frame
  • how long did each rehearsel take
  • whether it was a supportive or competitive atmosphere
  • support from his partner
  • how he met his soon to be wife
  • having Todd McKenney and Craig Revel...
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June 12, 2023 23 mins

On this edition of the TV Central: One on One podcast, Ant Middleton chats about:

  • the change of pace between SAS and Million Dollar Island
  • the premise of the show
  • contestants that underestimated the game
  • if physical strength will win out in the end
  • where the show is filmed
  • survival skills
  • medical retirees on the show
  • advice for contestants facing self doubt
  • a fiery new season of SAS Australia
  • life changing experiences of former conte...
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