Two Idiots and an Expert

Two Idiots and an Expert

Steven and Lee, great friends for over 20 years, discuss random ideas on various topics like pop culture, life, work, and family. Their invited experts talk about their background, expertise, and whether the Idiots are right or wrong. Every episode, Steven and Lee learn sometime new and exciting. There is a thin line between an idiot and an expert!


February 7, 2024 75 mins

Episode 86 - The Pickleball Clinic - is live with Aaron Reznik and Matt Slowinski from Montclair Pickleball!

It's a 'take 2' situation for Kops and Lee, the sound was bad on the first recording. The Idiots get right into it with Matt (sorry for pronouncing your name wrong!) and Aaron.

This episode's experts are Aaron and Matt from Montclair Pickleball (03:30). Matt and Aaron are the owners and ...

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Episode 85 - The Danaconda - is live with professional wrestler Danny Morrison!

This episode's expert is professional wrestler Danny Morrison, fka Danny Doring, The Danaconda and The SugarMask. Danny started his ECW journey way back in 1996 and continues to wrestle today.

Danny joins the Idiots (02:15) and immediately makes them guess his wrestling name... The Danaconda! Danny tells Kops and Lee about how ...

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December 28, 2023 61 mins

Episode 84 - Two Idiots Live! - is live with Kops and Lee.

Kops and Lee close out 2023 by going live on Facebook and Instagram on Christmas Day - link here and here to watch. 

Thanks for listening, Happy New Year, SPREAD LOVE!

#facebooklive #instagramlive #livepodast #2idiotsandanexpert 

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October 26, 2023 142 mins

Episode 83 - Unpacking Jewish History - is live with expert Dr. Noam Weissman of Jewish Unpacked and the host of the podcast Unpacking Israeli History.

Kops and Lee know this episode is longer than usual, stick with it there is a lot to cover. Before they get to Noam...

- The Idiots talk about the horrible attack by Hamas in Israel on October 7th (04:09)
- Kops recently went to Hong Kong and China, Lee learns...

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October 5, 2023 31 mins

Episode 82 - An Idiot and a Pickleballer - is live with Kops and Lee! 

Kops and Lee are back with a new episode, it's been too long listener...

- The WGA strike is over
- Political current events
- Jets QB Aaron Rogers injury and HBO's Hard Knocks
- Welcome to Wrexham with Ryan Reynolds and Rob Mcelhenney
- Kops' Pickleball update

#wga #newsdiet #jets #aaronrodgers #hardknoc...

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July 19, 2023 43 mins

Episode 81 - Pickle Idiots - is live with Kops and Lee! 

Kops and Lee are solo on this episode...

- Kops provides a Pickleball update and apology
- The Screen Actors Guild is on strike, joining the Writer's Guild
- Lee likes the Apple TV show Shrinking and saw the new Indiana Jones movie

#pickleball #silo #WGA #SAGAFTRA #AI #chatgpt #appletv #shrinking #indianajones

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July 12, 2023 67 mins

Episode 80 - Seduced by the Light - is live with author Alexander Rimer!

On this episode, Kops and Lee are excited to be joined by the author of Seduced by the Light: The Mina Miller Edison Story, Alexandra Rimer! But before they get to the intelligent and impressive Allie, your Idiots have the least intellectual conversation possible.

Alexandra Rimer, the esteemed professor and newly published author, tells Kops...

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June 28, 2023 67 mins

Episode 79 - Stories from the Archives - is live with expert Lara Zielin from the podcast Archive Unknown.

Lara joins Kops and Lee (04:04) and immediately clarifies that she isn't an archivist. She explains what she does at her archive and her love for the weird stories found in archives. Lara talks to the boys about a few of her podcast episodes,  specifically Deadly Bombs and a Red Scare which covers the 1919 bombin...

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June 15, 2023 78 mins

Episode 78 - Abuse & Harrasemnt Prevention - is live with expert Rahel Bayar from The Bayar Group.

It was smoky in the New York metro area from the Canadian forest fires and Kops has questions about nuclear fallout.  On another note, Lee wants all the listeners to write a review on the podcast apps!

This episode's expert, Rahel Bayar, joins Kops and Lee (07:04) to discuss how she got started in her fiel...

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June 8, 2023 67 mins

Episode 77 - Ketamine Therapy Explained - is live with expert Haviva Malina, MD from KETA Medical Center.

This episode's expert, Dr. Haviva Malina, joins Kops and Lee (07:44) to break down Ketamine Therapy, its origins and her therapy center (offices in Oradell, NJ, New Rochelle, NY and Manhattan).

Dr. Malina tells the Idiots about her background and experience working in an ER during COVID then her transiti...

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May 31, 2023 93 mins

Episode 76 - The Blind Exorcist - is live with expert Justin Daubenmire.

This episode's expert is Justin Daubenmire from The Blind Exorcist podcast. Justin joins Kops and Lee (12:31) to discuss all things exorcism. Justin tells the Idiots about his first encounter with demons, the toll it took on him over the years and how he found Dr. Bob Larson. After 14 months of working with Dr. Larson (and surviving kidney failur...

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May 17, 2023 75 mins

Episode 75 - The Digital Nomad - is live with expert Nienke Nina.

Kops is excited for episode 75, thank you to the listeners for the support! Lee then talks about the docu-series 100 Foot Wave on HBO. Check it out today! 

This episode's expert is Nienke Nina from Digital Nomads Daily. Nienke joins the Idiots (09:28) from Spain and explains her background and why she started living the nomad lifestyle. (She c...

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April 25, 2023 39 mins

Episode 74 - The Idiots Strike Back - is live with idiots Kops and Lee.

Annnnnnddddddddddd we're back! 

After some busy times, Kops are Lee are back recording podcasts. Welcome to all the new listeners and thank you to everyone asking for more episodes.

In this episode, your Idiots cover: 

- Kops family wedding breakdown and advice
- Lee is working out, played goalie, shot clay and was a...

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March 7, 2023 59 mins

Episode 73 - The Food Therapist - is live with expert Danielle Stark, RDN.

Kicking off this episode Kops reads a quote, Lee talks about all the positive feedback to the podcast and Lee receives a compliment from a future guest. 

This episode's expert is registered dietitian Danielle Stark, contact and learn all about Danielle at her website

Danielle joins Kops and Lee (1...

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February 15, 2023 68 mins

Episode 72 - The Chocolatier - is live with expert Miriam Gitelman from Coco Jolie.

Before the Idiots get to the expert...

- Podcasting 101, make sure to introduce yourselves.
- Thank you to all who listened the last episode about HBO's The Last of Us.
- Kops thinks they should list their favorite movie scenes.
- Lee's reaction to the Eagles losing the Super Bowl, the Halftime show and more...

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February 8, 2023 55 mins

Episode 71 - The Idiots of Us - is live with Kops and Lee!

Your Idiots are solo this week and ready to cover a few things...

- Lee's TikTok problem and diet. 
- Lee switched up his Jeep's Bluetooth setup. 
- Kops and Lee break down the first 4 episodes of the HBO series The Last of Us and share their overall thoughts on the show so far.  

#TikTok #bluetooth #HBO #TheLastofUS #nickofferma...

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January 17, 2023 84 mins

Episode 70 - Unearthly Paranormal - is live with experts Jane and Bert!

But first, Kops and Lee review their 2022 podcast stats.

This episode's experts are Jane and Bert Mesa of Unearthly: History & Paranormal Investigation (website here). They join Kops and Lee from Austin, TX (07:29), and jump right into explaining their backgrounds and early experiences with the paranormal. Together Jane and Bert inve...

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January 3, 2023 87 mins

Episode 69 - The Dog Trainer - is live with expert Fred Zorn!

Happy New Year from your favorite Idiots, Kops & Lee; Kops is ready for change and Lee doesn't do resolutions!

This episode's expert is dog trainer Fred Zorn (06:21), Fred has been working with dogs - walking and training - for 20 years.

Fred tells the boys about how he got into dog training, his approach when working with dogs, ...

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December 28, 2022 35 mins

Episode 68 - 2022 Wrap Up - is live with Kops and Lee!

Happy  Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

On this episode Kops and Lee discuss some things to close out 2022. But first Kops brings up the recent storm affecting the US and an article about the people who have died. Then he connects this to wanting to talk to someone who was homeless and living on the street. Lee is working to find more experts; list...

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November 23, 2022 58 mins

Episode 67 - Balanced Political Reporting - is live with expert Isaac Saul!

Thank you to everyone for the response to the last episode. Lee's PSA... Get a coloscopy! And remember not to drink anything before a procedure that requires anesthesia.

This episode's expert is journalist Isaac Saul from Tangle (06:00). Isaac kicks this off by explaining to Kops and Lee about his background and why he started T...

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