Unshakable with Charlana Kelly

Unshakable with Charlana Kelly

Learn to live an UNSHAKABLE life in uncertain times. We’re talking family, church, business, education, government, and media from a Christian perspective, releasing the wisdom you need now for success in life, ministry, and business.


October 2, 2022 24 min

In this episode listeners will learn about a Christian's mandate and what happened at Calvary when Christ died then rose again victoriously on the third day.

It is imperative that Believers be very clear about what happened to the authority of the devil and what that means for us today.

An Unshakable Christian will know:

  • Who they are
  • What they possess
  • How to use it
  • AND, they will have the boldness to take back what they've ce...

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    Satan doesn't want you to know, understand or walk in the inherited authority and dominion you have received from God and through Jesus.

    But you must believe you have received this positional authority from God, have faith that as you walk with Christ, you can walk in this authority, and even put your hope in what you have received.

    Once you know this and walk in it, you become hell's and Satan's greatest fear. What did...

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    Understanding your spiritual authority as a Christian is enormous. Every believer has inherited authority and power, but you can have something and never know it, understand it, or put it to practice.

    Authority and power have been the source of contention and battle since the beginning as we know it. Lucifer wanted God's authority and power. He tried to overthrow God and got thrown to the earth like a ball of lightning. 

    The se...

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    Do you struggle with DOUBT? Now is the time to firm up your faith!   We're talking about a trend within the Evangelical Movement to deconstruct our faith. You need to know what it is and why you should reject it outright and make the decision today that you believe the Bible is the inerrant, unchanging Word of God.   #ListenNow   _______________________     Subscribe & Leave a Review   I love being able ...
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    As we endeavor to interact with the people around us in a way that will influence them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we must learn when and how to respond to those who are caught up in cultural deception and divisiveness in the church.

    Learn the blueprint for living in times that are headed toward the persecution of true believers and how to respond to those whose needs vary.



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    Friend, the time is NOW to contend for the faith as Jude exhorted us to do in his letter to the church.

    In this episode of Unshakable, Charlana shares five ways to contend for the faith so that you can live courageously in the days ahead, standing firm, immovable, and UNSHAKABLE as we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. 

    Learn about the top three idols in the church today.

    It's time to kick every idol over and serve G...

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    Is your heart riddled with fear, doubt, and worry? Do you freeze up when you believe God is asking you to do or say something? Do you feel stifled or paralyzed? Oppressed or suppressed? Do you shy away from doing certain things you really want to because you think there will be a bad outcome?

    Locating the source of your anxiety, worry, and fear is vital to a Christian today, especially the young Gen Z population. Their anxiety leve...

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    In a time when we are being challenged on every side: family, finances, relationships, etc. We must learn to live a life saturated with eternal TRUTH as we keep our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus. The days ahead will bring even more upheaval, especially in the church; those who stand firm on Christ will NOT be moved! The Word says so!

    Listen as Charlana lays out what the Bible says about lovers of truth and followers of Christ. It'...

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    Daniel decided that he would remain devoted to God and not defile himself with the world long before he was carried away into bondage.

    Friends, now, right now, is the time to choose to be fierce in your faith. 

    When compromise and corruption abound, when sin is demanded to be accepted by church leaders, you need to make your decision.

    Will you serve the Lord, or will you serve the world? Will you follow the crowd, or are you willin...

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    August 1, 2022 53 min

    Continuing the conversation on TRUTH and how to make sure you are not following after the FALSE.


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    I love being able to show up each week on Unshakable with Charlana Kelly and bring you inspiring and actionable wisdom that will empower you as a Christian to live in the days ahead. I hope your life is changed as a result of what I share on the program. One of the best...

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    To be forewarned is to be forearmed! Wise words!

    It's time to close the door to deception.

    Can you spot the language of seduction? Its purpose is to deceive you and to take you away from Christ, where you will compromise God's Word, accept, celebrate and demand acceptance of sin with the hope you will ultimately lose all that God has given you. 

    #Listen as Charlana lays out the history of how Satan seduced the Church during...

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    Lori Clifton joins me for a powerful conversation on topics that impact Christians and their families.

    God wants restoration! And, it begins in relationship. It's time to readjust our thoughts towards people and our openness to build relationship with other. 

    God's first church, the Family. We're living in a time when the nuclear family as God created it to be is no longer thought to be important or needed. Why have ...
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    As a Christian are you tired of hiding in fear, worrying yourself over everything, or being emotionally unstable when it comes to your response to the darkness you see rising in the world today?

    So many believers are not just struggling with these contrary matters but overcome with paralyzing fear & doubt.

    Listen today to my conversation with Leeann about how God interrupted her long-term partnership with doubt and how she said...

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    Lori Clifton joins me for a powerful conversation on topics that impact Christians and their families.   When Does Life Begin? The question has been debated since abortion became legal in 1972 through Roe v. Wade. The Scriptures settle the answer, we’re going to lay it out for you and bring an end to the debate.   Education’s victimization of minorities with Chicago’s implementation of a “Race-based Grading System” in an ef...
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    Lori Clifton joins me for a conversation about what Christians can do today in response to family and friends, even children, caught in the crossfire of questioning their gender.

    We discuss root causes, strategies for helping to bring healing, recognizing the often attempt to silence eternal truth and demand agreement with a person's desire to live in an alternate reality.



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    One of the most intriguing conversations I have had.  Meet Pastor Johnie Wood and hear his testimony of how God took him from a 4-year-old inquisitive boy who grew up in the Pentecostal church to becoming a counterterrorism specialist in the Military to questioning his faith to finding his answers and God’s call to ministry, to Seminary and ultimately accepting a first rejected call to Pastor the local church. Listen as he shares h...

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    Twenty-two Veterans commit suicide every day, 50% of the male homeless population are veterans, 80% have struggled with alcohol dependency and over 1 million with drug abuse. In a segment of society that should be honored and esteemed, they are often left feeling defeated and insignificant. J. Barnes has a passion. He knows where they are. He is a ten-year veteran of both the Marine Corps and Army. His deep desire to help veterans,...

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    This week of sorrow, confusion, and questions leads me to a conversation about how the Church and Christians should respond in times of tragedy and crisis.

    Joining me for the talk is Tim Allen, senior pastor of First Christian Church and more importantly for this conversation the President of the Texas Council of Child Welfare Boards. He is actively involved in making policy recommendations to the State of Texas regarding how to se...

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    Do you struggle with your emotions? Have anger and jealousy issues that you cannot seem to overcome? Does peace seem to slip through your fingers? Do you want to be FREE?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions or others like them, do not miss my conversation with Dr. Georgia Pointer about overcoming your messy emotions to find freedom, so you can live a life of peace!

    Dr. Georgia shares the top three emotions people deal wit...

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    Have you ever wondered why some Christians seem to have so much joy and faith in God? Have you ever known someone who you thought had a hotline to God? There is one thing that makes a huge difference in the lives of Christ followers. It is prayer.

    On today’s program I am joined by a powerful prayer warrior who learned how to tap into the presence of God and live by prayer. Barbara Michael knows the keys and understands how to partn...

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