Up My Nursing Game

Up My Nursing Game

Up My Nursing Game is an educational nursing podcast for curious and driven acute, emergency, and critical care nurses who seek a deeper understanding of clinical subjects and want to broaden their understanding of patient care in the hospital setting.No boring lectures here! Join Annie, RN, as she delivers high-value content, including interviews with members across the healthcare team that address common clinical questions, share unique perspectives, and covers what was missed in nursing school.


November 20, 2023 14 mins

In this episode, I'll give you the inside scoop on amiodarone so you can truly grasp why it is *the* most prescribed antiarrhythmic medication. We'll unpack its unique mechanism of action that makes it so effective, share a real-world case that shows amiodarone in action, as well as have a candid talk about its adverse effects. Join me to find out why after 40 years, this versatile antiarrhythmic still has a prime place i...

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Do you want to enhance your understanding and effectively use atropine in the treatment of bradycardia? Starting with atropine's mechanism of action, we will explore its proper use for symptomatic bradycardia, including it's important contraindications.  We'll also cover some of atropine's other fascinating roles beyond the heart. You'll walk away with greater confidence in both the appropriate applications...

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Part one of our cardiac medication mini-series spotlights Milrinone. We'll unpack milrinone's mechanism of action, indications, and potential pitfalls. This high-value overview distills need-to-know details about milrinone for seasoned critical care nurses and students alike.

Check out Nicole Kupchik's exam reviews and practice questions at nicolekupchikconsulting.com. Use the promo code UPMYGAME20 to get 20...

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When I found myself struggling to communicate a patient's HIV status during a rapid response, it was a wake-up call that I needed to expand my knowledge. This podcast episodes delves deeper into HIV/AIDS than nursing school did, covering common hospital presentations, labs, medications, and opportunistic infections. By enhancing my own understanding, I hope to equip others to improve care for patients living with HIV/AIDS.

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We often draw blood gasses looking for an ACIDosis, but what about when you discover an ALKAlosis?

In this episode, I share a story of a patient with a history of CHF, admitted for diuresis. She was initially improving but becames lethargic and difficult to arouse. We were surprised when her VBG showed alkalosis instead acidosis. Guest Sarah Lorenzini from the Rapid Response RN podcast, helped me make sense of our finding.


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In nursing, we're taught certain conventions in school. But what happens when those practices don't match up with real-life situations? Join me as we delve into the controversial topics of administering medication one-by-one through feeding tubes, the presence of air bubbles in IV lines, and the appropriate size of IV catheters for blood transfusions. Get ready for a shocking revelations that might just leave you question...

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Dive into the world of trauma nursing from the FAST exam, to the operating room and subsequent inpatient care. Michelle Dedeo, trauma and neuro clinical nurse specialist, explains key trauma concepts such as the trauma assessment, the triad of death, and massive transfusion protocols.

Guest: Michelle Dedeo

Michelle Dedeo is a clinical nurse specialist in the Seattle, WA area. Her work as a clinical nurse, clinical leader, a...

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Have you ever wondered what float pool nursing is like? These nurses fill staffing gaps throughout various units in the hospital, meaning no two days are the same. Listen in as I discuss what float pool nursing is, it's pros and cons, and who would make an ideal float pool nurse. Whether you’re an experienced nurse looking for a change of pace or a nursing student who is intrigued by the idea of having a lot of variety, this e...

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July 31, 2023 49 mins

As nurses, we are trained to be on high alert for sepsis, but don't be fooled! This episode covers sepsis imposters: the sneaky diagnoses that present similarly to sepsis but could prove deadly if misdiagnosed. Follow along as Dawn Carpenter, DNP shares real-life case studies that will help you identify the subtle clues that could make the right diagnosis... and potentially save a life.

Do you need help with your resu...

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Have you noticed that your patients are being prescribed SGLT-2 inhibitors, even if they don't have diabetes?  If your patient asked, would you be able to explain why they are taking an SGLT-2 inhibitor?

Listen in to learn about how this new and fascinating class of medication that was designed for diabetes is now being prescribed for heart failure, too.

Do you need help with your resume, interviewing, or nee...

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When fluid resuscitating hypotensive patients, how do you know when to continue with IV fluids and when to initiate vasopressors? In this episode, critical care teaching legend Nicole Kupchik, RN MSN CNS, shares evidence-based practices for determining the best course of action. Explore the significance of noninvasive measurements in assessing fluid responsiveness and learn how incorrect decisions can lead to adverse patient outcom...

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For nurses who are looking to transition out of the bedside, the options may be confusing. From academia, to advanced practice and management, it’s crucial to find the right path before embarking on a long journey. In this episode, Sarah Wells, MSN RN from New Thing Nurse, lays out the multitude of options, their pros and cons, and their licensure requirements.

Check out Sarah at New Thing Nurse:

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In this episode,  Nurse Mo from the Straight A Nursing will delve into pancreatitis - its definition, causes, pathophysiology, and its impact on various systems of the body despite being categorized as a gastrointestinal condition. Additionally, we will discuss significant assessment findings, diagnostic procedures, and treatment options related to pancreatitis.

Learn more about NTI, the American Association of Critical Ca...

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Tune your delirium radar and add some extra tools in your tool belt to get your delirious patient back on the rails.

To help navigate us through the crazy train of delirium in the ED,  Kevin and Lisa from the How Not to Kill Your Patient podcast have joined me to discuss delirium assessment, risk factors, prevention, and treatment.

It is part of a week-long Nurses' Podcrawl in which nurse podcasters includin...

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When I created a podcast episode with Kali Dayton, an ICU nurse practitioner and passionate advocate for preventing delirium, I never expected it to have such a profound impact on my nursing practice. 

To raise awareness about this issue, a group of nurse podcasters will participate in a PodCrawl starting on Monday, April 17th. 

I've decided to re-release the episode with Kali in preparation for this event, a...

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On this episode, I will share with you the secret sauce of a prolific nursing career.

It touches education, evidence-based practice, staying up to date, networking, and "recharging your batteries".

This episode is about nursing conferences,  like the American Association of Critical Care Nurses' premier conference, NTI, should be a pillar of every nurse's career.

By the end of this e...

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In this second of a two part series, Dr. Mohammed Soliman, MD, PhD, MBA speaks with us about the landscape of psychiatric medications, a discussion is geared towards hospitals nurses who work in non-psychiatric units such as medical-surgical floors, ICUs, or emergency departments. This episode will cover antipsychotic and mood stabilizing medications as well as when to request a psychiatric consult.

Learn more about NTI, t...

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In this first of a two part series, Dr. Mohammed Soliman, MD, PhD, MBA speaks with us about the landscape of psychiatric medications, a discussion is geared towards hospitals nurses who work in non-psychiatric units such as medical-surgical floors, ICUs, or emergency departments.

Listen to Dr. Soliman's podcast, Thrive! Learning from the Best.

Check out Nicole Kupchik's exam reviews and practice question...

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February 14, 2023 25 mins

Have you ever wondered what happens to your patients who you discharge home on hospice? What medications do they receive to promote comfort? What does the dying process actually look like?

Listen in as Nurse Allie @nurseallie anwers all the questions we have about hospice care.

Check out Nicole Kupchik's exam reviews and practice questions at nicolekupchikconsulting.com. Use the promo code UPMYGAME20 to get 2...

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Have you always wanted to go on an ambulance ride? 

Here is the chance to get a sneak peak at what happens to our patients who are brought in by ambulance. Listen in as Mike Linares from Simple Nursing thoughtfully (and humorously!) recounts stories from his time as an EMT.

Check out Nicole Kupchik's exam reviews and practice questions at nicolekupchikconsulting.com. Use the promo code UPMYGAME20 to get 20% off all pro...

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