Us and Kids: Parenting and marriage coaching with therapist, Jan Talen

Us and Kids: Parenting and marriage coaching with therapist, Jan Talen

You can lower the weariness, anxiety and depression that overwhelms your relationships. Each week Jan, a marriage and family therapist, talks through real life situations for being your best parent and spouse/partner. Keep your dream of being married forever while parenting your infants, toddlers, school age and teenagers. Jan teaches towards the DNA way of communicating that brings emotional balance alongside speaking, listening and connecting skills. This defends against the pain of divorce and creates fulfilling, unlimited and courageously good relationships! You are worth it! Join today!


July 4, 2022 24 mins

Values are extremely valuable when it comes to understanding others.  They are also very valuable when it comes to communicating as a parent and within our marriages.   

But, we have to start with defining a value, and then understanding that how we live out that value will also impact how others (kids, spouses/partners) build relationships with us.  

If we value kindness, but are rude to those we don't know, or...

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Happy Father's Day!  

Although, to be truthful, Dad's are needed everyday!  And so, today, we talk with 3 dads...all with 3 kids...about the highs, lows, learnings and growth they've experienced since becoming dads.  Learn from them, know that you are not alone in the challenges of fatherhood.  And then, upgrade in whatever ways are best for you!  

Real dad on today!


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On today’s show, Rachel Johnson Greer will talk with us about what to look for in all those online purchases.  Her work in Amazon compliance and helping online sellers understand the manufacturing and distribution laws puts her in a unique position to inform us about how to discern a safe purchase from ones to be cautious about.

Her book, “No Dead Babies” comes from the days when she and her team sighed in deep relief when at ...

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May 22, 2022 23 mins

Welcome to the Us And Kids Podcast!

We are talking today about how to create smooth transitions  - for our kiddos, and for our selves.  It's spring, moving into summer, and often those schedules around school, day care, social spaces and places create good times, and trying times.  Our kiddos often don't understand going to sleep when it's still light outside -and we forget to get them to bed on time, because it is l...

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May 3, 2022 21 mins

So, Mother’s Day has come and gone, again.  How are you?  Still so glad to be a mom or wondering how long you can hang in there with this mommy stuff?

Did you entertain all day, were you ignored most of the day, or did the kids and others figure out how to honor you, in a way that was meaningful to you?

On today’s show we’re talking about being yourself (Me) even while being a Mom.

Managing so many things, balancing energ...

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April 20, 2022 29 mins

Yes, today’s show is for adults, (but still rated very G.)

Why?  Because staying in the adult-world after having a baby is very important to your identity as an adult, and your identity with your spouse.

And those adult identities are also very important to the development of your kiddos as they grow up.

Yep, I’m hinting at what happens in the room where your (adult) bed is…and how to be sure you still have a space and place t...

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On today’s show we are talking all about parenting, new babies, and pretzels.  Pretzels can represent hugs, give a way to pause and think, distract from the depression and anxiety that can swamp new parents, and help couples remember to love and hug each other - and their kiddos.

We will chat about 10 good ways to help you and your household reset with joy and connection after a new one comes home.

These tips are good reminder...

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Are you struggling with the noise, tears and screams in your house?  A simple request turns into tempers, tantrums and trouble?

And, you are supposed to stay calm, cool and collected?  Really?

Join us for this short, yet info-packed time of teaching about what self-control is, and how to build it into the fabric of your parenting, as well as your psyche.

Parenting is not easy. Teaching, learning and using self-control in ...

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March 15, 2022 28 mins

Do you like to fight?...with your spouse or your kiddos?

On the show today we are talking about those fights that seem to just recycle, over and over.  Sometimes, it (seems) settled for years, or months - other times, “it” was settled - for maybe 15 minutes.

And it’s sooo tiring, confusing, draining.  Are these fights even finish-able?

Listen in and learn why these conversations replay repeatedly - and learn the trick to ...

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February 27, 2022 17 mins

Married, with kiddos?  What kind of reading are you doing - newsfeed, kids’ books, whatever is short and quick?   Reading is a skill we would be troubled to be without.  And, it is one of the most complex skills we need to learn.

Relationships also require a lot of reading.  And a lot of comprehending what we just read.  Body language, tone of voice, look in the eyes, touch, all play into how we “read”...

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February 14, 2022 19 mins

We all know that romance and roses are supposed to go together.  And we know that the romance can wear down, as the roses wilt.  And what fun is that?

Today’s show is about how to keep that treasured romance between the two of you alive and beautiful using four easy to remember ideas. Enjoy and share!

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Tammi chats with us about how she knew her son (and family) needed more support - and how she pursued getting the right support to help Isaac reset his world view (that was influenced by Covid) so that peace could be a more normal part of interacting and being.  Good work for a good win for Tammi, Phil and Isaac!

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January 25, 2022 18 mins

Parenting little ones - are you kidding??  They just run all over me and wear me out!

In today’s podcast we’ll talk about kiddos - and how to enjoy them more, keep parenting doable and even have great kindness, insight and delight when it’s bedtime!  Join us!

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January 12, 2022 20 mins

U.S. …Us...together forever.  Or is it together, just barely?

Listen in for some great words using the two letters - U and S - to help your reset and upgrade your marriage into a great place of Unity and Strength!

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December 27, 2021 26 mins

Finally - or fastly - 2021 is almost done! We are into our 3rd year of bringing you bi-weekly podcasts to help you be married forever while you enjoy parenting your kiddos together! So, today, we’re going to round out the year with just some pithy thoughts and sentences that make sense but don’t take long enough to each make a whole podcast.

You know, it’s sort of like cleaning out your fridge - not enough leftovers to make a meal,...

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December 13, 2021 25 mins

So it's December. Do you feel a little bit crazy? Like maybe the world is always spinning and you try to jump on, but tumble off, embarrassingly. Or maybe from time to time you secretly bumble and jump off. Or do you thrive under the chaos? Or does the chaos thrive inside of you - eating your brain, your sanity, yourself, and your relationships?

Well, it's often called National Chaos Day. Not particularly this specific day, but a d...

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November 29, 2021 19 mins

Let me ask you, "Are you ready?"
"For what??", you might ask.
For learning about how to loosen up and lighten up, even in the midst of November and December.
What do you think when you hear those words loosen up, lighten up?
Do you just get angry, like, well, who has time for that?

This day was made to help us find our lighter side while locking up our serious side for a few hours. When we loosen up, lots of good...

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November 16, 2021 14 mins

On today’s show, we're going to talk about napping. Now you can have all sorts of different emotional reactions around this, like, “Oh, I'd love to nap!”, or “They always nap way too long”, or “That kid who of mine does not know how to take a nap!”  You can go all over the place with napping conversations. So today we're just going to talk  mostly about why napping is good for kiddos. Let's remember that naps are also oft...

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October 25, 2021 21 mins

Have you had a heavy heart this month?  There are two intense life events that impact so many of us in October as it is both Breast Cancer and Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  Listen in to how the grief that we can experience in these life events can be different and yet the same - as shared by personal stories.  And then, be with your friends and spouses as they too work through this grief - either newly ...

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October 12, 2021 24 mins

On today’s show, we are going to be chatting with our special guest, Christi Gilbert. She is an awesome mom of 3, an education expert, and my oldest daughter. She and I are talking through her experience of parenting her son as she began to realize that some other expert input would be really wise.

Hear her story and thought process as she worked to find the appropriate expert, listen to her gut, and use the guidance in ways that b...

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