Veterinary Blueprints

Veterinary Blueprints

The Veterinary Blueprint Podcast is all about taking the blueprint of industry experts and breaking it down in short, digestible episodes you can use to take your practice to the next level. Join host Bill Butler as he interviews experts on client and practice management, financial strategies, human resources, and more. Gain valuable insights and stay ahead in the veterinary field by tuning in to tips from successful experts inside and outside the veterinary industry.


April 2, 2024 27 mins

Unlock the potential of veterinary practice ownership with expert insights from Kelly Jackson of DVM Match, straight from the bustling atmosphere of the Western Vet Conference in Las Vegas! Our latest Veterinary Blueprint Podcast episode is a treasure trove for any veterinarian daring to dream of owning their practice.  We dissect Kelly's journey from finance to the niche of working at veterinary practice brokerage. With Kelly...

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Transform your veterinary practice's environment with the insightful revelations from Marie Pabst, an aficionado in Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace. This episode promises to take you on a journey through Marie's innovative strategies, honed from her seasoned background in animal health, to boost morale and strengthen the fabric of your team relationships. Discover the essence of heartfelt appreciation that tran...

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Unlock the secrets to navigating the ever-changing legal landscape of small businesses with our latest guest, Michael Salchert. As a seasoned attorney for veterinary professionals, he brings a treasure trove of insights into avoiding legal pitfalls and ensuring your practice thrives. This episode is a must-listen for entrepreneurs who understand the value of being proactive in legal matters, whether you're reviewing commercial...

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Discover the secrets to a prosperous future in veterinary practice with Travis York of Three and One Veterinary Advisors, our latest guest on the Veterinary Blueprint podcast. Travis, a seasoned expert in veterinary practice transitions, shares his knowledge on acquisitions, expansions, and the essential strategies for a successful exit. With over 500 practices under his guidance, his advice is indispensable for veterinarians and p...

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Veterinary care goes beyond the pets we nurture; it's about cultivating the people who heal them. That's the conviction Alyssa Mages from Empowering Veterinary Teams brings to our discussion, with a career spanning almost two decades dedicated to enriching the veterinary community. Alyssa, a beacon of inspiration, elucidates the multifaceted programs tailored to diverse learning styles, and the pulsating anticipation for ...

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Embark on an inspiring journey with Dr. Stephanie Morley, the trailblazing president of Vetlen Advanced Veterinary Devices, and uncover the diverse pathways a career in veterinary medicine can take. In this episode of Veterinary Blueprints, we sit down with Dr. Stephanie Morley, who shares the story of her remarkable transition from a small animal practice to leading a cutting-edge medical device company. Her narrative is a testame...

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Unlock the secrets of veterinary practice success with Garth Jordan, CEO of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), who joins Bill Butler, on a compelling journey through the landscape of veterinary innovation. Garth's career leap from biochemistry to association leadership has armed him with a vision that's reshaping the future of veterinary care, one data point at a time. We delve into how AAHA's Just Caus...

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Let's change the way you perceive leadership with our conversation with Lieutenant Colonel retired Oakland McCullough. You might ask, what can the military teach us about leadership in the veterinary industry? As Oak shares, there's more common ground than you'd think. Drawing on his extensive experience in the US Army, Oak provides valuable insights into leadership principles, scope of control, and the importance of...

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December 12, 2023 39 mins

Former Disney guest service manager, Christos Provistalis, reveals the key to Disney's exceptional customer service lies in selling not just a product, but an emotion. Drawing from his experience at Disney and his subsequent role as a speaker and thought leader, Christos emphasizes the transformative potential of genuine connections and kindness in the service industry. He recounts a magical moment at Disney where technology f...

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Prepare to be inspired as we sit down with Nona Nesseth, a veteran in the animal health industry with over two decades under her belt. Her infectious passion is evident as she opens up about her journey in everything from dentistry to cardiology and even pharmaceutical products. As an advocate for the fear-free initiative and a devoted volunteer for the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Foundation, Nona's commitment to enhancing an...

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Discover how to fortify your business against the relentless threats of cyber crimes as we converse with Daniel Metcalf, a seasoned technologist and managing partner at Cyber Fin. With two decades of experience under his belt, Daniel shares valuable insights on the gravity of cybersecurity for small businesses, particularly veterinary practices. We jump right into illuminating discussions on the risks that lurk in the digital world...

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Join host Bill Butler as he delves deep into the world of veterinary leadership with special guest, Josh Vaisman. Starting his journey in the late '90s, Josh navigated the highs and lows of veterinary practice, from technician roles to ownership. In this insightful episode, they discuss the pivotal moments in Josh's career, the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership, and how to cultivate a thriving veterinary ...

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In this insightful episode of Veterinary Blueprints, host Bill Butler engages with Marie Pabst, a distinguished expert from Colonial Life, to unravel the significance of group benefits in the veterinary world. Marie’s rich history spans from working with giants like Novartis to her pivotal role in shaping benefits at Colonial Life.

Together, they delve into:

  • The evolving landscape of veterinary practices post-2020.
  • The crucial rol...
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October 7, 2023 1 min

Welcome to The Veterinary Blueprint Podcast! Join your host, Bill Butler, for a sneak peek into what this show is all about - taking the blueprint of industry experts who have achieved success, and breaking it down in short, digestible episodes you can use to take your practice to the next level. Be sure to leave us a five star rating, review and subscribe so you will never miss an episode. 


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