THE VISIBLE ENTREPRENEUR is the show for business owners who want to grow their visibility + publicity with easy-to-follow strategies. We love discussing traffic generators, income generators + breaking down exactly what is working right now in the online space. This is the place to come for motivation, education, comradery + support as you build your online empire. Each week we bring you actionable content, inspirational guests + exclusive gifts you can't find anywhere else. Host Michelle Lewis uses her history in Hollywood to cater visibility strategies that will work for you according to your unique personality. Having been featured in Entrepreneur On Fire, Huffington Post, Small Business Magazine + more, she is passionate about coming alongside lost + drowning entrepreneurs + putting them on a clear path of action to start seeing immediate results!


May 17, 2021 13 min

If you've ever thought that you might be doing something wrong when looking at your industry leaders' perfect and successful lives, you're not alone.

We're all guilty of letting flawless and carefully-curated social media feeds trick us into thinking we're the only ones that struggle.

In this podcast, let's chat about the importance of showcasing your failures as a leader + giving back to the world.


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Have you tried Facebook Ads yet? If you haven't or have but didn't get the results you wanted, tune in for this week's episode with Amy Crane, my Facebook Ads strategist!

We chat about

  • Getting started on Facebook Ads
  • Funnels
  • Low-ticket offers + their appeal
  • + much more!
  • Get ready to change your ads game!

    P.S. Wondering what the best brand color to attract your ideal client is? Take the COLOR QUIZ here!

    Mark as Played

    Do you have 40 tabs open on your computer at all times?

    I did too! Then I discovered a software called Shift + my world shifted ;)

    Let's chat about

  • What Shift is
  • What it does
  • How it can simplify your life!
  • SHIFT will integrate with:

  • GSuite
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Events
  • Google Slides
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Asana {and Trello}
  • Voxer
  • Buzzsprout
  • Wavve
  • Slack
  • and so many more programs!!

    P.S. If you want to learn how to condense your business...

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    How does having a 7-figure business sound? If fantastic, check out this week's episode with Ellen Yin.

    We chat about her

  • income-generating strategy {her webinar + products}
  • successful conversions
  • traffic-generating strategy {podcast + social media}
  • press journey 
  • + much more!
  • Get inspired + learn awesome tips to increase your income + impact!

    P.S. Wondering what the best brand color to attract your ideal client is? ...

    Mark as Played

    I want to be able to randomly chat with you about thoughts I'm having on the go.

    Today, I want to talk about teams.

    Do you have to have one?
    What was my hiring process like?
    Can you go it solo?

    I'll cover all of this + more.

    *warning: this episode is noisy! I was at a local coffee shop + despite my many attempts to put noise reduction filters on, it's still noisy as heck. Thanks for putting up with it!

    Help me come up ...

    Mark as Played

    Let's dive into press, + specifically, incorporating it into your social media plan. My goal is to help you find a simple strategy that can work wonders! 

    In this podcast,  we'll cover

  • Congruency + color in social media
  • Link tools (Sociatap) 
  • Scheduling software (Socialbee)
  • Social platforms (Clubhouse)
  • Publicity secrets (HARO)
  • P.S. Wondering what the best brand color to attract your ideal client is? Take the COLOR QUIZ her...

    Mark as Played

    Today's episode is an interview with John Lee Dumas {his book is available to order here!} . John is the founder & host of Entrepreneurs On Fire, an award-winning podcast where he interviews inspiring entrepreneurs to help others on their entrepreneurial journey!

    We're so excited to talk to you about:

  • Strategically using Color psychology in his book {my favorite thing!}
  • Finding his big idea
  • Discovering his niche ...
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    What better way to wrap things up for 2020 than to talk about what works?

    And I'm specifically talking about software.

    I think finding tools to run our businesses more effectively are on the TOP of our Christmas list, right?

    In this podcast, I'll show you the top tools + softwares I used in 2020 to make things run more efficiently.


    Featured tools:

  • Kajabi
  • Buzzsprout
  • Slack
  • SocialBee
  • Tailwind
  • Voxer
  • To recap, Kajabi, Buzzsprout,...

    Mark as Played

    This week is going to be a little bit different.

    Because I can talk all day long about visibility + publicity strategies, but if you don't see it working for others too...

    What's the point? 

    In today’s podcast, I've polled my Visibility Lounge members to see exactly which strategies have worked best for them in 2020.

    Today's Honorees:

  • Robyn Marie
  • Dayana Mayfield
  • Ravi Toor
  • Kay Brown
  • To recap, success doesn't look the ...

    Mark as Played

    I get a lot of questions about how I've set up my blogging process - and especially how I drive traffic!

    Because, as we all know, it doesn't matter HOW much content you're creating if it isn't converting to subscribers and customers!

    But this is where a lot of us get stuck spinning our wheels.

    So whether you've never posted a blog before or are looking for a way to make the process even more successful...

    In today’s...

    Mark as Played

    Sometimes, creating social media content can feel really confusing.

    What should I be posting?

    What will my audience like to see?

    How do I stay consistent with what I'm talking about AND regular posting?

    Getting more focus when it comes to sourcing your social media topics can really help your creative + productive process.

    In this post, I'll show you how to create social media content categories to soar your creativity, enga...

    Mark as Played

    There's a huge difference between visibility + publicity.

    And if you're still blissfully unaware of the difference...

    You could be suffering from sporadic social media, unfocused publicity campaigns + even total avoidance of the whole thing altogether.

    In this podcast, I'll show you the difference so you can understand how the flow is SUPPOSED to work + you can make your visibility + publicity strategies wo...

    Mark as Played

    Want to know how to get more confident onscreen so you can inject video strategy into your business and make sure you're connecting/building your audience? 

    In this podcast, I'll share how I've built on-camera confidence to use video in all aspects of my biz to build audience trust!

    This has also led to me leading The Comfy on Camera Challenge in my community, The Visible Entrepreneur, to help hundreds of other entreprene...

    Mark as Played

    Is your brand color your favorite color?

    Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! It’s a completely natural gut-reaction to surround your online identity with the color you like the most.

    The problem? Our audience gets confused.

    They have no clue what we’re trying to communicate and, even though they can’t quite put their finger on it - they feel a bit off about us and move on. 

    This is the worst-case scenario.

    After all the hundreds of ho...

    Mark as Played

    Ready to finally launch that membership site you've been thinking about for over a year?

    In this podcast, I'll share what I did to make it stress-free, hands-free but extremely powerful.

    Let's get to it!

    Today's topics:

  • Build A 90 Day Runway
  • Use The Most Flawless System
  • Automation + Production
  • To recap, there are 3 strategic ways you can easily launch your membership site stress a 90 day runway, use the mo...

    Mark as Played

    Want to know the 5 steps to running a successful online funnel that sells so you can run things more on autopilot + make sure you're delivering 100% value 100% of the time?

    In this podcast, I'll share how I've built out mine.

    Where I'm getting tagged in posts daily thanking me for the value I provide.


    Today's Topics:

  • Start With Your Product, Not An Experiment
  • Create The Opt In, Email Sequence + Tripwire
  • ...
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    Mark as Played

    Today is going to be radically different from what I normally talk about.

    I know I normally talk about the strategies of visibility + publicity, but today I felt convicted to talk to you more about the internal struggles behind visibility.

    Because, that's the heart behind success or failure.

    Sometimes we can have all the strategies in the world, but we're still feeling stuck.

    So whether you've had a great 6 months but a...

    Mark as Played

    Whenever I start with a new client, I always want to see their media list.

    {This is the list of podcasts, stages, publications, tv that they want to be featured in.

    Nine times out of ten it's either non-existent or it's a hot mess.

    And I know normally you'd have to pay hundreds, if not thousands, for a program or a PR coach to show you how to do this...

    But in today’s podcast, I’m going to show you exactly how to ...

    Mark as Played

    In a perfect world, our business would blow up in the first 2 days and we’ll never have to worry about money again.


    But I honestly do think, in our heart of hearts, we hope it will be true.

    What usually happens is we’re at month 6, 12 or 24...and still not generating enough revue to offset our expenses. Definitely not enough to enjoy life in any, way, shape or form.

    But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

    In today’s podcast, I’m ...

    Mark as Played

    Over the last year, I've made a total 180 switch of how I used to do marketing.

    After so many years of doing the same ol' thing with promoting on social media channels, I wasn't getting the results I was looking for.

    My email growth was very sporadic + I knew I wanted something that was relatively hands free but consistently brought me in subscribers + sales.

    In this podcast, I'll show you how my switch to Pint...

    Mark as Played


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