A podcast by missionaries for missionaries, pastors, and laypeople giving them a front-row seat to mission work in the Dominican Republic. The purpose is to encourage believers in their walk of faith and give practical missional ways to reach their own community.


February 12, 2024 44 mins

This is the second of two episodes featuring Greg and Tanner Hughes.

Greg has been involved in sports as a platform to reach young men with the gospel for many years.

Tanner has not only been privileged to see his dad's passion for using sports as a vehicle for the gospel, but he has been a direct beneficiary of that same investment through his university soccer coach.

As you finish this second of tw...

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Gary and Jason had the tremendous opportunity to interview Greg and Tanner Hughes. 
Greg has had the unique opportunity to use sports as a platform for the gospel for many years.  

In this episode, as well as the next, learn how the gospel permeates everything, including sports. 

In some countries the sports give a bridge to the gospel that otherwise would not exist. 

Listen in as Greg shares about th...

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In this episode, both Gary and Jason talk about some of the things that can be a bit frustrating at times; like loud music!

Latin cultures love their loud music. Often times the music is so loud that the people who are listening to it cannot even talk with each other because of the volume. 

Although the loud music can be a bit frustrating at times, this love for loud also spills into other areas of Dominican cultu...

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As many have already heard, a new chapel ministry has been started in San Pedro De Macoris, Dominican Republic.

In this episode, Gary and Jason talk about the dynamics of starting an outreach ministry and delve into some of the finer points of training up leaders to send them out to do the work of the ministry.

If you like pioneer missions and discipleship in motion, you are sure to love this episode! 

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Our company can profoundly influence the patterns we create in the vibrant mosaic of life. Gary and Jason delve deep into a seemingly simple yet significant question: How crucial is it to curate a circle that resonates with our values and catalyzes our growth?

This episode isn’t just a contemplation; it’s a navigation guide through the intricate labyrinth of human relationships. As our dynamic duo unpacks the question, they shine a ...

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Dive into an illuminating journey as Gary and Jason tackle a profound and often unspoken question: Why might pastors harbor reservations about discipleship? The ministry landscape is vast and varied, and understanding the intricate web of emotions, traditions, and strategies is no simple feat.

This episode unfolds the rich tapestry of ministry approaches that Gary, Jason, and their dedicated team adopted. While the pulpit's voi...

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In the intricate dance of faith, every step, grand or gentle, plays a crucial role. In this evocative episode, Gary and Jason delve into the harmonious synergy between pulpit ministry, intimate small groups, and one-on-one discipleship – and how they weave a potent tapestry of spiritual growth and transformation in the journey of following Jesus.

Amidst this rich discussion, our hosts unveil a recent, profound chapter from...

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Hey there, it's Jason!

Today's episode is a bit different. There's no polished introduction, and I'm flying solo without Gary. But it's special because it's centered around someone who holds a profound place in my life - Greg Smith. This is an audio of him preaching the celebration of life service for his beloved late wife, Carol.

Let's journey back to 1992. I was lucky enough to...

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This light-hearted episode goes back into Gary and Jason's youth. They talk about things that they did as kids. They also share some interesting outdoor anecdotes and experiences that are a bit humorous! This episode is guaranteed to make you laugh! 

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In the tapestry of ministry, the threads of diverse experiences, backgrounds, and cultures often weave the most vivid and touching stories. For Jason and Gary, their journey has been dotted with vibrant hues of camaraderie and collaboration that transcends borders and boundaries.

This episode delves deep into what it means to be part of a ministry team that is a melting pot of cultures and personalities. From the Dominican Republic&...

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Missionary adventures aren’t always about the adrenaline-charged moments or the grand gestures. More often than not, it’s the quiet undertones, the patient efforts, and the deliberate weaving of threads that connect souls. In the vast landscape of missionary endeavors, the "low and slow" process of nurturing community relationships truly stands the test of time.

Gary and Jason pull back the curtain on one such se...

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Navigating family life amidst the vast expanse of global terrains can weave stories that are nothing short of extraordinary. When the rich tapestry of diverse cultures and linguistic nuances merge with the day-to-day intricacies of life, it births tales that are both heartwarming and hilariously unpredictable.

In this somewhat humorous episode, our dynamic duo, Gary and Jason, delve deep into their treasure trove of memori...

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In this podcast episode, hosts Jason and Gary delve into the profound impact of a church member named Margarita who recently lost her battle with cancer. Gary and Jason talk about Margarita's life and how even in her death, Christ was magnified. They also address the unique challenges missionaries face when dealing with deaths and funerals, mainly due to cultural differences and nuances.

Funerals can be uncomfortable ...

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Join Gary and Jason, two seasoned missionaries serving in the Dominican Republic, as they delve into the pivotal role of the local sending church in the life of a missionary. In this episode of "Empowering Connections," explore the sending church's profound impact on both the missionary and the local congregation.

Discover how the sending church serves as a vital support system, uplifting and encouraging the...

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In this episode of "Empowering Encouragement," join your hosts Gary and Jason, two veteran missionaries serving in the Dominican Republic, as they delve into the importance of supporting and encouraging missionaries on their journey. Discover practical strategies and meaningful actions that can impact the lives of those who have dedicated themselves to spreading the gospel and serving communities worldwide.


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In this thought-provoking episode of "Celebrating Diversity," your hosts Gary and Jason delve into embracing cultural diversity, recognizing the beauty and uniqueness within our differences. 

Society often places pressure on us to level the playing field when it comes to race, color, and ethnicity. While this may be well-intentioned, it can unintentionally undermine the rich tapestry of existing cultures. Gary an...

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Are you passionate about sharing the gospel with those from other cultures? 

If so, join Gary and Jason in this podcast episode, "Mission Conferences Beyond Borders: Inspiring Nationals for Church Planting"! 

In this episode, they will discuss why it is essential to have mission conferences in foreign fields. 

All believers worldwide must have a global vision for the gospel. They will also talk about how ...

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Welcome to this podcast episode, "Growing God's Kingdom: The Power of Church Planting," hosted by Gary and Jason, veteran missionaries in the Dominican Republic. Listen in as they share a new ministry opportunity recently opened for them. 

Iglesia Bautista Evangelica de Macoris has begun the process of opening up satellite chapels in our city for us to spread the gospel and have more people come closer to God. 

This pr...

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Welcome to the podcast "Glimmers of Grace: Living Our Faith in a Darkening World!" brought to you by Gary and Jason! In this episode, we discuss one of the most critical aspects of our Christian lives: living out our faith in Christ. 

We know standing firm against the darkness encroaching on our world can be challenging. But as Christians, we must remember that there is no greater power than Jesus; He has overcome all thin...

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Welcome to the latest episode from Gary and Jason, "The Mark of a Disciple: Identifying Common Characteristics Among New Believers," where they discuss the journey of new believers in the discipleship process. 

In this episode, they explore the common traits that all new believers share and how identifying them can help missionaries and disciple-makers lead others in their journey to spiritual maturity.

As mission...

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