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This podcast focuses on bringing Art and Science back to Medicine. We've lost the art of healing and our practices lag the impressive developments in the biological sciences. My goal is to reignite interest in science and to restore a regard for humanity in the face of ever-growing disengagement in my profession. Subscribe if: -you are a geek or a nerd (the difference is in social skills--I identify as Geek--but we're all inclusive here, Kumbaya!) -your AQ (Attention Quotient) exceeds that of a goldfish (yes, the episodes are long) -you think: the-hip-bone-is-connected-to-the-knee-bone...but why? -you secretly harbour the suspicion that you're smarter than your doctor -you are a med student/professional who wants to know what your expensive education (which you are still paying for) did NOT give you -you love green tea, dance and animals, none of which is featured here extensively, but you're my kind of person Subscribe to my newsletter at vyvyanelohmd.com


February 10, 2024 131 mins

Fuzzy science” abounds in the world, and even luminaries fall into its trap sometimes. This review clarifies the mis-explanations of important concepts in lipid science that were discussed in Peter Attia’s podcast. The interview with Dr. Thomas Dayspring resulted in a 7 hour series that promised a deep dive into cholesterol and lipoproteins. Lipid science is a complex and ever-evolving field. Understanding some of the basic tenets ...

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 Why Tuberculosis & Atherosclerosis are Siblings!

You can learn a lot about someone if you know their family members. That's why we're looking at Tuberculosis in this episode. 1.8 billion of the world's population has been infected by TB. Most of them have latent infection. 10.6 million had active infection in 2021. This common infectious disease has many similarities to atherosclerosis and we could learn a lot ab...

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We'll discuss the general process of vascular calcification and some common risk factors for this. How do smooth muscle cells in the blood vessel wall contribute to the process? And what about macrophages? How do statins affect calcification? What about CAC-scores? What would happen if you have a low score and started taking a statin? Which calcified plaques are at highest risk for rupture? Find out in this episode of vlmd rou...

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Learn about the role of macrophages in atherosclerosis. Where do they really come from? How do they contribute to the plaque? How are they driving the immune reaction? What's the relation between macrophages and T cells? We'll also look at vascular inflammation in the form of autoimmune vasculitis and note the similarities with atherosclerosis.

#LDL #atherosclerosis #choelsterol #plaque #heartdisease #vasculitis #macrophag...

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Continuing on my discussion from episode 48, I lay out the real significance of the Vasa Vasorum. What is it about the vasa vasorum that plays into Atherosclerosis as an autoimmune disease? What's the real difference between the vasa vasorum of veins vs arteries?

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I've been asked so many times about which end of the blood vessel allows entry of LDL particles that I've decided to address the question in this episode. One of the reasons there is so much confusion around discussion of the vasa vasorum is that we only focus on 1 tiny aspect of it and not the whole picture. All that missing information leads to confusion, "fuzzy talk" about the vasa vasorum and the pathogenesi...

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The Clot Thickens in Atherosclerosis--but How?

This episode is based on a request by a listener to address Dr. Malcolm Kendrick's hypothesis on the clot as the underlying initiator of atherosclerosis which he proposed in his book, The Clot Thickens. Based on his observations, Dr. Kendrick talks about atherosclerosis as a blood disorder from increased clotting due to damage to the blood vessel lining. My points in this episode c...

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Cholesterol is often considered the troublemaker in atherosclerosis. The medical world vilifies it and with some medications, aims to drive it to the brink of extinction in your body! Although not the inciting event in atherosclerosis, it does have an important role in the disease process and that's the main topic in this episode. I'll reveal "secrets" or rarely discussed aspects of cholesterol metabolism and ho...

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LDL-cholesterol--usually cast as the villain in the disease process of atherosclerosis. But is cholesterol the main problem? Why does your doctor want to lower the level of LDL as much as possible? 

Then there are others who say that high LDL levels are not the problem, it's mainly inflammation we should worry about. Just lower your inflammation and you should be fine. 

This episode will discuss the link between LDL, atheroscler...

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July 18, 2023 45 mins

Tea is full of bioactive molecules that have medicinal properties. What are some of the health effects of tea? Are there differences between green, black and fermented tea? How should you prepare it so that it preserves its healing effects? Learn more about my favorite drink in this episode of vlmd rounds!

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What are the sleep patterns of elite athletes? How does sleep affect our athletic performance? How can we manage our sleep and training schedules? How much sleep do athletes need? How does altitude training impact sleep? What does brainwashing have to do with sleep? If you're an elite athlete or someone looking to optimize your athletic performance, check out this episode and let me know your thoughts.

Here's my previous s...

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July 5, 2023 50 mins

Ginger has been around for thousands of years as a spice and a medicinal herb in many cultures. Are its touted effects real or wishful thinking? How does ginger impact your brain? What about fat? How should you consume ginger and which forms have more efficacy? Will ginger make you lose weight? Check out this episode for the details.

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Anxiety is a distressing condition experienced by millions of people worldwide. It is generally treated with counseling and therapy, anti-anxiolytic medications to manage the symptoms and sometimes also antidepressants. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that anxiety is associated with neuroinflammation. We'll look at the changes in the brain with anxiety as well as different models of anxiety. How does chronic stress ...

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June 20, 2023 44 mins

We've heard about the benefits of testosterone replacement for men and when we talk about aging and metabolic health, much has been made against estrogen in men. In general, estrogen has been thought of as feminizing in men, and the idea has been to get rid of its effects while strengthening androgenic effects in men. Yet it turns out that estrogen has metabolic benefits in men and women and estrogen deficits can increase card...

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June 13, 2023 46 mins

What happens to your body in menopause? Why is it so easy to gain weight and so hard to lose it after menopause? What can you do about it? This episode is for everyone who has ever asked me those questions. Learn about what happens to your fat when you hit menopause and how that impacts you metabolically. What are some of the best strategies to lose fat after menopause? Find out in episode 39 of vlmd rounds.

For more infor...

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June 6, 2023 51 mins

Vitamin A metabolites or retinoids are usually thought of as important for the skin and the eye, but metabolism? How do we get Vitamin A in our diet? Is beta-carotene the same as Vitamin A? (NO, but it's important to know why). How does Vitamin A affect fat tissue? Does Vitamin A have an impact on insulin resistance? Check out this episode for the details.

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In this episode we will look at the sensation of itching and how it is perpetuated. What is the difference between an acute itch vs. chronic itch? How are skin cells, neurons and immune cells talking to each other? Why do we itch? And how does itching fit into the larger phenomena of interoception (the perception of internal signals like hunger and heartbeat)? We'll also explore how stress can affect your skin and what you can...

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How is cholesterol metabolized? What controls its biosynthesis? What happens when it's modified? What are the effects of oxidized cholesterol on health and disease? What about cholesterol immunometabolism? Check out this episode to learn more. 

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Fatty liver disease is the most common chronic liver disease globally. Who is at higher risk? How is this related to cargo exchange between the liver and fat tissue? How is this related to Vitamin A? We'll look at lesser known facts on fatty liver disease in this episode. 

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What are some factors involved in the development of Alzheimer's Disease? ApoE4 increases the risk of AD but how? What is the difference between brain ApoE and peripheral ApoE? What's the connection with microglia?

Check out episode 34 of vlmd rounds


The Magical Mystery Macrophage Tour: https://youtu.be/-CQqfkrae00

Lipoproteins episode: https://youtu.be/o9GU5ECGzs0

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